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Teak Foam Decking

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Self-Adhesive EVA Foam Decking for Inflatable Boats Floors.

Padded Teak Wood Color 3M Self-Adhesive Flooring Roll.

EVA Foam Pad Decking for Aluminum Floor or Air Floor Dinghy Inflatable Boats.

The padded teak wood EVA foam flooring installs in minutes on any Inflatable or non-inflatable boats floors. Easily peel and stick the 3M foam onto your aluminum flooring or air deck floor. The 1/4 inch padded premium teak wood style decking will transform your inflatable boat, raft or kayak into one of a kind luxury vessel. Renews and pimp out your boat look, while giving you that soft comfortable feel under your feet.

The EVA foam flooring will work on all brands of dinghy inflatable boats depending on length and width of the boats flooring. EVA can be cut and modified to different lengths.

  • EVA pad is 94" long by 47" wide.
  • Please measure your boat floor before ordering.
  • Please see YouTube videos to get ideas for EVA foam installation.
  • Clean application area from dust and oils with isopropyl alcohol, and wipe dry. Remove stubborn dirt or sticky residue with Acetone.
  • Do not use solvents on EVA foam decking surface.

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