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The 11’ Saturn SD330… The Perfect First Boat!

Posted by   Brittany
Customer's review of Saturn SD330 inflatable boat.

I grew up out on the water. It seemed like every single weekend of my early life I went out with my dad and my brother for a day of family fishing. Those were the best times of my childhood, and I think my brother would say the exact same thing. But when I went off to college, those family fishing days came less and less. And when I graduated and moved out on my own, I was barely able to get out on the water at all. I was starting a new job in a new place, and the simple fact was that there was no space in my life to have a boat. At least that’s what I thought, until a college buddy of mine recommended that I look into inflatable boats.

I told my buddy that with my new job, I couldn’t afford my own dinghy boat. Besides that, where would I keep it in my apartment? And how would I get it out to the water without a trailer? He practically broke down laughing at me. He said that with inflatable boats, none of those things are a problem at all… even with my little starter apartment and my economy car. I looked online, and it didn’t take me very long to see that he was right. But still, I wanted to make sure I got something safe, durable and fun. After some serious research, I knew Saturn was the best choice for my very first boat that I can buy on cheap!

I settled on the 11’ Saturn SD330 inflatable boat, which could easily carry 3-4 people plus fishing gear. I ordered it on, and it was shipped right to my door. I couldn’t believe how small the package was, and how easily it could be stored in my closet. I couldn’t wait to test it, so the next weekend I tossed it into my trunk and took it out to the lake alone. I inflated it myself, and it was so easy to handle without any help. I put it into the water, and the strength of the fabric was obvious. It is heavy-duty boat, not a toy This would be a seaworthy vessel! Will surely work as a tender or dinghy for sail boat or fishing or whatever. I took it out for a quick fishing trip, and I couldn’t believe that the floor was solid enough to stand on comfortably while I fished. It brought me back to my childhood, and before I even got back on dry land, I called my dad and my brother and invited them out for a fishing trip.

The next weekend, my dad and brother arrived, and we went out on the water in my new inflatable motor boat. I got 5HP Yamaha engine for that. My dad was a bit skeptical at first, but it didn’t take long for him to see that the feel of my SD330 was very similar to that of a hard hull boat. We went out both Saturday and Sunday, and by the end of the second day my dad was even joking about replacing his heavy aluminum jon boat with an inflatable dinghy. He is getting older and having a boat that’s lighter and easier to handle could make his days out on the water a little more enjoyable. Honestly, I don’t know if he would ever really do it. Either way, I am thankful that I bought this nice Saturn raft. It is the perfect first boat for fishing, and I see more family fishing days in our near future.


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