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1. Thank you for contacting We are Internet company, and prefer all communications via emails, for the purpose of record keeping. Most emails will be answered within 1 hour.

2. If you have any type of issues with a product, please email us picture of issue, along with your name and order number.

3. Please visit Frequently Asked Questions page to find answers for most of your questions.

4. Please visit our Help and Support page for help with ordering, shipping, returns, or call us.

Please note, that 100% of issues and/or questions can be resolved via email very quickly. That way you can email us pictures or videos of the issue, and we can reply back to you with picture or video of solution. It also helps us to have records of communications, in case we need to refer to it later on. However, if human conversation is important, we offer outgoing phone support. There is $19 fee per incident. Please order it here.

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BoatsToGo, Inc 1945 NE 149th street, North Miami, FL 33181

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1. BoatsToGo, Inc (LOCAL PICKUPS AVAILABLE) 1945 NE 149th street, North Miami, FL 33181

2. SMART Warehousing (NO LOCAL PICKUPS) 14218 Stewart Road S.E. #200B, Sumner, WA 98390

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Please visit our Help and Support page to contact us via phone line.