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The following information is provided exclusively to those companies wishing to consider a dealership for Saturn Inflatables. The following information is designed to be comprehensive and provide you with everything you need to know to consider a dealership.

Manufacturing Information

Inflatable boats are hand sealed at the seams for perfect seaming. This is the most expensive and reliable method used today. For maximum strength and durability, each seam is strengthened with four layers of bonded fabric.
Only the highest quality materials are used to produce Saturn boats. Each boat is made from 1,100 DTEX PLASTOMER PVC fabrics with a polyester support having excellent resistance to tearing, tension and breaking. The construction is 5-layers thick, with the outer layer protecting the boat against UV rays, ozone & abrasion and inner layers providing perfect strength & adhesion.

High Pressure Air Deck Flooring

Inflatable boats utilize a High Pressure Air Deck Floor system, which is noted for its strength and stability once inflated. When deflated it enables the whole boat to be rolled-up without removing any floor boards just like a slatted inflatable boat, but still has the strength of a plywood floor boat. This is the latest technology in Inflatable boat flooring.

The inside of the air deck is a "double-wall" or "drop-stitch" fabric. Once inflated, thousands of hair-like threads stand on end to give the floor strength. The two airtight layers of reinforced PVC coated fabric are fixed about 50mm apart by a large quantity of threads. After the valve is closed airtight it becomes very hard and strong when inflated.

Once deflated it is very easy to roll-up for storage. The extremely rigid, lightweight hull makes for excellent performance. Inflatables also offer wood and aluminum flooring as an option on some models to meet certain customer's requirements.

Features List

All Saturn Inflatable boats feature:
- Heavy-Duty marine grade plywood transom designed for short shaft-15" motors
- Front aluminium D-ring / lifting handle and towing rope
- Separate internal air chambers
- All around, durable rubber strake and splash defector
- Cast-aluminium engine brackets on both sides of the transom
- Life line with holders
- One-way drain valve with plug
- Heavy Duty steel bow towing rings
- Signature internal carry handles.
- Super reliable NARU flat valves
- Safety over inflation valve (not found on other brands due to cost)
- Deep inflatable V-keel protected by rubbing strake protection.
- 90 degree plastic cones
- Standard equipment includes wooden seat, aluminium oars, repair kit, pump, 4 metres of 8mm towing rope and carry bag
- US builders plate and HIN Certificate

Sales History to Date

Since accepting exclusive rights for Saturn Inflatables, BoatsToGo Inc. has achieved resounding success with these products. Utilizing both traditional retail sales outlets as well as online sales, BoatsToGo has achieved outstanding sales in the U.S. market and is now ready to bring that success to other markets through exclusive dealerships.

The most popular Inflatable boat model to date is the 11' Saturn SD330. Also, since its release, the 12' KaBoat SK396 has proven quite popular in the RV and motor home market.

In all cases these products have sold faster than we have been able to import them, causing us to increase shipment sizes significantly to meet demand.

Pricing & Profitability

We'll be clear from the outset when we tell you that price is the most significant selling point for these products. These products are of excellent quality and can be offered at an exceptional price, meaning one thing for the customer, great value for money.

Consumer trends in the U.S. over the past 20 years have tended towards consumers demanding lower prices, resulting in greater competition between retailers. All retailers will have experienced the price demands placed on them by consumers and the subsequent squeeze on their margins and overall profits.
In addition many marine dealers have struggled under the pressure of unrealistic sales targets set by the larger manufacturers, causing them to cut margins back to cost in some cases to meet targets.

Further the availability of information via the Internet has led to greater consumer awareness and increased competition in all markets.
We know that consumers demand high quality products at the lowest possible price, and this is what we are offering with these products.
Saturn inflatable products will satisfy the consumer's requirement for quality and be available to them at a price that is considerably less than more expensive brands.

For the retailer this means they can offer these products at a considerable discount to established brands, while still providing the customer with a quality product that meets their needs, while not discounting and cutting margins in order to secure a sale.

In summary this means greater margins per sale, easier and increased sales due to attractive pricing resulting in a greater end profit to the dealer.
By selling inflatables, dealers can achieve around twice the margin with no pressure to discount the already excellent value pricing. Of course there is also the added benefit of a reduced stock value for products held on the showroom floor.


After over 9 years of selling these products directly to the public, having used the products, and being responsible for the warranty on these products, we can say without question these are high quality product lines.
Thousands of Inflatables have been sold with well below 1% warranty issues!! This is an exceptional record for any product and because of that we have full confidence to stand behind this product.

To demonstrate our confidence in the quality of these products we will offer dealers a number of incentives which we will discuss later.

Value for Money

From the customers viewpoint these products are great value for money. Retailing at approximately 30% less than established brands, customers can buy a quality product for significantly less, and in today's consumer market this is what customers demand.

There exists a place in the market for quality products at prices below the established brands without the established brand name. We have already seen this with our own retail sales of these products. This is a market that will expand and take a considerable market share over the next few years.

Area Exclusivity

One of the first features of a SATURN dealership is exclusivity for your area. We will only appoint a limited number of dealers in each state. The appointment of a dealership will therefore be on a first come basis for any dealer who meets the requirements.

Product Test Offer

As an incentive to potential dealers to allow trial of these new products and test the quality for themselves, we are willing to offer dealers the chance to purchase an SD330 Inflatable boat at wholesale price for evaluation purposes. Dealers then have the opportunity to use the product or offer for sale.

Stock Return Policy

To reduce the risk to dealers of carrying these new products, BoatsToGo is offering a no-risk refund policy. If after 6 months the dealer is unsatisfied with the product, sales or service, BoatsToGo will purchase back all stock at original invoice price, not including freight. The condition of the buy-back is that all goods be returned in original condition, be unused and in original packaging. Dealers must also show evidence that the product had been advertised during the period they held the stock. This offer will be available only between the 6th and 7th month after the initial order invoice date. Return freight is to be covered by the dealer.


To help boost new dealer's sales in the first month, each new dealer will be prominently displayed on our website as an introduction to the general public.
Any technical or product enquiries generated by the website will be answered by BoatsToGo. Customers will be re-directed to local dealer for further inquiries.

Point of Sale

BoatsToGo will provide all dealers with all the Point-of sale material they require to promote the products, including, Brochures, banners, signs, price and technical spec cards and any other materials required by dealer.

Dealership Warranty

Dealers will be offered 24 month warranty on all Inflatable boats sold. Optional 3 years extended warranty is available for $99, for up to 5 years of total Hull warranty.

Spare Parts Discount

BoatsToGo carries a full stock of spare parts for these products and offers dealers only the opportunity to purchase spare parts discount to the regular wholesale price.


Dealers have the option of either using BoatsToGo freight service, which can be quoted at the time of sale, or alternatively we can prepare shipments for the dealer's own freight company pick up. Please advise your preference at time of order.

Dealership Requirements

The conditions of dealership for Saturn Inflatables are:
1. Initial purchase of 10 units of Inflatables.
2. Signed exclusive dealership contract for dealers seeking protected areas.

Dealer & Retail Price Lists

Once we have established your genuine interest in becoming a Saturn Boat dealer we will forward you the full wholesale and retail price lists for both product lines.

Dealer & Account Application

Should you be interested in taking up this offer and becoming an exclusive dealer of Saturn Inflatables in your area, please contact Giustino Cellini at 786-245-4623 or via email on Once all details are confirmed and agreed we will be ready to send you your first order and begin what we are sure will be a prosperous business relationship!