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Fish, Snorkel, Dive, and Relax for Under $1,000 with the Saturn SD410 Inflatable Boat.

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Saturn SD410 Inflatable Boats

If you ask the average person whether they think they could get out on the water in a safe and fun boat for under $1,000, the most common answer you’d receive is “no way!” That’s because when people think of watercrafts, the image that most often pops into their minds is of a traditional hard-hull boat. Hard-hull boats are expensive, limiting who can afford to own them to only a small slice of people. But if you’re looking for that same fun at only a fraction of the cost, you might want to check out the Saturn SD410 inflatable boat.

At only $999, this inexpensive inflatable boat might be just what you’re looking for. It is 13.5’ long, and can hold up to 7 people and 1,600 pounds. This makes it the perfect craft for those days out fishing with your buddies, providing plenty of space for all your gear. It is also a great snorkel or dive boat, as the easy to assemble aluminum deck provides a sturdy platform that you can use to prepare yourself for your undersea adventure.

The SD410 is also one of the most high quality inflatable boats you’ll find anywhere. Saturn built this inflatable boat out of extremely strong 1100 denier Korean PVC fabric, which is thicker than the 1000 denier fabric on most of its competitors’ boats. This makes it extremely resistant to any tearing, tension, and breaking. It also has multiple air chambers so you can keep floating and moving if by rare chance you get a puncture while you’re out in the water.

At $999, the SD410 is certainly an inexpensive inflatable boat when it comes to cost, but your savings don’t stop there. It is also way cheaper and easier to store than a traditional hard hull boat. There’s no need to pay docking fees with this craft, as you can just deflate it and store it in your garage or closet. You also don’t need to buy a trailer, as it can fit right into the trunk of your car. Then, when you get to the water, you can easily inflate and assemble it in under 25 minutes, then head right out on the water. Because of how easy and portable it is, many people who switch from hard hull boats to high quality inflatable boats like the SD410 report that they spend more time out on the water.

The SD40 also doesn’t lack in the performance department. Its lightweight, rigid hull was designed with performance in mind. The included aluminum benches don’t weigh very much either. This means that you can get to speeds of up to 20 miles per hour on a 30 HP engine. That’s perfect for an exciting day out speeding across the waves with your friends or family.


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