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12' Inflatable KaBoat SK396

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MSRP: $1,198.00  
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12' Saturn Inflatable Kayak & Boat Crossover - KaBoat

Now with German Heytex PVC fabric and fiberglass covered transom!

The KaBoat is our newest invention, patent pending. A crossover between an inflatable kayak and an inflatable boat, KaBoats take the best of both worlds to create a versatile option. Modeled after Asian Dragon boats, the KaBoat's narrow profile helps it zip through water, reaching higher speeds than other boats even with less horsepower.

KaBoats are light, and run great with an inexpensive electric motor, or small gas motor. Its streamlined design also allows it to be paddled with a regular kayak paddle, allowing you to get into tighter, shallower spots that other boats could not dream of reaching.

Extremely portable, the KaBoat fits into a medium size bag. Instead of renting a boat while traveling, you can now take your KaBoat with you. Stable enough for flyfishing and casting while standing, this versatile craft is also agile enough to get you to the fish, wherever they may be. KaBoats also work great as dinghies for yachts and sailboats.

The KaBoat's is exceptionally stable design allows you to stand, fly fish or even get into those narrow spots where other boats can't go to get the best fishing.

An optional electric motor can act as a virtual "Ride-Assist". Just set the throttle to the 1st speed setting and it will help reduce rowing exhaustion. On the 1st speed setting, an electric engine can run around 12 hours (depending on battery size). The SK396 KaBoat with an electric engine is an ecologically friendly, environmentally clean, real "Green" boat. Powerful 55Lbs short-shaft foldable electric trolling motors are available in our Accessories.

  • Transoms covered with triangular splash guards to minimize back splash and protect the transom holders from heat and exposure to UV rays.
  • Bulky plastic handles on end tubes were replaced with sun resistant and durable soft handles for longer life span.
  • The valves were moved to the inside of the tubes and under the seat to protect them from sun and the elements, and to make inflation from inside the boat easier when on the water.
  • New models have different bench attachments to make them shorter, lighter and move slightly lower for easier rowing.
  • Grommet PVC splash guards with safety grab lines run all along the KaBoat's tubes from the front to the rear. Having grommets on PVC lines allows the attachment of additional accessories, kayak seats and custom made frames and arches for rod holders, night lights, etc.

Saturn KaBoat SK396 Tech Specs

Benefits of KaBoat VS. conventional Kayak or Inflatable Boat:

  1. Conventional plastic or fiberglass kayaks require significant storage space due to their large dimensions. KaBoats can be deflated and folded for easy storage and transportation.
  2. Kayaks can be only paddled, but the KaBoat allows you to use a small gas or electric engine to cover larger distances. If you get tired of paddling, you can start using an optional outboard engine.
  3. KaBoats are much more stable than conventional kayaks, allowing for standing and walking inside the KaBoat. In fact, you can fish standing or even ride while standing.
  4. The KaBoat can be used for diving, snorkeling, and fishing, however not many conventional kayaks can offer similar functionality.
  5. Due to the high buoyancy of its inflatable tubes, the KaBoat can transport a much larger cargo than regular kayaks.
  6. KaBoat allows you to go to narrow or shallow places where regular inflatable boats will not fit. Just raise the engine and paddle anywhere that is at least 5" deep.
  7. Due to its smaller chambers, it is much easier and faster to inflate a KaBoat than a regular inflatable boat.
  8. Because of its narrow profile and a much lower drag than wide conventional inflatable boats, KaBoats can go faster with the same rated engine than comparable size inflatable boats.
  9. KaBoats can also be used as a dinghy to a yacht or sailboat, but take up much less space when deflated and folded. KaBoats also can be placed on a swimming platforms.
  10. KaBoats cost much less than any inflatable dinghies and most kayaks available today.

KaBoat SK396 Specifications:

  • Same heavy-duty 1100 Denier PVC as in SATURN inflatable boats.
  • Wide beam hull design for stability. You can stand in a KaBoat.
  • Front Spray Skirt with water deflector guard and rope lacing.
  • Marine grade plywood transom with a one way drain plug.
  • High-pressure inflatable air deck floor.
  • 4 (four!) fins for improved tracking.
  • 1 set of rowing oars with oar locks.
  • Set of rowing oars with oarlocks.
  • Included: 2 benches, hand pump, carry bag, repair kit and rowing oars.

Saturn SK396 Inflatable Kaboat Review.

Saturn SK396 with 3HP and electric motor.

Various videos of Saturn SK396 KaBoat. Some videos showing older model of KaBoats.

Click here for more KaBoat videos.
Shipping Size:
Shipping Weight:
70 lbs
Overall Length:
Exterior Width:
Interior Width:
Tube Diameter:
Air Chambers:
2 + 1
Transom High:
Floor Type:
Air Deck Floor
Kayak Packing Size:
34 x 21 x 10"
Person Capacity:
2 + 1
KaBoat Weight:
50 lbs
Weight Capacity:
500 lbs
Engine Capacity:
2.5 HP

Really cool mix between an inflatable kayak and an inflatable boat, because it only weights like 50 lbs it's very easy to lug around. It also performs really fast. It was a great purchase as far as I am concerned.

This is a great Kayak and I am really happy with it. I can honestly recommend it.

Excellent in every way! Strong, Great fabric, Used now numerous times. Full time RV user.

Being a single female who has champagne taste and a beer budget who loves the water and boating, well, this little baby is the key to my happiness. I love my kaboat!! I have an electric motor and a 2.5 HP Suzuki motor which I switch off and use. Sometimes I paddle it like a kayak, when I am not lazy. It is very versatile and if I am alone in the boat with my 2.5HP and lean forward so that the bpw part hits water, I cruise! What do I love about this baby, well for one it is made extremely well. I have had it for 2 years now and it has been through rocky rivers, murky lakes in my garage with my cats, with claws, jumping in and out of it and no rips or tears. This is not a cheaply made boat. It comes with NO storage fees, I can carry it, as it only weighs about 45 lbs and I inflate it with a Coleman electric pump in about 2 mins. It has no electrical items to break and cost me a fortune. I love it so much, I am looking at getting an inflatable SUP paddle board as well. This is a secret I can't keep any longer. I am an accountant, a Pisces, a water sign, a value gal and you get a of lot bang for the buck with this boat! That about sums it up. PS I called this my chic boat but my boyfriend now uses it more than me with my new 2.5 HP motor. He's said just the other day, I must say I am impressed with your chic boat, you did well.

I knew I wanted to buy an inflatable boat after hearing about how convenient they are to store and use. When I went on your site, I saw the KaBoats. I never heard of a KaBoat before, so I was intrigued. I thought it was an awesome idea to combine a kayak with a regular inflatable boat. Seemed like a great way to get more flexibility for your money. I decided on the smallest one (SK396) and paid the $599.

Calling it a combination of a kayak and boat is a perfect description. It’s so aerodynamic that it cuts right through the water when I want to go fast. But even though it’s thin, it’s still very stable like a regular boat. I stuck an outboard engine on the back of it because sometimes I’m feeling lazy and I don’t want to paddle. But if I want the workout, I just lift the motor out and paddle away. Pretty great to have both options.

Last Sunday I have tested the kaboat with my family (my wife, my child and the little yorkie Maya) in Avigliana lake: It's really great, stable (also with the waves generated by the boat of water-skiing that hit the side of the kaboat) and fast. In the photo you can see my yorkie Maya that do not want descend from the KaBoat, she loves it. She slept all the time on the floor under my seat

Hello, I purchased the SK396R and love it. The boat is better quality than expected and is great since I live in an apartment. Set up time from the back of my mini-van to water is about 5 minutes, I can often set it up and be out in the water before larger solid-hull boats can get off of their trailers and going. With my small outboard this things zips and since it doesn't weigh much at all, I ba rely use a gallon of gas all day. Anyways thanks for making a fantastic boat that I can afford on a college budget.

Prize...CATCH OF THE WEEK. Did you know that with the help of my Saturn KaBoat I won a prize for a popular fishing magazine ?.... Greetings

This is the best Kaboat of the world!...handy and very functional!...I'm 50 years old, and I can't carry with me any can feel with this kaboat like a fish in the water...I'm very happy and strongly recommend it to everybody!..Thank you!..

I absolutely love the Kaboat. It's extremely sturdy -- clearly well-made. A serious boat. I was also impressed with how quick it was to assemble; it takes me less time to set it up than my inflatable kayak, which is only 10'. Also amazed at how hard the inflatable floor is. And the red is totally boss. ;) Also very impressed with how it rows. Not as sleek as a real rowing shell, obviously, but it moves along just fine. Love the new lower seat placement. Sails very well. Heels some when the wind picks up, but you can either hike out or simply lean. Haven't needed stabilizers yet. Also delighted with how easy it is to right the boat from the water when capsized (standing on an extended oar seems to be the best method) and especially with how it doesn't take on a drop of water when you flip it! My kayak can't do THAT. And it packs down to the same size as my 10' kayak and fits in the trunk of a Miata (which is about the smallest trunk there is). Awesome boat. Many thanks!
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