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How to make custom made frame for fishing rod holders out of PVC plumbing pipes.

Posted by   Brittany

It is very easy to make nice and simple frame to hold your fishing rods and may even lights and speakers for your inflatable boat. Most inflatable boats and Kaboats come with grommet splash guards glued along tubes tops. These grommet PVC splash guards are great to secure something to them using regular cable ties or adjustable straps for example.
See below example of very simple frame for mounting of fishing rods that was made out of regular white PVC pipes that are sold in Home Depot. Rear frame was designed to be arch for mounting rods and may be flashlight for night fishing. Then that frame was covered with Camo color duct tape to make it look kind of nicer. Surely that is not top of the line frames, but anyone can make similar type design and let their imagination to run wild. Frames components can be secured with a help of stainless steel screws or glued using PVC pipe glue also sold in Home Depot. Possibilities are endless here.

Below pictures showing fishing rod holding frames mounted on latest edition green color Saturn SK396 inflatable boat - Kaboat for fishing and hunting.

Frame was made of regular PVC pipes sold in Home Depot.

Here is frame is fully assembled with fishing rod holders attached to top.

Here is rear arch frame was already covered with Camo color duct tape.

Rear arch frame was attached to grommet PVC line with cable ties.

KaBoat SK396 with both rear and front fish holder frame attached.

Another view of SK396 KaBoat with fishing rods installed into rear arch frame.

Rear view of SK396 KaBoat showing rear arch frame installed with 2 fishing rods.