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BoatsToGo is proud to introduce the world's first SOLAR INFLATABLE BOAT!

Running a conventional gas outboard engine burns a lot of expensive gas, makes noise and pollutes the environment, even at a low rate of speed. Electric-powered boats are economical, quite and clean. The only drawbacks are lower rates of speed and re-charging hassles. However, having solar panels can eliminate the need for running cables from the dock or moving heavy batteries for recharging.

Solar-powered inflatable boats can cruise at speeds of 3-7 mph for around 6 hours non-stop under the cloudless sky. While the boat is not in use, the solar panels will recharge the batteries in a matter of hours.

Here's how it works; an electric trolling engine is connected directly to the battery while at the same time being charged by solar rays via the charge controller. Solar power almost doubles the run time of your battery on a sunny day.

When the first battery fully discharges, the second battery can run for another 2 hours, while first battery is being charged. After the second battery is fully discharged, the first battery can be connected once again to run the electric engine for another 30-45 minutes. With this setup, the solar powered inflatable boat can run around 5-6 hours.

The electric engine can also run while directly connected to the solar array, but at very low rate of speed, and each cloud or shade will stop engine.

Solar Inflatable Boat based on our best selling model SD330


  • Flexible solar panels 3 x 68 Watts.
  • 2 Marine deep-cycle batteries.
  • 1 Solar charge controller.
  • 1 Min Kota electric trolling engine 55 lbs thrust.

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  • Very quiet!
  • No gas expenses!
  • Environmentally friendly!
  • Going green is in demand!


  • Light Weight!
  • High Buoyancy!
  • Low Price!
  • Portable!


  • PROS: Quiet, Clean, Minimal Operational Expenses
  • CONS: Lower Speed, Need Sun to Re-charge Batteries. Can't be used on very windy days or in areas with high currents.

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Solar inflatable boats and many more custom inflatable products are available for OEM manufacturing. Minimum order quantities may apply. Please contact us for production inquires.