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11' Ultra Light SUP Inflatable Paddle Boards

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Ultra Light Inflatable Paddle Boards SOT330L.

11' Orange Track Pad Light SATURN iSUP board - ONLY 17BS!

Saturn 11' Ultra-Light Inflatable SUP SOT330L have set of 2 D-rings on both sides of the board for the attachment of optional kayak seat or low profile beach chair, to use this paddle board as a sit-on-top kayak. Mount low profile beach chair with four adjustable straps, and cruise in a total comfort! The SOT330L SUP board has 1 large removable fin.

Saturn Ultra Light Inflatable Paddle Board iSUP

The Saturn Ultra-Light Inflatable Paddle Board is easy to paddle and allows paddlers of all levels, including beginners, to enjoy a stable, comfortable ride while getting nice workout. Stand-Up Paddle Boarding with a Saturn SUP can be done in the ocean, harbors, rivers and lakes. What makes this board great, is that it is so lightweight that anyone can carry it with an ease! Take it on a plane, car, anywhere!

SATURN Inflatable SOT330L Specifications:

  • Explore lake shores, rivers, and bays.
  • Can be used as a sit-on-top inflatable kayak.
  • Great for balance and upper body workout.
  • Saturn boards are great for family fun and fitness.
  • Set of 4 D-rings along board side for kayak seat attachment.
  • Raised rocker tip prevents curling and helps improve performance.
  • SOT330L SUP constructed of 140mm (6") heavy-duty PVC drop-stitch fabric.
  • Patent Pending easily removable large fin with no need for extra hardware.
  • Saturn paddle boards can be inflated between 10 and 15 psi of air pressure.
  • High-pressure hand pump w/ gauge, carry bag and repair kit are included!
  • SUP Paddle is NOT included, but available at discount price in our Accessories.
  • Extra strips of PVC fabric overlapping critical seams, to allow inflation for up to 15psi.
  • 0.9mm PVC fabric on sides to prevent punctures, double-thick PVC on top/bottom.
  • New SUPs made of double-layers of PVC fabric for better rigidity and ruggedness.
  • Download Inflatable Paddle Board Manual for more information.

Video clips of OlderSaturn SOT330L Inflatable Paddle Boards with Black Trackpad.

Overall Length:
Overall Width:
Overall Thickness:
Person Capacity:
Max Capacity:
220 lbs
Suggested Capacity:
190 lbs
Folded Size:
33 x 13 x 13"
Shipping Size:
37 x 22 x 10"
Shipping Weight:
23 lbs
17 lbs

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