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9.6' Inflatable Slatted Boats SB290

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9.6' Saturn Slatted Floor Boats SB290

HEAT Welded Seams and German Heytex PVC. Hard Wooden Floor.

A inflatable dinghy with a slatted floor packs up to a nice compact size, making them easier to store on board or at home. They're also marginally lighter as the slats that reinforce the floor tend to be lighter than the material used on an air-deck inflatable boat.

Saturn new low priced SB290 dinghy represent quality and durability at budget-pleasing prices. Saturn ultra affordable SB290 small dinghy with wooden floor boards are convenient, budget friendly, and serve all the same functions as any other Saturn boats. Saturn SB290 inflatable dinghy with slatted wooden floor represent the most economically viable solution to get you on the water. No need to inflate floor, just unroll and inflate tubes. Faster inflation, faster deflation, lighter weight.

Saturn Slatted Inflatable Boat SB290 Tech Specs

Saturn slatted floor SB290 dinghy boats features large round end tubes, bow cover area with bungee cords for storage, and holes for rod holders. Unique feature of SB290 boat is also sliding benches, that allows more convenient positioning of benches inside boat. You can even put 2 benches next to each other, to increase seating area. Or easily remove bench, or adjust position for best rowing location.


  • Safety grab line on sides of tubes.
  • Separate internal air chambers.
  • Flat bottom design, no keel.
  • One-way drain valve with plug.
  • All around, durable rub strike.
  • Reliable flat air valves with pushpin design.
  • Front bow D-ring and lifting handle.
  • Bow cover with bungee cords for easy storage.
  • Integrated opening for rod holders with additional holders.
  • Integrated slatted wooden floor for easy and quick assembly.
  • Extremely rigid, lightweight hull for good performance.
  • Lightweight and strong sliding aluminum seat benches.
  • Free second bench is included when order is placed on-line!
  • Heavy-duty marine grade plywood transom for outboard motor.
  • Equipment: aluminum oars, hand pump, repair kit, seat bench and carry bag.
  • For the list of optional available Accessories please click here.

Saturn slatted floor boat SB290 inflatable dinghy will perform great in the bay, river, lake or even ocean. Great as small dinghy for yacht or sailboat. Once deflated, SB290 boats can be easily stored almost anywhere, as this boat only take up about as much space a medium luggage bag. 

Saturn Inflatable Boats Specifications:

Light Gray
Overall Length:
Inside Length:
Overall Width:
Inside Width:
Tube Diameter:
Person Capacity:
Loading Capacity:
600 lbs
Max Motor Power:
8 HP (15" shaft / 100 lbs)
Tube Weight:
60 lbs
Shipping Size:
Shipping Weight:
79 lbs
Floor Type:
80mm air deck
1100 Denier Reinforced PVC
Quadruple Overlap
Air Valves:
Recessed One-Way
Inflation & Assembly:
15 min.

Note: Specifications and accessories are subject to change without notice. Max O/B Motor means: maximum power of outboard motor that can be safely used to plane the boat loaded to the maximum capacity at normal water surface conditions. Please exercise common sense and caution when using maximum motor capacity. Do not jump from wave to wave as new 4-stroke motors are much heavier then 2-stroke and provide extra strain on the transom. Under normal circumstances, with half the maximum persons/load capacity, 50% of maximum O/B power rating may be necessary to put the boat on plane.

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