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Folding Beach Hammock.

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Folding Aluminum Beach Hammock.

Folding aluminum beach hammock stand is portable, lightweight and indispensable for any beach goers or outdoor enthusiasts. It fits easily into a small carry bag and can be taken anywhere for travel on a boat, airplane or car.

It is much more enjoyable to chill out while lazily lying in a hammock than sitting in a traditional beach chair. Single-size hammock fabric is included as a free bonus, but there are variety of other hammock fabrics available on the market that can be custom fitted onto our foldable hammock stand. If hammock fabric too short, you can use provided ropes. If optional hammock fabric too long, you can make knots to make it shorter.

Hammock stand made of heavy duty anodized aluminum that breaks into 4 pieces of equal size. Please note that hammock designed to be used on a soft surfaces, such as beach sand. Not designed for use on hard surfaces, such as patio, tiles or deck.

Hammock Specs:

  • Easy assembly and disassembly with pushpins.
  • Heavy-duty, rust-resistant, anodized aluminum stand frame.
  • Hammock stand weight is around 10 lbs.
  • Distance between hooks approximately 112".
  • Length of each section is 44"
  • Maximum rated weight is 220 lbs.
  • Shipping size is 7x7x42", shipping weight is 14 lbs.
  • FREE startup single-size hammock fabric with wood spreader included as bonus!
  • Feel free to upgrade to your own, wider hammock fabrics sold in Wal-Mart, Amazon or Ebay.
  • FREE polyester storage bag with adjustable carrying strap is included!
  • Please download Folding Beach Hammock Manual

Video of assembly and disassembly of the Standard size beach hammock

See how strong is hammock frame:

Folding Hammock Warnings:

  • Do not overload hammock. Maximum safe weight is 220 lbs.
  • Do not allow use of hammock by more than 1 person.
    Do not jump inside the hammock.
  • Please exercise common sense and caution when using this hammock.
  • Please note that folding hammock is not a toy. Do not rock while in it too violently, otherwise hammock stand can overturn and injure its occupant.
  • To minimize risk of injury, please do not rock hammock when placed upon a hard surface, such as pavement, tiles, cement floor or sharp rocks.
  • When assembling and disassembling hammock, please make sure that there is no other people close to you that you may accidently injure with the hammock's frame longer parts.
  • Strong wind can overturn freely standing hammock. Please either rotate it along the wind or place some load inside hammock fabric to avoid it being taken by the wind.
  • Watch your fingers during assembly to avoid being pinched by moving parts.

How to seat into folding beach hammock

Folding Hammock Quick Tips:

  • Use WD40 on joint points to make assembly and disassembly easier.
  • Keep joint points clean from sand and debris when possible.
  • Make knot on hammock fabric loop to make it shorter
  • If pushpins seems to be stuck and difficult to push on for disassembly, please stand at one end of hammock and shake it up and down few times in order to loosen up the connection between tubes, then hold tube on both sides of joint and try to move up and down to loosen up even more. Then press on pushpin and pull tubes in opposing directions while turning tubes against each other.
  • If provided hammock fabric hanging too low, then simply make a knot on one or both sides of hammocks near the loops in order to shorten hammock fabric length.
  • You can wash sand from hammock parts with salt water at the beach, however we recommend you then flush later on with fresh water to remove salt and reduce the risk of corrosion.
  • To use the hammock for sitting upon as a chair, simply move forward.
10 lbs
Frame Diameter:
Frame Material:
Anodized Aluminum
Shipping Weight:
14 lbs
Shipping Size:
6 x 6 x 43"
Maximum Rated Weight:
200 lbs
  • Hammock fabric with wood spreader included!
  • FREE polyester storage bag is included!
  • Adjustable height is optimal distance from ground to hook of 37".
  • Easy assembly with pushpins.
  • Quick assembly of hooks is required.

For me this hammock stand purchase was a medical device of sorts. I suffer from ulnar nerve entrapment (a kind of sleeping problem where sleepers badly reposition or crush their arms while asleep creating nerve damage).

So sleeping in a hammock without a bar (I use with an adventure ridge double travel hammock from Aldi's) helps reduce injury while sleeping as rolling over on myself is one issue. In a hammock you swing instead usually and it's harder to pin your arms under your weight.

But the other stands I'd found were huge, took up way too much space indoors & can't take when traveling. I love this moon-shaped folding stand!!! I use it every night and I love that it rocks a bit on both axis, I have found this one the most comfortable of all those I'd tried.

I've learned to just readjust the nylon straps (they slip further through the buckles after a time) or, reverse in case I have gotten into upside down.

When company comes, I simply fold flat and slip already fully assembled into the narrow area behind my bookshelves, (no need to set-up every night). So as a bonus since this is actually my bed, I've now serious extra floor space in my 1 bedroom HUD apartment!

With the summer coming up, I started looking for a new way to relax at the beach. I looked into foldable beach chairs, but having owned one, they are only comfortable to sit in for an hour or two before they become uncomfortable. There are no real options to be able to stretch out and really relax. This is when I started to look into portable beach hammocks. There are different styles, most are squared off and/or collapsible, but from trying one out, not very comfortable. I did some deep research and came across a style of portable beach hammocks that instead of being squared off and collapsible were able to be assembled piece by piece and was the shape of an orange slice. Yup, orange slice. Completely unique. I had never seen a portable hammock at the beach or anywhere, that could be pieced together and had that crescent moon shape. I looked online to find a supplier for the hammock and check out the prices. I searched long and hard and only came up with a couple different places that carried the hammock. I did some digging and found I had never heard of the company so I looked for info on the business. had some amazing reviews and some extremely satisfied customers. Not only that, but the same hammock that I was researching was ½ the price of the two other retailers that carried the exact same item.\r\n\r\nI emailed regarding the availability of the hammock and was pleasantly surprised to get a reply within 45 minutes. 45 minutes, I have tried to correspond with other companies and it has taken hours if not days. Nice work Elliot was the contact that replied to me, completely professional, friendly and helpful. I placed an order, hoping the product quality matched the service quality of\r\n\r\nOne week later, at my front door was the package from (I knew the day it was arriving because supplied me with tracking info immediately when the item shipped). It was packed well, no damage to the hammock, not as much as a scratch. The hammock arrived in its own carrying case that you can sling over your shoulder. It was lighter than\r\nthe usual chair I drag with me to the beach. I brought it with me on vacation and finally had the chance to set it up and give it a run. I took all the parts out and decided to see if I could figure out assembly without looking at the supplied directions. Piece of cake, I had it set up within 10. Strong aluminum shell, 8 pieces that click together, 2 bolts that you use to connect the end aluminum pieces and hang the supplied hammock with and the hammock itself. I sat down in the hammock and yes, I fell out of it (my mistake for setting it up on a hill…). I moved the hammock to flatter ground and sat in it (you can use it as a seat), then stretched out and laid back in it. Holy wow, it was like a little slice of heaven. You can lay back and ties the accompanying rope to a stationary object to rock the hammock or hang your foot over the edge to do the same. It was so relaxing, solidly constructed and well made.\r\n\r\nI have brought it to the beach with me and have already had a half dozen people ask about it and where they can get it, I have also bought a second one for my girlfriend, who is in it whenever I am not. covered all the bases to make me feel like a appreciated customer. They were fast and accurate with correspondences. They were friendly and professional. They supplied a product that is of the highest quality (and ½ the price of the other supplier). They really know how to take care of their customers and the experience I had prompted me to buy from them again. A phenomenal company and I would recommend you look into for your boating (or other product) needs. Thank you for making this purchase so easy!
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Hammock XL Assembly Steps (Hammock-XL-Manual.pdf, 1,067 Kb) [Download]

Hammock Manual (Hammock-Manual-New.pdf, 605 Kb) [Download]