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Introducing Mars Series Inflatable Boats by Saturn

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Mars inflatable boats by Saturn

Are you looking for an inflatable motor boat that can fly through the water at incredible speeds? That’s nimble enough to turn on a dime or maneuver through even the tightest of spaces? That’s so stable you won’t be able to tell the difference between your inflatable boat and a hard hull boat when you are out in the open water? Do you want all these things without breaking the bank? If so, then BoatsToGo has the perfect choice for you… the brand-new Mars Series Budget Inflatable Boats by Saturn.

Available in the 11’ PSM330 and the 12’ PSMS365, the Mars Series budget inflatable boats will give you everything you want or need in a watercraft. With the fun of a speedboat and the safety of a life raft, these amazing vessels have something for everything. They are built extremely tough, using the same cutting-edge technology and top-of-the-line materials as all other Saturn boats. That means that if you take care of them, they will last for many years. In fact, Saturn has included a 2-year warranty on them. Plus, their separate internal air chambers give you an added level of safety in the extremely unlikely situation that one of the tubes is punctured. And with their attractive light great color, they look great out on the water too!

These Mars Series inflatable motor boats have some modern features that help set them apart from the competition. For starters, they were designed to provide the rider with the hull strength of a standard boat and the stability, maneuverability and lightweight feel of an inflatable raft all in one affordable vessel that could be use by both amateurs and professionals. That was a pretty difficult task, but Saturn pulled it off perfectly! Saturn also designed these boats with oversized tubes to help provide a dry and stable ride on rivers, lakes and oceans. And the choice between using them with the high pressure air deck floor or an aluminum deck makes them perfect to meet the tastes of any boater.

One of the great things about this new line of inflatable motor boats from Saturn is their versatility. They are the perfect boat for the family or young professional, as they can be used for a calm day out cruising the lake, a more exciting day speeding across the waves or a beautiful day of fishing with your buddies. And since they can be easily deflated to an extremely small size and transported to anywhere you want to take them, literally anyone can own one. Their heavy-duty transom also makes them a great choice as an inflatable tender for a larger boat like a yacht, and they’re great as an emergency life raft.

The brand-new Mars Series Budget Inflatable Boats by Saturn may seem like they should be expensive, but that is simply not true. Check out the inflatable boat sale going on at, where you will see the 11’ PSM330 on sale for $799 and the 12’ PSM365 on sale for only $899, both 50% off their normal prices. They both also come with a free hand pump, rowing oars, a repair kit, a carry bag and two benches (when you order online).

Mars Inflatable Boats by Saturn

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