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Experimental Micro Boat


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Experimental Project - Drop Stitch Micro Boat.

Steers by simply tilting into direction you want to go!

BONUS: If you make this project boat works perfectly, and can provide us with instructions how this product can be improved or operated easily, with more powerful engine, we will refund up to half the price. We will need video demonstration showing product in action. Amount of refund is up to our discretion, based on value of presented results.

This is experimental watercraft. Idea was to have outboard motor 6 to 10HP attached to transom, with shaft locked to prevent its steering. When boat moves forward, it can be steered by tilting into direction you need to go. Special wings on sides of this boat acts as a rudder, creating friction enough to turn boat when its move fast enough. 

Because it is experimental boat, it sold as-is. Buyer will need to figure out ways to extend tiller handle with tiller handle extensions sold on Amazon for example, or even PVC plumbing pipe secured over tiller. Also, need to add arm to R-N-F direction control, to switch to forward or neutral direction. Is is basically DIY project. 

IMPORTANT: Do not buy if you not willing to experiment, and have no ability to alter motor by adding tiller extension. Must wear PDF during use. Must use emergency lanyard cord attached to outboard, to quickly stop motor in emergency.
  • Included: hand pump and carry bag only.

Test with 4HP outboard.

Shipping Weight:
35 lbs
30 lbs

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