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13' Whitewater Inflatable Rafts AMR385


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Azzurro Mare 13' Extra Heavy Duty, Commercial Grade Whitewater River Rafts.

Premium private label - AZZURRO MARE Boats are manufactured by Saturn Inflatables for upscale European market. A limited number of these beautiful inflatable river rafts are available in the US exclusively at

13' Commercial Grade Self-Bailing Whitewater River Raft AMR385 is great for both fishing and whitewater rafting and ready for Class III+ whitewater rivers! The higher rocker provides an exhilarating ride on whitewater like no other raft! It is an excellent whitewater paddleboat for 6-8 people or a nifty rowing rig for 4-5 people and lightweight gear.

AMR385 River Rafts Specificaitons:

Azzurro Mare River Raft AMR385 specs

AMR385 river rafts bottom is made of extra heavy-duty 1.5mm PVC fabric, that is almost double of thickness of standard 0.9mm used in most other brands!

In addition, all surface of lower tubes of new AMR385 rafts are also covered by second layers of 1.5mm PVC. That is standard 1100 Dtex 0.9mm of tubes PVC, plus an additional layer of 1.5mm PVC, making these rafts almost indestructible! And all that at very affordable price!

Both inflatable thwarts and air floor are completely detachable and removable.

Tech Specs:

  • Rafts tubes are made of heavy-duty 0.9 mm (1100 denier) PVC.
  • Detachable 140mm drop-stitch air floor with foot holders.
  • Halkey-Roberts type valve design with pushpins.
  • Soft lifting handles all around the raft.
  • Rubbing strake all around the raft.
  • D-rings around raft for optional frame attachment.
  • Raft bottom is made of 1.5mm, extra heavy-duty PVC fabric.
  • Double layers of PVC fabric on top of tubes for extra durability.
  • Self bailer holes all around raft bottom perimeter.
  • Two detachable inflatable thwarts 12" diameter each.
  • Accessories: hand pump, repair kit and carry bag included.
  • Paddles are NOT included, and show for demonstration purposes only.

Video of AMR385 White Water River Raft

Images and video is a courtesy of Ričardas Marozas

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Overall Length:
Inside Length:
Overall Width:
Inside Width:
Tube Diameter:
4 + 2 + 1
Person Capacity:
Tube Weight:
110 lbs
Inflatable Thwart (detachable):
Shipping Size:
Shipping Weight:
117 lbs
Floor Type:
140mm Air Deck Floor

Note: Specifications and accessories are subject to change without notice.

I'm thoroughly impressed with the Azzurro Mare AMR385 river raft. The thoughtful design and quality materials make it a reliable and durable choice for any whitewater excursion. The included accessories, such as the hand pump and repair kit, demonstrate the brand's commitment to customer satisfaction. Experience the thrill of navigating rivers with confidence, thanks to the AMR385!

I've found the 13' Whitewater Inflatable Rafts AMR385 to be well-designed and efficient in various water conditions. No regrets with this purchase. Not bad at all.

One aspect to note about the Azzurro Mare AMR385 is that paddles are not included in the package. However, this allows you the freedom to choose paddles that suit your personal preferences. Rest assured, this raft offers unmatched performance and durability, ensuring countless hours of fun and excitement on the water!

Best value ever. We bought one in august of 20 and have had it on the Colorado through grand junction 8 times in a month. Ran the Moab daily for its first ever trip. Works great. This thing is stout. Usually it is just my wife, my self, and the kids but we ran a grand junction town run with three adults and seven kids. It was a blast. The river is really low right now but noon of the scrapping has left any marks and it is not leaking at all. The floor is awesome. Better than a star boat.

I've had this raft for 2 seasons now and it has held up Great. Have taken it down the Ocoee River a dozen times now and it's still like new. This raft has a lot of great features. My favorite feature is the foot holds. Anyone that has ever been in a raft without foot holds will understand how nice it is to have these. Lastly the price is unbeatable.

I purchased a small frame for the boat and with the easily removable thwarts it made for an easy conversion and an excellent overnight boat, soon my half day trips had extended to 2 or 3 day trips. I began dreaming of bigger and grander adventures until finally I set my sights on the grandest of all river adventures: rafting the grand canyon. I was lucky enough to secure a private party river permit on my first attempt, albeit during the frigid winter months of December/January. Now it was time to select a boat. I knew that while the Azzuro Mare had performed admirably on everything I had thrown at it, at 13ft it was well short of the recommended size for watercraft traveling down the big waters of the Colorado. Against my better judgment and the advice of seasoned canyon rafters I decided to stay with my trusty Azzuro Mare. I rigged the boat up on the beach at Lee’s Ferry Arizona (the put in for the trip) and my excitement grew, I knew at 13ft there would be little margin for error in navigating the massive holes and waves that I would be facing over the next 18 days. As the trip progressed each day brought a unique and exciting challenge, and through all the beauty and grandeur of the canyon the Azzuro triumphed. It had no problem blasted through the infamous “V” wave in Lava Falls, it was maneuverable enough to miss the terrifying pour-over in Crystal rapid, and it handled the gigantic 5th wave in Hermit with grace. \r\n\r\nI set out to raft the grand canyon because it sounded like an incredible adventure, but inadvertently I found myself proving that even the biggest river trips can be done on a budget, and rafting doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank for a 4-6 thousand dollar setup. The Azzuro Mare river raft drew me in with its practicality and affordability, but never would I have guessed the lengths it would take me to. So whether your goal is to get out for a fun family activity a few times a summer, or to go on a trip of a lifetime, I believe the Azzuro Mare has the means to take you there.

My family has owned a whitewater rafting company down here in Tennessee for over 20 years. Our rafts were starting to get old, and it was time for us to replace most of the fleet. We searched everywhere for what we thought were the best inflatable whitewater rafts available in the U.S.. For us, durability is one of the most important things since these rafts are an investment in our business. We just can’t go around buying new rafts ever year! We’ll go out of business.\r\n\r\nWe ended up buying a few AMR385’s from you guys about 6 months back. They’re amazing! We still haven’t had a puncture, and the customers love the design and colors of them. I think we’re gonna buy a few more next year once we work out the budget, so make sure not to sell out. Thanks, guys.\r\n\r\n\r\n
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