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12' Extra Heavy-Duty Fishing FIK365


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12' Saturn Extra Heavy-Duty Fishing Kayak FIK365.

Double layers all over! That is most heavy duty you can get!

1.8mm PVC over tubes and bottom, and 2.1mm PVC on top of floor. 

Saturn Uber heavy-duty 12' inflatable fishing kayak can be used as single or tandem. Made of double layers German Heytex 0.9mm 1100 Denier PVC over tubes. That is 2 layers of PVC over tubes! Floor is made of drop stitch air deck fabric that is covered with extra layers of 1.2mm PVC on top, and 0.9mm PVC on bottom of floor. That is 1.8mm PVC over tubes and bottom, and 2.1mm PVC on top of floor. And, to make this kayak even more rugged, there are also layers of extra wide rub strake protectors along bottom of tubes

Saturn Extra Heavy-Duty Fishing Inflatable Kayak FIK365 Tech Specs.

Kayak is stiff to fold and heavy, around 50lbs. That is due to all extra layers all around. However, if you are lookin for rugged fishing kayak, there are no alternatives on a market except Saturn FIK365. If you ever hesitated to buy fishing kayak out of fear of puncturing it, new Saturn FIK365 is what you were waiting for!

FIK365 deck has 8x D-rings. 4 of those are double D-rings with straps. Kayak can be used with regular 1 or 2 kayak seats snapped to D-rings. But, for ultimate fishing comfort, it can also be used with specialized fishing or even regular beach chairs. Chairs can be easily secured to kayak deck with a help of double D-rings. Easy to install, easy to remove, comfortable to paddle. We do sell premium aluminum chairs with fish rod holders, but even $10-$12 cheapest beach chair from local Walmart or Target will work exactly same way. Tommy Bahama beach chair can offer ultimate comfort and recline. To install 2 beach chair, kayak will need total of 4 x optional lashing tie downs, for front and rear set of D-rings.

In addition, optional kayak motor mount can be secured between 4 x D-rings on top of this kayak tubes. Strong plywood board with small vertical transom on one side can be placed across both tubes, and then tightly secured to kayak hull with 2 optional tie downs, running between 2 D-rings on each tube. Kayak can also glide effortlessly with help of our electric fin that can be installed instead of provided removable fin.

FIK365 kayak comes with 2 gear tracks that accept all standard kayak accessories, such as fishing rod holders, cup holders, fish finders, camera holders and more. Additional kayak accessories are available in a local outdoor or kayak store, or Amazon. 

Inflatable Kayak FIK365 Specifications:
  • Double Layers of 1,100 Dtex High Strength German Heytex 0.9mm PVC fabric.
  • Extra wide rub strake protector along bottom of tubes.
  • Double D-rings with straps for optional kayak seat or beach chair attachment in a middle.
  • Total of 8 D-rings for optional 2 seats attachments in front and rear.
  • Removable fins in front and rear for directional stability.
  • 4x D-rings on top of tubes for optional motor mount attachment.
  • Gear tracks for fishing rod holders, cup holders and more.
  • Additional mounts for optional fishing rod holders.
  • Bungee cords holders for gear or cooler.
  • 2 soft handles in front and rear.
  • Oar holders on one side. 
  • Reliable flat air valves with push pin design.
  • Included: hand pump, paddle, rod holders, repair kit, carry bag, 2 fins.
  • Kayaks seat is optional, and available in our accessories section.
  • Low profile fishing kayak beach chair available.

Quick Tip: Kayak is heavy, and kayak cart is highly recommended to move kayak around when inflated. Foldable hand cart is also suggested to move kayak when deflated and folded.

Please note, because of stiffness, that is result of double layers of fabric, some fold creases are normal after inflation. That will not affect kayak functionality or performance, and will decrease with time, once kayak inflated to full pressure.

Dark Gray
Overall Length:
Overall Width:
Inside Width:
Tube Diameter:
Person Capacity:
Loading Capacity:
500 lbs
Suggested Capacity:
400 lbs
50 lbs

The best inflatable fishing kayak I have ever owned! I love this model. I bought the very prototype, clearance sale on this site and I thank God I did. I use this kayak almost every weekend in the summer for crappie fishing and I tell you. This saturn kayak is a beast!!!.

Delighted with the 12' Saturn Extra Heavy-Duty Inflatable Fishing Kayak! Easy to inflate and performs admirably. A fantastic addition to fishing trips, offering stability and comfort. Exceptional customer support. Overall I like it very much.

Thrilled with the 12' Saturn Extra Heavy-Duty Inflatable Fishing Kayak! Despite the inflation effort, it's been a great companion for fishing trips. Excellent customer support. So far so good.

The Saturn FIK365 inflatable fishing kayak has completely exceeded my expectations. The double layers of PVC make it incredibly tough and resilient, allowing me to venture into challenging fishing spots without worry. The kayak's stability and tracking are excellent, and the removable fins provide added control. The D-rings and gear tracks make customization a breeze, and the included rod holders are a nice touch. I appreciate the attention to detail and the overall quality of the kayak. If you're in search of a reliable and sturdy fishing kayak, the FIK365 is a fantastic choice.

The 12' Extra Heavy-Duty Fishing FIK365 is a great investment. Its quality construction and reliable performance make it worth every penny. Seems to be good.

Been using this 12' Saturn Extra Heavy-Duty Inflatable Fishing Kayak for a while and I'm in love. Takes effort to inflate, but performs amazingly. Perfect for fishing trips with stability and comfort. Customer support is exceptional too. Highly recommended for elevated fishing adventures.

I recently purchased the 12' Saturn "Panzer" Inflatable Fishing Kayak FIK365 and it has been an absolute game-changer for my fishing adventures. This kayak offers exceptional performance and portability, making it a top choice for anglers on the go.

The FIK365 is a good and strong kayak. Constructed with touch PVC material, it can handle rough waters and potential impacts with ease in my humble opinion. I feel confident taking it on challenging fishing trips without worrying about its resilience.

The spacious design comfortably accommodates one or two occupants, making it ideal for solo fishing or fishing with a partner. I use tommy bahama beach chair on top.

Fishing-specific features like multiple rod holders and built-in D-rings make organizing my gear a breeze. I can keep my fishing rods secure and within reach, while the D-rings provide convenient storage options for additional accessories.

The FIK365's inflatable nature is a game-changer for transportation and storage. It deflates and rolls up easily, fitting into the included carry bag. It's lightweight and compact, perfect for those with limited storage space or frequent travelers.

Although it may not match the speed of a hardshell kayak, the FIK365 compensates with its outstanding portability and stability on the water. I've had smooth and enjoyable fishing experiences with this kayak.

Overall, I highly recommend the FIK365 to fishing enthusiasts seeking a reliable and portable option. Its durability, spacious design, fishing-specific features, and easy portability make it a worthwhile investment for any angler.

I've had this 12' Saturn Extra Heavy-Duty Inflatable Fishing Kayak for two years, and I love it. It takes a bit of time and effort to inflate, but once it's ready, it performs great. It's made fishing trips even better with its stability and comfort. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to enhance their fishing adventures.

I've had this 12' Saturn Extra Heavy-Duty Inflatable Fishing Kayak for a while and I adore it. It takes a bit of time and effort to inflate, but once it's ready, it's amazing. The customer support is excellent, always addressing my questions quickly. I highly recommend it for an enhanced fishing experience.

The 12' Extra Heavy-Duty Fishing FIK365 is a solid choice for fishing enthusiasts. It's reliable, stable, and offers a great overall experience. So far so good.
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