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Inflatable Floating Dock


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Saturn 8x6' Extra Heavy-Duty Inflatable Dock.

  • Easily dock your kayak, canoe, KaBoat or small dinghy on a water.
  • Join 2 or more docks together for larger vessels.
  • Great for seasonal use. Inflatable dock can be deflated at end of Summer.
  • Inflatable dock can be inflated up to 10psi, and feels extremely hard and solid when walking on it. As hard as rock!

New, larger 8x6' dock, now comes in heavy-duty dark gray 1.5mm PVC covered over 200mm (8") thick drop stitch fabric.

While we do offer simple, outer skin dock container solution that can be filled with Styrofoam sheets, we now also offer inflatable version. It made of 200mm (8") thick drop stitch that is covered on top with same 1.5mm PVC as original dock container was made from. That offers extreme protection against accidental punctures or cuts.

Saturn inflatable heavy-duty inflatable dock also features extra wide rub stake protector around dock perimeter, to make it impossible to puncture with sharp barnacles. Four anchor buckets system at bottom of dock offers stable platform, minimizing roll and wobbling. 

New dock features sets of D-rings that allows more than one dock to be connected together in different configurations. Use optional lashing tie downs to secure more two or more docks into large dock system. There is also set of D-rings on top of each dock designed to secure 2 docks with large 12" wide wooden board on top. Optional rollers and winch then can be mounted on top of wooden board as a DIY project, to make it easier to pull heavier vessels over the rollers and on top of dock.

For prolonged use in a water, we recommend applying antifouling paint to the bottom of dock, to minimize grows of barnacles and algae. This way dock can stay in a water for years. If boat only used in a water during few month, there is no need for that. Just wash it off at the end of use.


  • Dimensions: 8' long x6' wide.
  • Depth: 8"
  • Top of dock covered with 1.5mm heavy-duty PVC offering traction support.
  • Sides of dock covered with extra thick rub strake protectors.
  • Bottom of dock features 4 anchor buckets.
  • Air pressure up to 10psi.
  • Included: Hand pump.
  • Quick Tip: Use electric pump for quick inflation and deflation.
8' x 4' x 8"
Shipping Size:
36 x 23 x 6"
Shipping Weight:
22 lbs

Foam panels are NOT included, but available at Home Depot or Lowes.

Please note: Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

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