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Quality Inflatable Boats, Rafts, Kayaks and SUPs Since 1999!

  • NEW Extra Wide Fishing Boat!Saturn SD330W Inflatable Fishing Boat
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"We received our SK430 inflatable KaBoat last week and were able to test drive it over the weekend and we were totally impressed. The delivery was prompt, the product was excellent...even the bag is big enough so that everything fits in it when it's folded up. We bought inflatable boat specifically to go camping with since we pull a small camping trailer we needed something portable to go in our van. We found that it fit very well on top of our mini van when it was blown up so once we get to our camping spot we can go to various lakes in the area and not have to deflate and inflate every time..." Jan

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We buy direct from the factory that also supply the major brands and sell direct to you. Itís just that simple! Over 10,000 Satisfied Customers! No Hassle Return Policy! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Nobody Beats Our Quality, Service and Prices!

Why do you need inflatable boat?

Would you love to experience the joy of boating, while avoiding the hassle and expense of trailers, storage, and maintenance associated with traditional boat ownership? If so then an inflatable craft is right for you.

Inflatables are convenient, affordable, and serve all the same functions of hard-hulled craft. Attach a gas motor to fly across the water, or opt for a quiet, inexpensive, electric motor to enhance your fishing or leisure fishing. Our inflatable craft pose the most economically viable solution to get you on the water.

Why pay thousands or tens-of-thousands for a hard-hulled boat that gets used a handful of times per month when you could pay a fraction of the price for the same experience?

Combine the cost benefits with the added ease of use, and an inflatable boat will you have you on the water more often, providing you more enjoyment for your money.

BoatsToGo inflatable craft will do the trick for the bay, river, lake and ocean. No matter where you do your boating, getting your boat there will be a cinch. Once deflated, these boats can be stored in your trunk, as they take up about as much space a medium luggage bag. Store it anywhere, take it anywhere. Keep it in the RV, take it to the lake, or put it in the ocean. Your inflatable boat will get you closer to the surf, the fish, and the great outdoors, faster, cheaper, and easier than ever before.


 Category Description Capacity  Length  Sale 
 Boats  Inflatable Tender SD230 2 persons 7.6' $675
  Economy Dinghy SS260 3 persons 8.6' $625
  Inflatable Dinghy SD260 3 persons 8.6' $775
  Inflatable Boat SD290 4 persons 9.6' $875
  Inflatable Boat SD330 4 persons 11' $950
  Inflatable Fishing Boat SD330W 5 persons 11' $1029
  Inflatable Motor Boat SD365 5 persons 12' $1050
  Inflatable Sport Boat SD385 5 persons 13' $1175
  Inflatable Rescue Boat SD430 7 persons 14' $1275
  Inflatable Dive Boat SD470 8 persons 15' $1525
  Inflatable Dive Boat SD518 10 persons 18' $1799
 Rafts Inflatable River Raft RD290 2 persons 9.6' $899
  Inflatable Fishing Raft RD365 2 persons 12' $575
 SUPs Inflatable SUP Board SUP330 1 person 11' $499
  Inflatable SUP Board SOT365 2 persons 12' $599
 Kayaks Inflatable Fishing Kayak FK396 2 persons 13' $575
  Inflatable Expedition Kayak RK396 2 persons 13' $575
  Inflatable Ocean Kayak OK420 3 persons 14' $599
 KaBoats Inflatable KaBoat SK396 2 persons 12' $549
Inflatable KaBoat SK430 3 persons 14' $649
Inflatable KaBoat SK470 3 persons 15'  $749
Heavy-Duty KaBoat SK385XL 3 persons 15'  $779
Heavy-Duty KaBoat SK470XL 4 persons 15'  $825
Extra-Long KaBoat SK487XL 5 persons 16'  $899
Extra-Long KaBoat SK548XL 6 persons 18'  $999
 Catamarans  Mini Cat Catamaran MC290 2 persons 9.6'  $599
  Mini Cat Catamaran MC330 4 persons 11'  $699
  Mini Cat Catamaran MC365 5 persons 12'  $799

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Frequently Asked Questions:

- What makes Saturn inflatables better then competitors?
- How to protect your air floor from accidental punctures?
- How to select an inflatable boats, if you are new to boating?
- What is better, an air floor or plywood floor? How to repair PVC fabric?

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