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Mars Inflatable Boats

Mars Inflatable Boats by Saturn.

Quality Inflatable Boats At Budget Prices.

Mars Inflatable Boats are manufactured by same factory as Saturn boats. Quality is guaranteed. However, to reduce price, there is no additional layer on a bottom of tubes. But, unless you going to drag inflated boat over sharp rocks, second layer might not be needed at all.

Mars Inflatable Boats have same 2 years warranty as all Saturn boats. Made with quality materials and using same technology, Mars Inflatable Boats represent quality and durability at prices anyone can afford.

Why spend many hundreds or even thousands of dollars on boat, when you can have Mars Inflatable Boat at fraction of the cost.

However, it need to be noted, that as all PVC made boats, Mars Inflatable Boats need to be stored in a well ventilated shaded areas when not in use. PVC boats does not like heat and humidity. If you going to use inflatable boat in a Tropic climate of Central or South America, or Caribbeans, then perhaps you need to consider Saturn boats made from Hypalon fabric. While much more expensive, Hypalon boats are more resistant to direct sunlight, heat and humidity than PVC boats.

You can't just leave PVC boat seating in water year around, under sunlight of South Florida for example. PVC boat need to be protected with UV protectants available in local Marne store and on-line, or with boat cover. Please see our FAQ section for more information on expected lifespan of PVC inflatable boat.

Mars Inflatable Boats

PSM330 5.02' 2.29' 8.2' 1.36'
PSM365 5.58' 2.62' 9.09' 1.48'

Video of Saturn affordable SD360 inflatable boat.