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New Towing Cargo Inflatable Boat coming soon

Posted by   Brittany
Towable inflatable boat for cargo transportation

New Saturn Cargo Trailer Barge Sled for Jet Ski and Inflatable Boats coming soon.

Towable inflatable cargo boat
Towable boat is ideal for fishing, diving, hunting or campground trip, where you need to bring all those stuff with you, but don't have enough space in your watercraft.

Space in an inflatable boat is always at premium. There is not much space to carry cargo with Jet Ski either. If you ever in situation that need to bring large coolers or cargo bags or diving gear or any other type of bulky items with you on that overnight camping trip, towable trailer barge is a solution. It is affordable, versatile platform to load with up to 300 lbs of gear, secure with bungee cords or lashing tie downs, and pull behind your watercraft. Now you can take your friends or family with you, and pull all that beach gear behind you!  No need to sit surrounded up to the neck with all that clutter and gear you need on your outing. 

Towable catamaran is a dual use. It can also be used as a small inflatable catamaran boat for 1-2 persons. It comes with built in oarlocks, to use with optional oars. Also, pre installed motor mount brackets, for optional electric trolling motor motor mount. 

Bottom of catamaran is made of heavy-duty 1.5mm PVC. There is no additional floor provided, which is not really needed for cargo transportation, or use as small boat. But, rectangular piece of plywood can be DIY installed on top of bottom, to create additional rigid platform for standing, or to add rigidity to use with trolling motor.

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