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16' Heavy-Duty KaBoat SK487XL

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Saturn 16' Heavy-Duty Inflatable KaBoat™ SK487XL.

New V3.0 model - Larger 20" diameter tubes for more buoyancy, rigidity, and fiberglass covered transom.

New V3.0 comes with 3 benches, 1 set of rowing oars and 1 set of oarlocks. Older version 2.0 had 2 sets of oarlocks and 2 set of oars. One set of oarlocks and oars were eliminated in order to keep lower prices, and reduce overall weight.

Saturn SK487XL Inflatable KaBoat specifications.

Saturn SK487XL is our largest heavy-duty Saturn KaBoat available. Now it comes with extra large 20" dia tubes and fiberglass covered transom. Extra heavy duty PVC fabric, bottom tubes covered with extra layer of materials all way up to rub strake. Saturn SK487XL is perfect large size KaBoat for fishing, hunting, exploration of wilderness or as a work boat. While being big, this boat still light enough to carry by 1 strong person.

Saturn Kaboat SK487XL light enough to carry by one person

This model is also great for remote island explorations, fun day on a water with a family, or just simple fishing on a weekend with friends.

Saturn SK487XL KaBoat model has 4 separate air chambers for extra safety, compared to 2 standard chambers of regular KaBoats. Extra heavy-duty rub strake protectors are installed along both sides of the tubes for enhanced durability and rigidity.

Saturn KaBoat SK487XL is rugged enough for far away expeditions

SK487 KaBoats come with set of oarlocks for easy rowing. With a 15HP 2-stroke outboard motor, this KaBoat was riding scary fast! The SK487XL handles sharp turns great and holds large waves without a problem.

Saturn SK487XL Kaboat can take even on a big waves

Customer's review of Saturn SK487XL KaBoat after expedition on Yukon, Alasksa.

New KaBoat SK487XL model features:

  • Transoms now have triangular splash guards to minimize back splash and protect the transom holders from heat and exposure to UV rays.
  • Bulky plastic handles on end tubes were replaced with sun resistant and durable soft handles for longer life span.
  • The valves were moved to the inside of the tubes and under the seat to protect them from sun and the elements, and to make inflation from inside the boat easier when on the water.
  • New models have different bench attachments to make them shorter, lighter and move slightly lower for easier rowing.
  • Grommet PVC splash guards with safety grab lines run all along the KaBoat's tubes from the front to the rear. Having grommets on PVC lines allows the attachment of additional accessories, kayak seats and custom made frames and arches for rod holders, night lights, etc.Same heavy-duty
  • 1100 Denier PVC as in SATURN boats & rafts.
  • Front spray skirt with water deflector guard and rope lacing.
  • Marine grade plywood transom with a one way drain plug.
  • Extra thick, high-pressure inflatable air deck floor.
  • Durable rub strake protectors along boat tubes.
  • 4 fins on bottom of tubes for improved tracking.
  • 4 (four!) separate air chambers for extra safety.
  • Included: 3 benches, hand pump, repair kit, carry bag and 1 set of rowing oars.
  • Please see this article for alternative seating options.

Customer's Videos of older Saturn SK487XL KaBoat V2.0

Click here for more KaBoat videos.

Quick Tip: If you are worried about the air floor being accidentally punctured by sharp gear or fishing hooks, you can get a piece of vinyl flooring from a local hardware store that can be cut out to fit inside the KaBoat over the floor.

Dark Gray
Shipping Size:
Shipping Weight:
136 lbs
Exterior Length:
1100 Denier PVC
Overall Width:
Interior Width:
Tube Diameter:
Air Chambers:
4 + 1
Floor Type:
140mm Air Deck
Person Capacity:
KaBoat Weight:
130 lbs
Weight Capacity:
1100 lbs
Engine Capacity:
10HP 4-stroke or 15HP 2-stroke

The 16' Heavy-Duty KaBoat SK487XL has been a reliable companion for years. Convenient to carry and the quality has held up well. I really like this.

I was skeptical at first, but the 16' Heavy-Duty KaBoat SK487XL has proved me wrong. It's better than expected, and I'm enjoying it. Not bad at all.

The 16' Heavy-Duty KaBoat SK487XL has exceeded my expectations! Great performance and easy to carry. Would have been perfect with a seat. So far so good.

The Saturn 16' SK487XL KaBoat has been a great companion for my outdoor adventures. The 20" diameter tubes give extra buoyancy and rigidity, improving my experiences during wilderness and island explorations. The extra heavy-duty PVC fabric and bottom tubes covered with additional layers of material demonstrate the high quality of this KaBoat.

With four separate air chambers for added safety, the new model is a clear upgrade. The addition of triangular splash guards, sun-resistant soft handles, and the repositioning of valves to the inside of the tubes are all clever improvements. I found the grommet PVC splash guards with safety grab lines very practical for attaching additional accessories. The SK487XL is truly an excellent KaBoat for any outdoor enthusiast.

The Saturn 16' SK487XL KaBoat is a game-changer. The 20" diameter tubes add extra buoyancy and rigidity which have made a big difference in my remote wilderness and island explorations. The extra heavy-duty PVC fabric and bottom tubes, covered with an additional layer of material, showcase its sturdy construction.

The four separate air chambers add an extra safety feature which I greatly appreciate. I like the improvements in the new model including the triangular splash guards, sun-resistant soft handles, and the relocated valves to the inside of the tubes. Additionally, the grommet PVC splash guards with safety grab lines allow for attachment of extra accessories. The SK487XL is a worthwhile investment for anyone seeking a reliable and robust KaBoat.

Impressed with the versatility and performance of the 16' Heavy-Duty KaBoat SK487XL. Perfect for limited storage spaces and so far, so good!

Safety is a top priority, and the SK487XL KaBoat delivers with its four separate air chambers. Even if one chamber deflates, you can trust that this KaBoat will remain afloat and operational, ensuring your peace of mind during your water adventures. The heavy-duty rub strake protectors along the sides of the tubes provide exceptional durability and rigidity, safeguarding the KaBoat against impacts and abrasions.

The SK487XL KaBoat combines power and maneuverability. With the included set of oarlocks and rowing oars, you can navigate with ease, enjoying the simplicity and control of manual propulsion. If you desire an extra boost, attaching a 15HP 2-stroke outboard motor takes this KaBoat to exhilarating speeds while maintaining stability and handling even in sharp turns and large waves.

It's worth noting that the SK487XL KaBoat now comes with three benches instead of two sets of oarlocks and oars. While some may view this as a drawback, it actually provides a more versatile setup. The additional bench seating allows for more passengers or increased cargo capacity, making it ideal for family outings or transporting gear. Plus, with the option to attach an outboard motor, you can still achieve impressive speeds and maneuverability.

The 16' Heavy-Duty KaBoat SK487XL surprised me with its quality. Far from a cheap kayak toy, it's definitely worth the investment.
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