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The Azzurro Mare AM365 High Quality Inflatable Boats

Posted by   Brittany
Azzurro Mare Inflatable Boats AM365

Inflatable boats offer many advantages over their hard hull counterparts. They are significantly less expensive, both in upfront cost and in terms of monthly expenditures for docking, cleaning, and storage. They offer the extreme versatility of deflating down to a very small size, which will allow you to store them in your home or bring them with you on vacation. Inflatable boats can sometimes even be used to traverse areas where hard hull boats could never fit, allowing you to adventure in places you’d otherwise be unable to reach.

Many inflatable boats offer these same advantages. But for buyers who are only interested in the top inflatable boats on the market, they should start by looking into the 12’ Azzurro Mare AM365. Here are some things that separate this top inflatable boat from the competition:

1. Manufactured for Europe, Azzurro Mare high quality inflatable boats are both European CE-certified and German Lloyd certified, which means they meet the highest standards.

2. The AM365 is as durable as basically any inflatable boat on the market today. This is because it is made out of extra heavy-duty 1.5mm PVC, which is significantly thicker than most other inflatable boats. The bottom of the air tubes are actually made of a double layer of this same PVC, making them incredibly difficult to puncture.

3. Azzurro Mare’s are some of the top inflatable boats from a performance perspective. Their rigid, lightweight hulls were designed to help the them fly across the ocean at high speeds.

4. If you’d like to travel even faster, the extra-large end tubes make the boat extra buoyant. This will allow you to use an even bigger motor than you would on most other inflatable boats.

5. This high-quality inflatable boat also boasts above average storage space thanks to its squared bow design and extra-wide body.

6. The AM365 is one of the most beautiful inflatable boats you will see anywhere. This starts with the Euro-styled square bow, and extends to sharp gray and red color scheme.

7. Azzurro Mare high quality inflatable boats are extremely rare in the United States. They are only offered through a limited number of top-line distributors.

8. A 5 year manufacturer’s warranty covers the transom and the hull seams, which will allow you to rest easy knowing Azzurro Mare stands behind their product.

9. If you purchase your AM365 high quality inflatable boat through, you will also get a bunch of accessories at no extra cost. These include: a free second bench, aluminum oars, a carrying bag, a hand pump, a repair kit, and free tube covers (a $600 value!).