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The Fun of Using Inflatable Paddle Boards.

Posted by   Brittany
Girl carrying inflatable sup paddle board on a head

The inflatable SUP’s have been a real fun for the paddlers and with the emergence of these advanced paddle boards, it has become easier for the average person to engage in paddle sports. The inflatable paddle boards have the best dimensions to enable a person in keeping his/her balance while the perfect thickness of the board helps to maneuver the boards without a lot of trouble. This inflatable sup is rigid enough and provides stability in the water which makes it comfortable to paddle a long distance without difficulty. When fully inflated, this standard paddleboard feels very similar to the normal fiberglass board. It is recommended that extreme inflation may make it feel really stiff; thus it must be inflated within 10-11 PSI.

The best features of these boards include a nose rocker of 4 inches which offers a smooth curvature for the nose from the angles of the board deck allowing you to move easily across water. Another useful feature of this inflatable paddle board is that it can be folded and kept within any duffel bag for use as and when desired. Those who are not willing to carry a lot of weight along while enjoying paddle sports will be happy to know that it can be rolled up in not more than a foot-long space, thus being very space worthy. Being lightweight, these boards are very comfortable to carry and these paddle boards generally come with a 2 year long warranty which includes almost everything excepting basic usage. The rigidity of this material prevents from any punctures of material disruptions.

The overall package contains a hand pump that needs to be operated manually and also a 3 piece aluminum paddle. The paddle is made in such a way that it suits most conditions. But it is advised that while purchasing Saturn paddle boards, it is better to purchase the carbon fiber paddle. Though the price of carbon fiber paddle is higher, these are much sturdier and do not bend or snap out. You can also avail a diamond grooved deck pad having a centre pin that is removable, a hand strap for grabbing, a separate roll up strap for carrying and also a leash attachment ring present on the tail. To prevent yourself from ending up in water, you can purchase a separate leash.

These paddle boards are perfectly suitable for both beginners and intermediate level paddlers, although anyone can enjoy the fun of paddle sports , if they need to have a board that occupies less space in comparison to the other fiber glass model boards. The quality of inflatable paddleboards are of high quality and this is the best option for one who wishes to enjoy paddle sports, but is afraid to purchase fiber glass boards due to lack of spacing. The only disadvantage of this paddle board is that the pressure must be registered to a proper PSI because changing the pressure may cause over inflation


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