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  • NEW Extra Wide Fishing Boat!Saturn SD330W Inflatable Fishing Boat
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Inflatable Yacht Tender SD230
Affordable Inflatable Boat with Slatted Floor SS260
Inflatable Dinghy Boat SD260 
Inflatable Motor Boat SD290
 Heavy-Duty Inflatable Boat SD470
 Extra Large Inflatable Boat SD518


All Terrain Electric Bike XTERRAIN500.
Folding Aluminum Beach Hammock.
Motor Mount for Paddle Boards.




NANO Portable Inflatable Ocean Kayaks
Inflatable Fishing Kayaks


11' Inflatable Touring Paddle Board SUP
12' Inflatable Touring Paddle Board SUP




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"For those who are not sure of Boatstogo.com take it from someone who bought the SD330 inflatable boat and has had it since 2005. I found the dinghy to be very good and have had no problems. The boat it self is of very good quality and I am very happy with it. Just recently I had someone up in the British Columbia mountains come up and admire it. Well long story short he was very impressed with the Saturn inflatable boats and the fact that it was powered by a Yamaha 9.9 which moved it very well so he bought it from me. So as soon has I arrived back to Alberta I did purchase another one this time I got the Saturn SD365. Make sure U clean all the sand out of the air valve because it will get in to it and have these slow air leaks and when U have to inflate the floor u will remember I have learnt to just flush the valve with water before I deflate it and so far it worked so to anyone thinking about them I did have a 11 ft inflatable boat and now own the 12 ft with a 15 hp and have no issues with the quality of them oh yeah prices are a ok..." Dwayne J

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Why do you need inflatable boat?

Would you love to experience the joy of boating, while avoiding the hassle and expense of trailers, storage, and maintenance associated with traditional boat ownership? If so then an inflatable craft is right for you.

Inflatables are convenient, affordable, and serve all the same functions of hard-hulled craft. Attach a gas motor to fly across the water, or opt for a quiet, inexpensive, electric motor to enhance your fishing or leisure fishing. Our inflatable craft pose the most economically viable solution to get you on the water.

Why pay thousands or tens-of-thousands for a hard-hulled boat that gets used a handful of times per month when you could pay a fraction of the price for the same experience?

Combine the cost benefits with the added ease of use, and an inflatable boat will you have you on the water more often, providing you more enjoyment for your money.

BoatsToGo inflatable craft will do the trick for the bay, river, lake and ocean. No matter where you do your boating, getting your boat there will be a cinch. Once deflated, these boats can be stored in your trunk, as they take up about as much space a medium luggage bag. Store it anywhere, take it anywhere. Keep it in the RV, take it to the lake, or put it in the ocean. Your inflatable boat will get you closer to the surf, the fish, and the great outdoors, faster, cheaper, and easier than ever before.

BoatsToGo also offers most affordable Inflatable Paddle Boards, Inflatable Kayaks and Inflatable Rafts in a World. Our inflatable SUP stand up boards are offers best quality for the money, and comes with 2 years warranty!

Frequently Asked Questions:

- What makes Saturn inflatables better than competitors?
- How to protect your air floor from accidental punctures?
- How to select an inflatable boats, if you are new to boating?
- What is better, an air floor or plywood floor? How to repair PVC fabric?

More answers for FAQ questions about Saturn inflatable boats are available here.

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