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Happy customers riding Saturn inflatable boat.

Two boys riding in Saturn 11' inflatable boat and having great time.

"I just want to thank you for all the good moments I've experienced since I bought my boat. I use it for saltwater fishing and it's the best. I've had it now for two years and It looks brand new. Thanks again." ALEJANDRO, Colombia

Picture of happy customer with barracuda he has caught while using Saturn inflatable boat.

"Prize...CATCH OF THE WEEK. Did you know that with the help of my Saturn KaBoat I won a prize for a popular fishing magazine ?.... Greetings" Manuel, FL

Picture another of happy customer with Saturn inflatable KaBoat.

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Customers Testimonials

Hey guys, I wanted to write a follow up to a review I had written about 5 or 6 years ago when I bought my inflatable from you. When I first got my AM365 inflatable boat about 6 years ago, I remember being impressed with the way it looked.... BOMBPROOF!!! Just all around good, solid, well thought out construction. But the real test has been the 6 years since then. I have put this boat through every possible crazy, nasty situation you can put one through, and it looks almost new. Other than a few scuff marks from slamming into a rock, a coral head or a tree, it would be hard to tell it from a new one. I use it all the time, but if it is not used for 2 or 3 weeks, I cover it with a tarp. Not even a high dollar cover, just a plastic tarp. I also let a little air out of all the tubes to reduce the constant pressure. I'm sure these little measures have helped it last also, but the quality construction is the main reason.

I had a Zodiac inflatable boat before this and within the first 3 years the glue at the seams started changing color...very ugly. 6 years in and the AM365 dingy is still in MINT condition. I'm about to upgrade to a larger model, and I'm not even going to bother looking at any other companies. You've always been there to answer my questions, and any need I have is handled immediately. I am definitely a customer for life....thank you so much for all of your help...

Damon P.

I was a tremendously impressed with the quality of the inflatable and in 40 years of boating and many inflatable's including the mighty Avon I don't think I've seen workmanship like this before"

Carld. FL

I bought my first Saturn, a 260, about 5 years ago when I had a 28' express cruiser. It was the perfect size to fit on the bow so that I could take it with me to the Southern California Channel Islands. I had looked at a lot of inflatable PVC boats in stores and on the docks, and I figured out that I couldn't beat the 260 for appearance, price and quality.

Three years ago I bought a 38' foot cabin cruiser that came with a similar size inflatable to the Saturn 260. I have kept both inflatables on the boat and that has given me a chance to compare the two.

The one that came with the boat is very similar to the Saturn, but the difference in quality is amazing. I have a 2.5 HP motor and a 4 HP motor and have used both of those motors on both the boats, so I have quite a bit of varied use experience with both boats under the same conditions.

I can tell you that the Saturn has held up much better than the other boat in both condition and appearance. I covered both boats most of the time, but each spent a lot of time in the Southern California sun as well. The other inflatable has turned a dingy gray color that, despite numerous washings, can't be gotten rid of. One of the holders that the grab-rope is attached to has broken making that grab-rope useless. And the floor has become sticky from sun exposure. By contrast, the Saturn has held its bright appearance. The accessories like the grab-ropes, oarlocks, and have maintained the functionality. The quality of that boat has really stood out.

My dockmates have taken notice of my Saturn inflatable. Based on its appearance after five years AND its favorable price comparison, two of them have also bought Saturns….one just last week! And because my fiancй has decided she would like to take her dog along on our trips in the inflatable, I just ordered a Saturn 330 to make that possible.

Good quality, good appearance, great price! I have no idea why anyone would buy a comparable inflatable anywhere else!

Harold. C

Hi, I ordered a fishing kayak, pump and deluxe seats on about May7. I received the kayak a bit later, then about a wk after, the pump. I was so excited when we were able to use the kayak, once pump arrived. We have Lake Jordan and Falls lake within 20 min of home. So we tried first at Jordan Lake, the kayak exceeded our expectations with ease of set up and break down. The speed at which we could paddle was amazing. The first day was very, very windy but we were able to set a course across the lake and maintain it with ease, in any direction. We chose this kayak because we could sit like kayak or canoe with the bench seats. I have had a previous back injury. We are very happy with products and service...


What a great boat i took my SD365 out for the first time yesterday and am very Happy with the performance and comfort. 4 of us and 3 dogs just floated down the river in the slow parts of the river i towed them in their rafts i had a small 8 horse power outboard on there was some shallow place's but no problem i raised the motor was able to float in about 6ins of water very easy to row the air floor is very sturdy i used a small 1 gallon shop vac to inflate the boat and toped it of with the hand pump that came with the boat it took about 10 mins if you want a fun sturdy easy boat this is it ....BoatsToGo was a pleasure to deal with had my boat in 4 days after ordering it ...Thank you ..


After lots of research, comparing prices and changing my mind of what I wanted to get me out on the water, I decided to buy the inflatable sd365. I have had it for approx 2 years. When I first came I remember picking it up from delivery and was amazed how small the box was, even though it was pretty heavy. I have never folded the boat small enough like it originally came to me, but pretty close ha-ha. When I got it home I immediately blew it up in my 650 sqft apartment on Okaloosa Island. It just about filled up the whole kitchen and living room and I did it all with the hand pump (never to do that again). But after buying a few air mattress pumps it got blown up a lot faster. After blown up I usually kept it at the back patio. To launch the boat I would pick it up and throw it off the dock which was very close to my back door, bring the motor over with gas tank and put the motor on while standing in the water.

Wow a lot has changed since I bought this boat on how I do things with it. You live and learn and now it is way easier to enjoy this boat. Nowadays, I have a bigger condo on the bay side and have many things to make life easier with this boat. I would recommend anyone to buy a plug in air pump designed for inflatables, no matter how much battery power u have, u are never going to beat the raw electric draw from a outlet, as the air pump I have now cuts the blow up time in 1/4 and just about dims all the lights in the house when running (exaggerated, but has some killer draw and torque).

Another good tip with these boats is to keep the floor separate when rolling up, and that way u can pretty much carry is by yourself. As the motor is concerned for most inflatables, seems everyone prefers the older ones, but u I would like to see how a new 2.5 light motor does with it. Right now I'm using a 9.9 Johnson 2 stroke, it seems almost too heavy at first but it really handles pretty good. U will have plenty or really too much power at the motor thrust throws out all the water and eventually will lose thrust. I think the lifters will prevent that loss of thrust problem. I have brought this inflatable a couple rivers and mostly buzz around in the bay; it can be really a great ride and can go in very small, shallow places.

The repair kit that comes with the boat really works great, it surprised me after having a puncture from a huge catfish I caught, I used the glue and cut a piece of material and it completely stopped the leak, the glue tried very fast and completely sealed it. Later on I did a better repair after returning home, I usually use the glue they give u with the material and cut it to a circular patch and circle the patch with rtv (I use red to match the color of the boat). Fixing leaks it the easy part, finding the leaks can take some time, a soapy bottle is your friend with this job.

I have thrown the motor in the trunk, and the boat in the back seat of my 4 door sedan and it fits pretty well. These Saturn boats are very tough and I think they are the best built inflatables compared to all others. I personally like the red ones because other boats can clearly see u, and it looks very nice. Other things bedsides the lifts and 2.5 4 stroke motors, I would like to try an electric short shaft motor on the boatstogo website and see how this inflatable handles. Looking back in the last 2 years I have definitely got my money worth on the purchase of this boat.

Nathan M.

Hello, I received 12' boat that I ordered from you, and got to use it for the first time the other day. From the first time I inflated it, I have been amazed at the quality and construction of this boat. I expected a moderately decent boat with no frills, but this thing is awesome.

I couldn't believe the bomb-proof construction of the tubes...they're rock solid, and the air floor is unbelievably comfortable, yet amazingly rigid. I put a 25hp outboard on it, and it is wickedly fast. It also easily smashes through 3 to 4 foot waves. I will be using it in the Gulf of Mexico in open ocean in a week or so, and I will be able to send you some pictures or video then. Please feel free to use anything I have said on your website, as I wish more people to know of your outstanding quality and service ...I wish nothing in return, except that you keep doing what you are doing. Your help and patience with my constant questions was very much appreciated.

Damon P.

I got an RK375B inflatable kayak last spring as a companion of my trip. Since then, RK375 traveled everywhere with me, from a wild river in Hokkaido (northernmost island of Japan) to tropical ocean islands of Maldives (island nation in the Indian ocean located at about 700 km southwest of Sri Lanka). It gave me great pleasures that had not been experienced before getting it.

There were several reasons why I chose RK375 as my companion boat. The first was its portability. The total weight of RK375 including paddles and a pump is lighter than free baggage allowance of any airline company. RK375 can be packed in a suitcase of 70x50x35cm (I cut each paddle into two peaces), which is convenient for manual transportation.

The second was the toughness of PK375. It was not punctured by hidden rocks in the rapid stream and coral reefs in the tropical ocean. The third was the stability and controllability of RK375. It was stable enough for watching a wild life from the river and rapid enough for hopping island to island in the tropical ocean. In conclusion, I am very satisfied with RK375 irrespective of its low price.

T. Ichikawa, Sapporo, Japan

Hey guys, I got my Saturn SD470 about a year and a half ago and have put close to 200hrs on it. I have to say I love this boat. I mostly snorkel and free dive off Palm Beach with it, but last May I took it to the Bahamas. We stopped to clear customs in the east end and then continued towards Lucaya.

It took about six hours to make Atlantic crossing from Boynton inlet to Bahamas on this boat. We were planing on towing it over behind the big boat but the morning we left the ocean was dead calm so I decided that I would use it as a scout boat to see if we could find any boards floating, with fish on them. We did, caught some dolphin and made the 90 or so mile trip to Freeport without a problem.

The best part was we made the trip over on about 6 gallons of gas. I have a Yamaha F25 four stroke, and we weren't setting any speed records, but you cannot beat that. The boat will do about 15kt loaded down with 6 people plus a large cooler I use for a seat and all our snorkeling gear. Alone it does about 20kt, not bad. I keep mine covered and had one hole in it from a rogue barnacle at the doc, easy repair though, even at sea with the included patch kit. Love the boat, and would recommend it to anyone on a budget looking for a very sea worthy boat.

Dan D. Florida.

I guess you hear this quite often, but I thought you might like to hear it again. After inflating, deflating and packing my SD260 it became evident that I made a wise purchase. I was expecting that deflating and packing my SD260 would be a chore, not so. The design of the carry bag is ingenious. Although a bit heavy for a 155 lb senior citizen, it can be done. At least to my car! It's a bit (VERY) cold in New York right now, however, as soon it gets warmer I am going to hit the water. I have been kayaking for years, now that I am 70 a motor is a plus.

Bob, New York.

"I bought my Saturn SD330 inflatable boat in the spring or late winter 2011, through careful research I compared it to all other inflatable boats i.e. Zodiac, Avon, Archilles and such, but they were way out of my price range and by accident I stumbled upon the website. I read the reviews of other Saturn owners, who also owned these big name brands like Zodiac and such and as they compared their Saturn inflatable boats to those brands it seems they prefer the Saturn much more. For me the Saturn was an affordable way to start boating, I live in an apartment, so I have no driveway or garage to store a hard boat, this is where Saturn came in, affordability, easy to store and quality drove me to the Saturn. Though I wanted a much bigger boat for my family of 6, it was a little beyond my price range.

I’m an avid fisherman, but I find it inconvenient to fish from a pier or the shore, I wanted to go where the fish was and not wait for the fish to come where I was. The previous year, my wife and I, drove down the NJ shore and fished off a pier, we did not catch anything. First the place I bought my rigs sold rigs with dull hooks and the crowd on the pier was annoying to say the least. Tangled line with other fishermen was a problem for me. Not so this year.

I first tested my new Saturn dinghy on a local reservoir, arrived at the launch site, inflated my Saturn with the High Pressure Pump that I had purchased separately and launched out into the water. I must say what a difference, I fished one section of the reservoir and did not even get a bite, moved along to another section and starting catching fish, I mounted a 55lb thrust trolling motor to my Saturn and had no problems moving from spot to spot. When I feel crowded by other boaters, I will move to a different spot with ease. This to me is a great advantage as an angler. I’m currently looking for a small outboard gas motor so that I can fish in the estuaries down the shore. My Saturn can handle up to a 15 hp outboard motor.

I’m looking forward to this Spring, I’m taking her out on a clamming trip to the lower Navesink river in Red Bank, N.J. to start my year out on the bay. Then later on when the water warms up, we will do some crabbing. My Saturn has opened up so many wonderful opportunities for me, I’m really happy with my Saturn, this boat is tough as Kevlar. And I believe that if I take care of my Saturn it will last for years to come.

The only down side to my Saturn SD330 inflatable boat is it’s not big enough for my whole family. So to solve that problem, I would take the boys (age 12 and 14) fishing, then I would take my girls (ages 14 and 15) on another day, so everyone will have a turn on the water. Most of all when the kids are in school, my wife and I would go out on our trip. Fishing, crabbing and clamming is what we are about. Thanks to, I’ve realized a long-time dream of owning my own boat!"

Earle W. Passaic, NJ

I purchased my SD 365 3 years ago from you and have been extremely pleased. We have fished in the little boat from the far northern lakes of Northern Saskatchewan to the Sea of Cortez off Baja. I have a 9.9 Yamaha 2 stroke and it moves it along at about 15 - 18 miles per hour. I have a short shaft outboard but I added about a 1 inch strip to the top of the transom as I found the leg of the engine with the hydrofoil on was running too deep in the water at a plane. It helped to get the boat to plane easier.

Our little boat has been portaged over Beaver Dams, run rapids in rivers, dragged across beaches in Mexico and only a few scrathes. The only leak was in the air floor from a dropped fishing knife, no big deal to fix. I would strongly recommend your product to anyone who is looking for a good all round boat for all conditions. We are extremely please with ours and I know your customers will be also.

Bob and Pat M. Alberta Canada

I have a 14' kaboat and wanted to tell you how much I like it and some of the modifications I've made.

It packs an unpacks very easily in the carry bag, it's a one-person operation from start to finish. While I'm putting on my dive gear, I have the boat hooked up to an electric pump and by the time I'm done dressing, I only have to top it up with the hand pump. Deflating is even faster, just open the valves and roll from the transom to the bow, it's all wrapped up in a couple minutes.

I bought an old Evinrude Light Twin 4hp engine for $100, and with just me aboard it'll plane at about 15mph. With two people the performance drops to 6.5mph, but this is two big guys with wetsuits, weight belts, etc. I put the gas tank under the bow cover and run a long fuel line back.

I don't often use the seats that came with the boat. The rear seat is too close to the engine and the middle seat is too far, so I just sit on the tubes. I have a 42 qt cooler I use in the middle of the boat, it's pinched gently in place by the tubes and stays in place. I use the cooler for storage and it makes a convenient middle seat for a passenger. I can move the cooler where I want to better balance the boat.

One thing I've modified is to use a 2-piece marine plywood floor, I laminated the bow section so it follows the same curvature as the boat. The floor is very solid under foot, distributes the load better along the full length of the boat, makes the boat more stable, and improves handling. Thanks for a great product!

Mario K. Redwood City, CA

Finally, I still love the SD365. I keep it at my condo on the coast of British Columbia and take it on short trips up and down the Pacific coast, including 30 miles up fiords. I also use it for crab trapping. I think I use it more than my big boat. Last Friday in the early evening, my wife and I took to a seal island just outside of Half Moon Bay to watch seals playing with each other before putting it away for the season. The boat cover will really help keep it clean as I leave it in the water throughout the summer. Thank you once again for all of your help!

James, BC

For those who are not sure of take it from someone who bought the sd330 and has had it since 2005. I found the boat to be very good and have had no problems with it except one minor issue with the air floor ..the boat it self is of very good quality and I am very happy with it ....just recently I had someone up in the British Columbia mountains come up and admire it ....well long story short he was very impressed with the boat and the fact that it was powered by a Yamaha 9.9 which moved it very well so he bought it from as soon has I arrived back to Alberta I did purchase another one this time I got the sd365 and will live with the problem I have with the air floor. Just in case you would like to know what that is

Make sure U clean all the sand out of the air valve because it will get in to it and have these slow air leaks and when U have to inflate the floor u will remember I have learnt to just flush the valve with water before I deflate it and so far it worked so to anyone thinking about them I did have a 11ft and now own the 12 ft with a 15 hp and have no issues with the quality of them oh yea prices are a ok.

Dwayne J.

Just a note to say what a pleasure it's been working with you in purchasing my new boat and accessories. Your customer service is outstanding: prompt, courteous, friendly, helpful, knowledgeable. Your web site is first rate. Thanks especially for hurrying my order and shipping along. I'll be watching for the FedEx tracking number and following it. And, I expect I'll be a ready reference for you and your products.

Jerry, CA

Hey, I just wanted to finally thank you for the awesome boat. I got the 12ft inflatable dingy with the air floor in January of 2010. This was a great solution for me. I live in an apartment and store the boat deflated on a trailer in my parent's backyard with a waterproof tarp over it. The neighborhood won't allow boats but since it sits on a small trailer, they don't even know it's a boat!

Storability is the greatest advantage about this inflatable boat. Plus I plan on carrying the boat and outboard to the basement during the winter. I have gone out about 8 times this year and hope to go out a lot more next year. I would really recommend anyone to get some kind of hydrofoil for the outboard. They really do work, I gained 2mph, and the boat just feels a lot more stable. Turns are flatter and getting to plane is a quick process. Also check out my you tube video!

Blair N.

You Great folks at BoatsToGo demonstrated practically you have fast killer customer service, a great product, you stand behind what you sell and people take pride and confidence in what they do at your place so Please expect a great well deserved feedback. I will have absolutely no problem buying again and will make sure I remember you folks when I buy more boats stuff soon.

Robert, FL

Just wanted to tell you how much I love my 15 ft Kaboat. I get compliments wherever I go. I fish it in both freshwater and salt and it has performed wonderfully. Very stable, safe and fun. After seeing my boat in action, no one I know wants a canoe anymore.... The best part is: completely portable and no maintenance!!!! What's not to love? I keep it in the backseat of my Ford Taurus. Whoever designed it should get the Nobel prize for boat design. I put a 3 HP mercury on it and it really moves. Just can't say enough. Thanks Boats-to-go!

Timothy D.

Well first off let me just say that I live in Oregon and I love your boats! When I received my new boat I went through the steps to put it all together, all was very easy and it looks and performs as stated. I was happy to see very clean glue lines and overall quality of my new SD385. I power it with a mercury 9.9 and it planes very well in light chop with four people in it, With two it just fly across the water! I will buy a Saturn again and also highly recommend these boats to anyone looking for a well made inflatable boat that can take a beating. Thanks to BoatsToGo I am a proud owner of a very fun boat and shipping was easy and fast.


I've had the SD365 Saturn boat a couple of years and it's out every week end this time of year, on the ocean and on some of the big lakes here in Nova Scotia, Canada, and the boat is as good as new, with hundreds of hours on it already, much of that in swells of up to 8ft, never had a moments worry with the boat...

Bob, Canada

I'll just say my experience with BoatsToGo has been stellar. Shipping and delivery was prompt. My boat was received in perfect condition and within no time, I was out on the lake! I've taken the Saturn boat out about 6 times so far, and the boat material is super strong and sturdy with no signs of deflation.

Sometimes i would dock the boat in shallow waters with sharp rocks, but that did not phase the condition of the boat either. Customer service is excellent. I would not hesitate to order additional accessories from them or even a second boat (their inflatable kayaks look really nice!). I have found a new sport and hobby to enjoy, and I have BoatsToGo to thank for their outstanding quality products and service.

This is our first boat. We have 14' SD430 Saturn. We've had it out five times on four different lakes. The first time was on a pond with a 40lb thrust (used) trolling motor- Such a relaxing afternoon... The next three times was with a malfunctioning 1974 20 hp Mercury. What turned out to be a transmission problem kept us to about the same speeds the trolling motor gave us. After three trips to the boat shop the motor was finally fixed. GPS in hand, we did "speed trials". Fully loaded with the wife and 2 kids we did 17.7 mph. After dropping the passengers off at the dock I got it up to 19.5. We have a lot of fun with this boat. Thanks.

Garry N, Illinois

To the Gang at Boats to Go. Due to the use of your products, we thank you for making our lives more exciting and a lot more healthy. Couldn't find a more pleasurable way of spending our golden years. We wish you all the best the new year has to offer.

Bill (73) and Dorothy (59) G.

I love my boat. I have had it for two years and always get complements on it.

Drew & Iris Dana Point, California

I'm still very happy with my Saturn. I've had it 4 years, used it for 3 and it still looks like new. I keep it fully inflated on the trailer inside my garage so I'm sure that helps.

Brian S.

Your boats represent the best compromise of quality for the least amount of money for any that I have seen in over 29 years of boating. I will be glad to try & steer people to BoatsToGo with future purchases.

Greg C.

Thank you so much for your quick response to our request!! We really appreciate your time. We now have our inflatable registered and we are ready to go! It has been a pleasure dealing with your company and we will definitely recommend you if anyone would want to purchase an inflatable. Have a great day!!

Dan & Diane G.

I want to thank you for your fast response to my registration problem. I am extremely happy with the purchase of my boat and all of your staff for helping me with questions and set up. Once again I want to thank you and have a great day.

Rafael, Miami

I have a 12ft. boat w/a 25hp, that I purchased a few years ago (5/5/05) from your company. And I go crazy in it... I love it! I have jumped off boat wake in the bay behind my house: took it to Costa Rica and had it in the ocean with like 10 ft surf.....jumping them. Beach launched for spear fishing.....everything. But now the boat is still in Costa Rica and it is time for a new one. I have put that one thru hell. And one last thing, I don't think anyone has put your boats thru the things that I have. I have jumped it so high that I hit bottom and sear the motor mount (clamp) off. And I still haven't had a problem with it falling apart yet, besides a little delamination in the transom: and when I drive my boat I drive it to go as fast as I can.


Hello, I purchased the SK396R and love it. The boat is better quality than expected and is great since I live in an apartment. Set up time from the back of my mini-van to water is about 5 minutes, I can often set it up and be out in the water before larger solid-hull boats can get off of their trailers and going. With my small outboard this things zips and since it doesn't weigh much at all, I barely use a gallon of gas all day. Anyways thanks for making a fantastic boat that I can afford on a college budget.

Kevin, James River, Richmond, VA. were always very helpful and responsive to my emails and concerns. And once again, you have helped me out, with a very speedy response. You have earned yourself a loyal customer! I haven't noticed too many "Saturn" inflatables in Maine waters, but people have asked me about mine, and I can assure you that I have nothing but positive comments about the product and your customer service.

George, Maine

I recently purchased a 12 ft. Saturn inflatable boat model SD365. This was an internet purchase, sight unseen. I pondered, shopped, and fretted for a month before taking the plunge. Specifically, I wanted an inflatable dinghy for my 36 ft. Mainship, which had no tender davit or even a really good place for one. The ability to bring the inflatable boat aboard, somehow, was very attractive from an operational standpoint. I've learned through several boat purchases over my lifespan that any boat you own only gets smaller with use. The maximum size that would not exceed the beam of my Mainship was the 12 ft. model SD365. I can single handedly roll this baby (120 lbs. wet) onto the swim platform davits that I installed.

Launching the darling from this setup is as easy as untying your shoe. Initially I tried a 3.5 hp 4 cycle (38 lbs.) which was actually OK, except that it only had a 12 oz. self contained fuel tank. Fine, if you want ultimate portability and only want to run from anchor to the shore several times. Not fine, if you want to take your dink down the bayou (Biloxi, MS) to a dockside restaurant and back. Upped it to a 9.8, 4 cycle (89 lbs.) with a regular 3 gal. external fuel tank. Much better, except now I have to use a motor hoist instead of just doing it strong arm style. Always a tradeoff, yes? With the 9.8, and a self-installed planning fin, she pops up quickly and stays on plane at a relatively low speed. I like that.

High speed performance with two aboard is adequate. I would have to guess...15 knots? Maybe 18. It's a guess. A rigid bottom would provide higher top speeds, but at a significant price and weight penalty. Hey, it's a dink!! I imagine a 15 hp motor would provide thoroughly satisfying top speed with two aboard. I just couldn't go the extra weight (115 lbs.). As with anything this light, passenger placement can have fairly dramatic effects. After a few experiments, and affirmations to my passenger regarding her dietary success, I found the correct configuration for both planning and cruise. The seaworthiness of the Saturn inflatable boat design has altered my thinking to the point that I'm certain I'll use her for fishing the offshore islands.

Towing her behind my Mainship or on the swim platform should be a no-brainer. The BP oil spill will doubtless test her ability to withstand petroleum products. An update will follow once she's been exposed to that environment. I'm probably in for some kind of warranty breach there, I'm sure. Furthermore, I'm convinced that this thing just will not flip. YOU might fly out, so make sure that you wear your engine shut-off lanyard. When fun time is over and she has to get out of the pool, I've learned to open the valves, get off, and then I can haul her onto my back deck by hand.

Please consider that I am 55 yrs. young, of slight build, and it is measurably a 12 foot lift from the water to the top of my deck rail. The fact that I can do it repeatedly, without going to the hospital, is a true testament to the portability of the design. I usually sit down for a cocktail shortly afterwards. I like to savor my accomplishments. And don't leave my inflatable boat in water for more than a week...barnacles.

SO, WHAT DO I THINK OF MY PURCHASE? Wise choice! I'm certain that there are comparable quality inflatable boats out there, but at this price...NOT! 12' Saturn inflatable boat is a good value and I'm the critical type. Glad I didn't go smaller. The inflatable floor works well and is lighter than the more complicated, and expensive, rigid floor. Maybe the motor mount could be a half inch higher, but what do I know. Being fairly well seasoned I have developed a skeptical eye, and don't give praise automatically. Saturn dinghy is well built. Seams and attachments appear to be top quality. This inflatable boat appears to be well engineered. I'm a commercial pilot and thusly aware of the trade offs that must be made between performance, utility, comfort, and price. The SD365 inflatable raft is excellent quality at an excellent price.

Also, this is my first inflatable, so discovering that I can load 5 people plus 400 lbs. of gear is just mind boggling. It's the buoyancy factor. What a safety margin this thing possesses. My previous 14 ft. fiberglass skiff could hold 2 guys plus, maybe, a verbal message. The ability to take a 30 hp motor I find a little scary, but it speaks volumes about the capability engineered into this delightful, inflatable boat shaped, bobbing cork. I consider the bright red color to be an added safety bonus. It is exceptionally visible, even eye grabbing. Not getting run over by anything is highly desirable to me. At dockside, people (kids especially) think it is just plain cute.

Strangers have asked if they could go for a ride to see what it was like. My inexperience with inflatables may have caused me to be a little cautious about inflation pressures. Evidently I was going too low because I ran into engine cavitation issues as well as a disconcerting floor deformation phenomenon. A passenger asked me if an orca was trying to surface underneath us. After reading through website's FAQ's it became obvious that I had merely under inflated everything. With only a modest pressure increase I had a properly performing inflatable boat.

So you ask: Do you leave your 12 ft. Saturn SD365 on your big inflatable boat? Ummmm no, it's in a closet in my condo. It actually folded up and fit into the well designed canvas storage bag that came with it. Perhaps I've become jaded by years of marketing hype that usually fails to deliver as advertised. I just stood there and stared at it with incredulity after in fit on the first try. This kind of thing doesn't happen to me. Another cocktail and savor the accomplishment. Regarding my Saturn inflatable boat I will say this: THE MORE I DO IT THE MORE I LIKE IT!

Randy C.

I used Saturn inflatable boat for almost a year now. Boat hold air very well, no problems there... I used 15HP outboard and it just flying on a lake.

Steve P.

I bought an SD330 Saturn inflatable boat from you earlier this year - the boat is GREAT! I like it a lot!!!

J. Cassarini

I love my inflatable boat! Thanks for marketing this great raft at such a motivating price. I am sure will buy again from you...

Doug Clark

I have received my SD290. My impression are very good. I am sure boat is very good value. I will recommend your company to anyone who is interested in the products.


Okay, it's been two years since I purchased my SD430, the 14 foot inflatable. The first year I had it, I worried because I didn't have a trailer and couldn't afford one. I was worried that once I got to put it in the water I'd have problems and the warranty would be expired or something. At this price, I expected lesser quality than a actually got.

After opening and inflating the boat, I folded it back up and put it in the basement while I saved some more $$$. I got my trailer at the beginning of last summer (the following year) and had the boat in the water for fishing or just running about just about every weekend last year. I have a used 25 hp Mercury outboard with an unknown number of hours in case you're interested. I must say that the boat handles quite well. It's my first boat so I admit that I don't have anything to compare it with but it's quite comfortable and it feels safe to me. I use two igloo coolers at seats, one mounted at the stern to the right side and the other (about 2 feet) closer to the bow on the left side. With a couple of rod holders mounted to the transom, I'm in the water.

Actually I just ordered your seat frame so I'll be using that with a basic seat at the stern this year. True Story: I was running hard, throttle wide open, back from my fishing spot my brother-in-law in the front of the boat so I didn't see a 3 foot long stick that appears to have been stuck vertically in the mud at the bottom of the water. I'd seen it on the way out but not on the way back in. I guess someone put it there to mark something. It resembled a ferring strip with a rectangular profile and no point.

My brother-in-law tried to yell but it was too late. I hit that stick head-on and heard (and felt) it loud and clear, "BAMM". The boat felt like it hit a rock from where I was sitting. I just KNEW that I had torn the boat from front to back along the bottom. When I pulled the boat out of the water I looked at the bottom and saw absolutely nothing!!! After it dried there was actually a mark about 5 feet long (looked like faded white chalk because the stick was painted white) where the stick hit the bottom but no tear, not even a dimple.

AWESOME! I also must tell you that I'm impressed with how robust the boat is. It seems that most manufacturers offer 18 inch tubes on a boat this size where the sd430 has 20's...lovely! It did raise the bow rather extremely upon taking off but I grabbed a couple of those lifters advertised on your accessories page and that was the end of that. It now barely lifts the bow when taking off at all. I'm anxious to see how the new seating feels but it's February and I have a couple of months to go before I put it back in the water. Engine needs tune up too. I'll send pics after I get the seating installed and coolers repositioned. I also plan to grab a canopy this year.

LOTS AND LOTS OF FUN!!! THANKS! This was a great deal! I only wish you had the tunnel speed boats at the time I purchased as I would have gotten that instead. It really looks hot and if the quality is comparable to the sd430, it'd be well worth it. Does it come in an 18 or 20? If so, I think they'd sell well. I'd get one!


We received our SK430 boat last week and were able to test drive it over the weekend and we were totally impressed. The delivery was prompt, the product was excellent... even the bag is big enough so that everything fits in it when it's folded up. We bought it specifically to go camping with since we pull a small camping trailer we needed something portable to go in our van.

We found that it fit very well on top of our mini-van when it was blown up so once we get to our camping spot we can go to various lakes in the area and not have to deflate and inflate every time. One thing, drip rings might be a nice addition for your paddles...lake water in Michigan in April is mighty cold! We did buy some drip rings locally.

This is the 3rd raft that I've owned... the first two had the wooden floors - a Sevylor and a Sea Eagle and the air floor is much easier to deal with and pack and it's quite solid... we did buy some outdoor carpeting to put over it (we have a dog). Thanks for putting out such a great product at a reasonable price.

Jan R., Kalamazoo, MI

Hi BoatsToGo. I am Canadian resident from Quebec and I test for the first time my SD430 with Mercury 25hp 4 stroke. The result is WOW! The boat is quiet the performance is outstanding and it let me drive very easy. My summer will be very... thanks BoatsToGo. Sorry for the English, I am French.

Daniel, Quebec

I have recived my new sd365 boat .Its great!little boat and i love inflatable floor no more squks grinding etc. like my old Zodiac .


Thanks I already bought the boat from you guys and I like it very much.


Used Zodiac F470 as a Tactical Diver for over 12 years. Different variations of Avons and Zodiacs up to the F470. 23 Years of operations. I have piloted a SD430 recently and preferred it over the Avons and comparable Zodiacs.


Thanks you for a wonderful product. I am absolutely amazed at the quality for the price, or even the quality at any price. I am very glad I used Boats to Go for my Saturn 290 tender!

James C.

Researched dinghys for doubt this is the best deal in USA. Premium quality & packaging. Much better than I expected, and I expected a lot. Equal quality to the $2,000+ boats. If youre in the market for an just found the be

Don, Stockbridge, Georgia

I work on all inflatables, and when I ordered a sd330 I was think I would going to get junk and my boss told me for the money I would get junk! but when I opened my boat Im very convient this is going to be and last a long time. to bad for my boss he spen

Excelent boat...I just LOVE it. But pump rather light duty. Thanks for the great delivery. I know we will have many years of fun with this boat... Thanks again for the wonderful workmanship that this boat has...Thank you


i purchased a boat from you guys last summer & it is one of the best investments i have ever made. it has already paid for itself in the rental fees that i would have had to pay on the various rivers & creeks that my family, friends & i have traveled in


I purchased an SD260 from you this year and have been very happy with the boat. I use it as a dinghy for my Bayliner 245 cruiser. I would like to install a transom mount, like a Weaver Davit system, on my boat to make it easier to stow and deploy the SD

Paul W.

SD365 is Rescue Boat that is in service where I live. Thanks so much and your product is great.

Jhon G

I am very pleased with my new 12ft inflatable. It tracks well and is very secure feeling even in whitecaps. The larger size tubes are satisfying. Your product is a terrific one that costs sustantially less than the market brands, but offers compar

John H.

I just received at home the SD 430 boat. My impression of the boat is very positive, I currently have a Mark II Zodiac (14 feet) and this boat is at least as solid and robust as the Zodiac. I am planning to use it soon to dive in Monterey Bay...


have used the SD 330 for over a year now and love it just flies with a 9.9 yamaha many positive comments from those that see it works perfect for lakes in western canada

Very happy with my Sd-430(14 foot) works like a champ on the water.I use a 30 hp mariner engine with no hydrofoil and it planes well.Easy to set up stable in the water a great deal! i dive with my boat in Monterey Bay- California takes 3-4 people with div

Im impressed with the quality of SD365 and only wish I had a larger motor than a 9.9. Shes very stable and after owning several roll-ups and RIBs, this is the best. Besides the price being affordable, Ive not added any air since I inflated her in July,

James. B

I love the boat especially how light it is to row. It is like a feather over the surface. Was out in 15 knots on Saturday rowing to my freinds boat from mine and had no problem controlling it. Great boat and a great price.

Frank C.

I modified my boat trailer to haul the SD365. I will be using the boat to dive out of in North Carolina and Florida. I am very happy with my new boat so far. Thank you for all you have done to make this transaction a pleasurethis transaction a pleasure.


Just wanted to thank you again, I was able to register my dinghy on Friday. Thank you VERY much for your EXCEPTIONAL customer service!!!!!!!


Zodiac loost his guality but not price today. Im very happy that Korea makes this boats at affordable price for low income people like me and still good quality.Thanks boats to go


Just received SD365 boat today. I really thought this boat would be well made and pretty, but I want to tell you that it is MUCH better than I expected. A wonderful job of workmanship.

J. S.

The boat came today, and it is everything you said. We put it on the Tomoka River, and it was great.

Marilyn R.

I have had my SD365 since this last fall and now have begun to run it out on our small lake by the house. With the 25 hp 2-stroke Tohatsu motor and the hard wood floor (converted a SD385 floor to fit) this boat flies.

Brian H.

I bought one from you last year and it worked great. It was stolen so I want the same model again.

John H.

Dear Sir, Two years ago, we bought a 8.6 infl. from you and, so far, we are very happy with it. Very well built, we appreciate the quality.

L. T.

Im pleased with the apparent quality of the sd430. The tubes are larger diameter than even most of the Zodiacs and Avons that Ive seen, I like that! Its really larger than Id envisioned and appears very well made. All seams are neatly glued and the boat


My SD330 boat is HIGH QUALITY!!! I was sceptical at first because of the low price but when it arrived, and I inflated it, I was VERY happy with my purchase! If you are thinking of purchasing an inflatabe, Have NO reservations buying a Saturn!

John Doring, NY

Im very pleased with the boat - simple to use and much lighter than I expected.

Paul V., Canada

Great Boat, better than expected! I bought the yellow 330 and it screams, even with a 6hp! Good company that makes things right!

Mike, Massachusetts

Im very very impressed with the boat. I will have some new customers for you in the near future.

A. Bell

Just wanted to say.. thanks! I got boat with everything intact (coast to coast), just registered it this morning, & will have it in the bay hopefully this Saturday. You were great! = )


I bought a SD365 from you. It is a high-quality, attractive boat that gets a lot of attention.

Dr. Michael Mehta, Saskatoon, Canada

No joke, this is a nice boat and half of what would pay for a name brand. Very convient boat, well worth the money!!. I use my electric engine, and it runs nice.

Brian, New York

I am completely satisfied with the model SD430 I purchased from you last year. Quality construction. Good performance. Excellent value. The boat is everything you represented it to be and more.

Leonard I

...and your boat was star last night as the 12ft was able to maneuver where most could not.

Jhon G (Again)

i just wanted to let you guys know that i appreciate the way you do business. as customer service seems to be on the decline through-out US, your company continues to deliver customer satisfaction at a very high level. boatstogo will always be the f

thanks again, kip

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