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Whitewater River Rafting Like the Pros!

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Saturn Inflatable River Raft

Whitewater rafting is incredibly popular across the United States. For many families, a one day rafting excursion ends up being the most exciting part of their vacation. More adventurous types plan entire trips around it, often flying to great whitewater rafting destinations in states like Colorado, North Carolina, and Arizona, then renting rafts for the week. This works fine, but if white water rafting is something you love, it may make sense to buy your own personal raft to take on those trips.

There are few different reasons to consider buying your own inflatable raft to bring on your whitewater trips, starting with the fact that it will actually save you money. Renting a raft for a week can cost upwards of $700 each time you go on vacation. But if you take a look at, you can find high-end whitewater rafts starting as low as $949 to actually own! You will also be able to improve your rafting skills at a much quicker level, since you will be able to get used to your own equipment, as opposed to learning from scratch each time you rent an inflatable raft at a new destination. And don’t worry about travel. These rafts deflate easily to fit in your trunk or in a piece of luggage.

If buying your own whitewater raft seems like something you’d be interested in, you might want to check out these two options:

The Saturn RD290 9.6’ Inflatable Whitewater River Raft

This is the perfect first raft for any burgeoning whitewater enthusiast. Starting at only $949, this craft is great for a 2-3 person whitewater trip. It has a high rocker, which was purposely designed to provide an intense and exciting white-knuckle ride. Big enough for large rapids, but small enough to sneak down smaller streams, the RD290 inflatable river raft if perfect for both your fast-paced whitewater adventures and your relaxing days out fishing. It is also very strong and safe, as its heavy-duty tubes are puncture proof and abrasion resistant. And if you do happen to damage any part of this inflatable raft, it was designed to make any necessary repairs extremely easy. It even has a detachable floor that can be replaced in a snap.

The Azzurro Mare AMR385 13’ Extra Heavy Duty, Commercial Grade Whitewater River Raft

If you’re ready to take the next step in your whitewater rafting hobby, or if you just need more space to fit your whole family, the AMR385 inflatable whitewater river raft is your best bet. There is plenty of room in this inflatable raft, comfortably seating up to 8 people. Originally manufactured for the upscale European market, a limited number of these high-end inflatable rafts have been made available in the Unites States through for the very affordable price. This is truly a professional river raft, providing great stability and an exhilarating ride on Class III+ rapids. It’s as durable of a whitewater raft as you’ll find, with a 1.5mm PVC bottom that’s almost double the thickness of most other brands. The designers have also layered this same 1.5mm PVC over the already-strong tubes, making this raft as close to impenetrable as possible. It is so strong that the manufacturer stands behind it with a 5-year warranty!

Azzurro Mare Inflatable River Raft for grade IV whitewater rivers.


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