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Floating Dock Container


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Floating Dock for Kayaks, Canoes, KaBoats, etc.

Styrofoam dock for small watercrafts. Easily park your kayak, canoe, dinghy, KaBoat or small dinghy on a water.

New V2.0 now comes in heavy-duty dark gray 1.5mm PVC, compare to 0.5mm PVC old blue version.

This is a new product we have invented with a purpose to provide affordable docking solution for owners of kayaks, canoes, KaBoats, small inflatable boats and other small and light watercrafts, as well as work float platform. New 2020 model made from thicker and heavier 1.5mm PVC dark gray fabric with non-skid surface.

Docking platform is provided in a form of heavy-duty outer shell container 8'x4'x8" made of tarpaulin PVC material. Customer can fill out this container with 4 (four) panels of Styrofoam or any other foam insulations sheets that are sold in many hardware stores, such as Home Depot or Loews. Outer shell has long and narrow opening to insert 8'x4'x2" foam panels one by one, and then securely lock it with Velcro. Styrofoam sheets NOT included.

Each dock comes with 4 D-rings installed at its edges, that can be used to secure watercraft to the dock, Docking platform dimensions and details. secure dock to anchor or stationary object, or to join several docking platforms together to form larger size docks. For example, 1 dock will provide enough support for 1-person kayak or canoe or up to 9' long inflatable boat or 15' KaBoat. For longer boats and larger kayaks, customers might use 2 docks joined together via D-rings and rope. You can add as many dock platforms as you need.

Docking platform with 4 Styrofoam sheet inside is rigid enough for small watercrafts. Additional plywood layer can be bolted through foam layers to make this dock suitable for heavier Jet Ski. Rollers, caster wheels and even trailer winch can be bolted on top of heavy-duty plywood to make pulling easier.

Original idea of that platform was to provide cheap and disposable docking for one season, so that at the end of Summer customer can remove Styrofoam from dock and dispose it until next season. However, after we tested this platform for almost 2 years in a salty water, under damaging Florida sun, it is apparent that platform is really heavy-duty contraption, and can withstand at least several years of continues use.

  • 8'x4'x2" foam panels are available in local hardware stores, such as Home Depot. Prices between $15-$30, depending on type of Styrofoam.
  • Shipping box 20x20x6"
  • Dock weight 23 lbs
  • Included: NEW 2020 Heavy-duty DARK GRAY 1.5mm thick PVC fabric with non-smooth surface. Styrofoam not included
  • Plywood board can be mounted on top for more rigidity and durability.
Foam Panels at Home Depot. Foam Panel 4'x8'x2" in local hardware store. Foam Panel 4'x8'x2" in local hardware store.

QUICK TIP: Dock fabric suppose to be tight when foam fully inserted into it. To make Styrofoam block insertion easier, spray it with water or mix of water and shampoo or soap or dishwasher detergent. That will make insertions easier. You can also cut a little bit of Styrofoam block if needed. Do NOT push Styrofoam sheets inside dock with an excessive force, as that might rip off seams, which will not be covered by warranty. If needed, cut edges of Styrofoam sheets to make insertion easier.

8' x 4' x 8"
Shipping Size:
36 x 23 x 6"
Shipping Weight:
22 lbs

Foam panels are NOT included, but available at Home Depot or Lowes.

Please note: Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

I received and installed your floating dock yesterday. What a great product. It makes using my dinghy much easier. I've attached a picture of the float holding my dinghy next to my sailboat.

Your dock has just hit the spot. Its the right size, weight and it will not damage the boats in the well, what was a major concern. Oh, and prize is right! I did buy the sturdier, more expensive (green) foam boards, even though only the top one needed to be of heavier duty. Its also very attractive. We have received many compliments. Attached you will see both of my kayaks on your dock! They are easy to load and very easy to climb onto!
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