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Hangkai 4HP Outboard Motor

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HANGKAI Outboard Motor, 4 HP 2-Stroke Outboard Motor.

  1. Please read IMPORTANT notes at the bottom of this page before proceeding to checkout. 
  2. Please note, this is inexpensive Chinese outboard motor. If you expect nothing less than flawless perfection, please select one of Japanese brands.
  3. Light Weight - Only 29 lbs. Much lighter than 6HP version!

There are several well established, Japanese brands of outboard motors on US market, such as Honda, Mercury, Suzuki and Tohatsu. These are are all very good engines, with excellent characteristics, performance and durability. But, these are not cheap. In many cases cost of outboard motor one of these brands can be higher than cost of inflatable boat itself. 

However, there are also less expensive alternatives are now available, coming from China, such as Parsun, Hangkai, Hidea and few others. While there is some prejudice against outboard motors made in China, they are getting better and better over time. Most of these are in fact copies of Japanese outboard brands motors. When there is a choice between cost vs. perceived durability, and you are handy enough to open outboard top, and adjust it as needed, Chinese outboard motor might be a good and inexpensive option. 

In fact, most of issues with Chinese outboard motors comes from incorrect operations, not following proper procedures and using incorrect gasoline. For example, never run motor outside of water. Always use REC-90 Ethanol-free gasoline only. Always remove all gasoline from outboard if it not use for longer than few month. Ethanol easily clogs carburetor, and that is most common source of outboard engines troubles. While there are might be some minor issues with Chinese outboard motors, such as throttle handle label glued backward for example, when properly following break in procedures, using correct oil and gasoline, these engines can be great and inexpensive alternative to expensive Japanese brands. 

One of most popular Chinese brands at this moment seems to be Hangkai. They are sold on Amazon and Ebay and there are plenty of YouTube reviews videos of Hangkai outboard motors.

The ignition system of this outboard motor has a CDI ignition system. So you can start the motor quickly and safely, which saves your time and is very convenient to use. This outboard adopts an international standard air intake system and compression ratio, which can effectively improve combustion efficiency and thus reduce fuel consumption. It also has a 360-degree steering function that allows you to reverse the boat without shifting gears. It is suitable for a variety of small watercraft, such as fishing boats, dinghies, and inflatable boats.

Easy to Drive: The main rod is made of aluminum, and its lightweight will not increase the entire weight of your boat and the difficulty of driving. Hangkai 4HP is only 29lbs, which is much lighter than 6HP version.

CDI Ignition System: This outboard motor features a CDI ignition system. You can start the motor quickly and safely. It saves your time and is convenient to use.

Energy-saving and Money-saving: This outboard adopts an international standard air intake system and compression ratio, which can effectively improve combustion efficiency and thus reduce fuel consumption. It is energy-saving and money-saving.

High Efficiency: The outboard motor with a superior engine water cooling system can overcome huge water resistance, increase driving speed and improve its efficiency.

360-Degree Steering Function: This outboard has a 360-degree steering function that allows you to reverse the boat at ease without shifting gears.

Tilt Function: This item has a tilt or lift function, and can be used for shallow water operation for your convenience.

Independent Fin Streamline Design: When it collides with an object underwater, the design can well protect the propeller that is running at high speed.

Tightened Brackets: The tightened brackets are used to secure the thruster and transoms of the boat so that the thruster will not fall from your boat.

Anti Cavitation Plate: There is an anti-vortex board above the propeller. It keeps the water flow steady so that you can have a good driving experience.

Hangkai 4HP Outboard Features:
  • Fast and Powerful: A 2-stroke engine with a maximum output of 2.9kw and 4hp, and a maximum speed of 5300rpm, provides you with unparalleled speed. The streamlined design of three-blade propeller can reduce water resistance and provide stronger power during operation.
  • Best Materials: Lightweight and sturdy aluminum alloy, combined with spray painting technology, provides excellent corrosion resistance, wear resistance, heat resistance, shock resistance, deformation resistance, and other properties. You can use it with confidence in fresh water and salt water.
  • Easy to Operate: The throttle lever directly controls acceleration and steering. The step-less speed regulation allow you to easily adjust the running speed, combined with simple gear shifting (forward, neutral, or reverse), bringing you a more comfortable and convenient user experience.
  • Small and Fuel-efficient: As an outboard motor, it is relatively small and lightweight(29lbs), making it very suitable for inflatable boats.
  • Safe Start: The reliable CDI ignition system can quickly and safely start the motor, and suspension tilt adjustment pins and anti-vortex plates reduce inclination and vortices, ensuring smooth operation. The water cooling system is designed to maintain the optimal temperature, coupled with overheating protection, allowing you to continuously enjoy the fun of the navigation.
  • Protective Packaging: This product comes in a custom foam that resists common compression and falls to prevent product damage in transit as much as possible.

The outboard motor is suitable for a variety of small watercraft, such as fishing boats, dinghies, inflatable boats and KaBoats.


Model: Two Stroke 4HP
Engine Position: Outboard
Displacement: 74.6CC
Max. Output: 2.9kw
Full Throttle Operating Range (rpm): 4200-5300
Gear Positions: F-N-R
Ignition System: CDI
Starting System: Manual Start
Trim and Tilt System: Manual Tilt
Control System: Tiller Control
Cooling Method: Water-cooling
Recommended Outboard Engine Oils: 2-Stroke Outboard Engine Oils
Recommended Fuel: Ethanol-free REC-90 gasoline
Recommended Gear Oil: Professional Gear Oil
Cylinders: 2
Weight: 29 lbs
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm): 450*300*960mm

Drive unit:
Recommended fuel: Regular unleaded gasoline
Integral fuel tank capacity: 2.5L
Recommended engine oil: 2-stroke outboard motor oil
Engine oil type: Genuine or recommended 2str engine oil
Lubrication System: Engine oil mixed gasoline
Engine oil mixing ratio: Fuel 50: Engine oil 1(1. The engine oil must be a two-stroke special engine oil. The two oils must be stirred evenly. 2.After use, the fuel in the carburetor must be discharged.)

Parts Equivalent: 

  • Mercury T3.3
Package Included:

1x Outboard Motor
1x Funnel
1x Proportioning Pot
1x Water Pump Impeller
1x Split Pin
1x Installation Tool Kit
1x User Manual
All Accessories for Assembly


1. Please carefully read the manual and strictly follow the precautions to have a better experience.
2. Please measure the height of your boat before purchasing to ensure suitability for this product.
3. Please start the motor in the water. If the motor stops circulating water, please stop using it immediately and check the impeller of the water pump to see if the water outlet is blocked.
4. Please note that this product should use a mixture of two-stroke engine oil and 92 # unleaded gasoline. The running-in period of the new machine is 10 hours, during which the fuel ratio is 30L (7.93 gal) of gasoline to 1L (0.26 gal) of engine oil. After 10 hours, the ratio is 50 liters (13.21 gallons) of gasoline to 1 liter (0.26 gallons) of oil.
5. Please note that the emergency shutdown rope should be inserted when the outboard motor is started, and the other end should be wrapped around your wrist or belt.
6. Please do not drive too fast during the running-in period. After the running-in period, the gear oil needs to be replaced, and the second replacement time is about 100 hours or 6 months later.
7. Please do not leave this product outside until the cooling water is completely used up. Otherwise, water will enter the cylinder through the exhaust port, leading to engine failure. After cruising in seawater or turbid water, please clean the outboard motor with fresh water and cool the water channel with fresh water. The engine should be stored in a dry and well-ventilated place, and avoid direct exposure to sunlight.
8. If not in use for a long time, please thoroughly clean the gasoline in the fuel tank.


1. About the noise: All the gasoline machines are noisy, currently we did not test the decibel , but the noise is the same as the motorcycle, so it is a normal phenomenon

2. The machine itself is lightweight, it can use on boat weight of 100kg or less , load-bearing 4 people, but the speed is certainly not the same when one person on it or 4 people on it. Customer who has high expectations on speed, please be noted. Boat will not be as fast as JetSki.


One Year limited warranty applies to all new Hangkai outboard motors.


Video of Slightly more powerful Hangkai 6HP Outboard

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