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Make your Dog Learn SUP Paddle Boarding

Posted by   Brittany
Dog riding inflatable paddle board SUP

To make your SUP more enjoyable and exciting, it has become a popular idea to take pet dog along. Yes, you have read it correct. Taking your dogs with you for paddle boarding has become a new trend these days. Many dogs are highly adventurous just as you, so you just need to imbibe them with the skills to be on the water. Just start today, teach your pets the skills they need and take them on a journey of stand up paddle boarding. Isn’t it fun? Imagine being on inflatable paddle board with your lovable pet. The excitement would be double if the dog learns SUP paddle boarding and participates in race competitions with you.

Do make sure to click the best photographs with your lovely pet and post it on social media as it is an unforgettable moment. Teaching them the tricks would take a lot of time and patience. It’s not a piece of cake to take them to ride on inflatable paddle board.

How to teach a dog SUP paddle boarding?

Make him comfortable- Firstly, you need to buy an inflatable paddle board and keep it at home for some weeks. Let him identify that board and try to make him comfortable on it. Keep it in his area so that he perceives it as a fun and exciting item, on which he sits and relaxes. Ensure that you introduce the paddle board to him as an object of play and fun.

Make him walk – If the first step goes comfortable and easy, try the next one. Always remember to go slow with your dog and do not rush for instant results. The next big thing you need to do is to make him walk by offering him a treat on the inflatable SUP. Slowly and steadily, he would become comfortable while walking and sitting on it.

Instruct and command- Generally, when you train a dog, you command to make him sit and stand. Similarly, you have to teach him to learn to be on and off the board. Try to make him understand of being off the board when you give him a command. Do not lose your patience with your pet, as this would take time.

Find the right spot for the dog- As soon as your dog seems comfortable on the board, choose the right spot for him where he practices sitting and standing. He would slowly learn to sit and stand on the chosen spot for him. Reward the dog for following the SUP paddle board tricks and motivate him

Practice paddling- When he sits on the exact spot, you must sit behind him to make him understand your position. Next, practice to stand on the board with him and rocking back a bit. Now, try to paddle the stroke on the paddle boards to move forward in the teaching process.

Go on water now – Now with this you proceed towards the last step of making your pet comfortable on water. Now, the final moment arrives where you make your dog try out the steps to make him comfortable doing them on water. If he does it, no doubt, he deserves praise for what he has done for you.


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