Azzurro Inflatable Boats

Aurro Mare Premium Inflatable Boats by Saturn.

Azzurro Mare Inflatable Boats

5 Year Manufacturer Warranty for transom and hull seams on all AM boats.The following premium features make Azzurro Mare boats different from Saturn:

  1. Attractive Euro-style squared shape bow adds more useful space in front.
  2. The V-shaped bottom of AM inflatable boats is made of Extra heavy-duty 1.5mm PVC, which is almost twice of thickness of heavy-duty 0.9mm (1,100 denier) PVC.
  3. The bottoms of tubes are also covered with an additional layer of the same 1.5mm PVC.
  4. Air valves on a high-pressure air floors are protected with an additional cover to minimize direct exposure to sun and reduce water accumulation.
  5. Transom holders are re-enforced with an additional layer of PVC fabric for extra protection against severe Tropical heat and sun.
  6. Round end tubes provide more buoyancy and support for heavier engines.
  7. FREE tube cover protects Azzurro Mare boats against elements and keep boat as good as new.
  8. Two lifting D-rings added inside front bow for the securing of additional equipment.
  9. Numerous grab handles provides safety and easy of transportation.

Azzurro Mare Inflatable Boats Specifications.

While Azzurro Mare boats offer various premium features that other competitive brands are lacking, we are still able to offer sale prices well below other comparable inflatable boat brands. And we back it all with a 5 Years Manufacturers Warranty!

Tech Specs* AM290 AM330 AM365
Overall Length 9.6' 11' 12'
Inside Length 6' 7' 7.7'
Overall Width 5' 5' 5.7'
Inside Width 30" 30" 33"
Tube Diameter 16.6" 16.5" 18"
Num Chambers 3+1+1 3+1+1 3 + 1
Max Persons 4 4 + 1 5
MaxCapacity 900 lbs 1210 lbs 1430 lbs
Max O/B Motor 10 HP 15 HP 30 HP
Tube Weight 95 lbs 110 lbs 120 lbs
Packing size 45"x22"x15" 45"x22"x15" 51"x24"x12"
Boat Color red light gray light gray
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Compare inner size of Azzurro Mare Inflatable boat vs. Saturn Inflatable Boat of same size.

Compare extra heavy-duty 1.5mm PVC to standard 0.9mm (1100 denier) PVC

Compare extra heavy-duty 1.5mm PVC to standard 0.9mm (1100 denier) PVC. Click to enlarge this picture.