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Outboard Motors for Inflatable Boats

BoatsToGo does not sell outboard motors. We only sell the best quality inflatable boats at very affordable prices. However, due to numerous requests, we are presenting this page for your information. In general, the lighter the engine, the easier it will be to handle and less strain on the transom. Most dealers below no longer sell 2-stroke outboard motors. However, you can still find 2-4 years old outboards on a Craigslist or local classifieds.

If you are planning to install and remove outboard motor often, we are highly recommend getting older model of 2 stroke engine. You don't have to get maximum recommended power to get fast in your boat. For example, even 2-stroke 15HP outboard motor will move SD430 or SD470 with 2-3 people really swift at about 15mph. 25HP outboard will fly large SD470 boat at 20mph and 4 people on board. Older style 2 stroke 25HP motor is around 70 lbs and can be still handles by one person.

If you need to move motor around, we recommend getting moving dolly for $20 or getting inexpensive hand cart and replacing handle with a plywood bar to attach motor when not on a boat.

To find dealer for NEW gas outboard motors select from brand below:

For best on a market Electric Outboard Motors please visit:

To find USED Outboard Motors:

  1. Go to
  2. Select City or State from a list.
  3. In FOR SALE category select BOATS.
  4. In a SEARCH FOR field type outboard motor and click Search button.
  5. Here is an example of search in Miami area.

Attention outboard motor dealers, to add your listing here please email to