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12' Inflatable Electric Kayak EK365


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12' Inflatable Electric Kayak EK365.

What makes this inflatable kayak unique, is a cut out to fit electric trolling motor on a folding motor mount, in front of operator, instead of being in a rear of the board. Comfortable beach chair can be attached to surface of this board with pre-installed tie downs. With easy of operation of motor being in front, it almost like riding electric water scooter. Motor can be lifted out of the water while being on a transom.

Inflatable Electric Kayak

WHAT WILL YOU NEED? At least 12V 35Ah and up battery ($40 and up), battery charger ($25 and up), 20 to 55 lbs electric trolling motor ($100 and up), kayak paddle, and beach chair. Life jacket is a must on a water.

WHERE TO GET IT? 12V batteries and chargers are sold on Ebay or Amazon. Trolling motors and kayak paddles are sold in our Accessories section.

HOW TO ASSEMBLE? Inflate drop stitch board and both tubes, and then secure beach chair with tie downs. You can move move it slightly backward or forward. Place battery behind chair. Secure straps on wooden transom, using D-rings, in a such way that transom stays firmly perpendicular to the board surface. Use optional carabiner clips to make assembly/disassembly easier. Install electric motor on a wooden transom. Connect motor wires to battery. Pay attention to polarity, red is (+) and black is (-).

HOW TO USE? To move forward, trolling motor can be simply operated in a reverse. For more intuitive operation, top of motor control with its tiller can be rotated 180 degree. To turn tiller housing 180 degree, you will need to remove screw holding top of motor to its shaft, rotate top of motor 180 degree, re-install top of motor back onto its shaft, and then secure back with a screw. This way operation of motor is optimal and intuitive. We recommend this lightweight trolling motor which was already tested and shown in a video below.

Saturn Inflatable Kayak Specs:

  • Great all-around inflatable kayak for flats of bays, rivers and lakes. Can also be used in an ocean.
  • Opening in front of kayak closed with Velcroed cover to use without motor.
  • Set of double D-rings tie downs for easy attachment of any type of beach chair or kayak seat.
  • Can be used as a sit-on-top kayak for 1 person.
  • Floor of kayak constructed of 150mm (6") heavy-duty PVC drop-stitch fabric.
  • Large pontoon tubes on both sides provides extreme stability in any water condition.
  • Included: hand pump, repair kit, removable fin and carry bag.
  • Trolling motor, battery, kayak paddles and beach chair NOT included.

Video of EK365 Inflatable Kayak with Electric Trolling Motor

Quick Tips:

  • Location of beach chair on top of board can be slightly adjusted forward or backward. Place chair rear leg closer toward rear D-rings and secure there first. Then secure front legs of chairs. Optional tie downs can be used to extend for smaller size chairs. Kayak seat can be secured to double D-rings.
  • Use optional carabiners to make quick disconnect and folding of transom for more portable storage.

Question: How long does battery lasts?

Answer: That depends on battery, speed and power of your motor. You can purchase smaller 12V 35Ah battery on Amazon, and run about 1 hour at full speed with 55lbs electric trolling motor on a smooth water. You can get 12V 120Ah deep cycle battery in local Walmart or Costco, and run for about 2-3 hours. Or, even more with smaller 30lbs trolling motor. Bigger batteries are usually heavy. Will need folding hand cart to move around. You can purchase 2 smaller 12V 20 to 35Ah, because it is easier to carry separately. You can use 1st battery to go one way, and 2nd battery to get back. Always carry kayak paddles just in case if something goes wrong with motor or battery. Also, must carry Personal Flotation Device for safety.

*Please note specifications are subject to change without notice

Overall Length:
Overall Width:
Overall Thickness:
Tube Diameter:
Person Capacity:
Max Capacity:
300 lbs
Folded Size:
33 x 13 x 13"
Shipping Size:
Shipping Weight:
39 lbs
Interior Width:
30 lbs

I have had this kayak for over a year now. Extremely durable, comfortable beyond belief and so stable it cannot be tipped. The total weight is 35 pounds! Excellent engineering and customer service, Eliot, is super attentive to your needs. Do not hesitate - Just Buy It!

This yak is identical to the pedal kayak where it has a cutout so you can use a trolling motor instead if you feel a lil
I don't think there is a kayak out there that is as versatile. If there is one thing I'd like to see is a 14 foot version if you want to bring extra gear and such.

Moves a lot faster than I expected, try to find a good beach chair, it will make the experience much more enjoyable. Feels pretty stable too once you are riding it, I tried to fish with it and had a lot of fun, this needs an umbrella and you are set.

I havent found anything to complain about yet, going to use this as much as I can, I would recommend it although I would warn that while the price for the kayak is cheap you need to keep in mind that all of the accessories around it will add up to the cost. In my opinion it more than worth it but its good to keep that in mind when you are looking at this.

I got the trolling motor and kayak from the boatstogo and the rest of the things on amazon I recieved everything within a week and a day later I was able to test it out and it all worked as intended. I had to contact their customer center once and was helped pretty quickly although I was refered to emails with their team, eventhough I prefer to speak on the phone they were really quick to answer all my questions through emails. The customer team was very helpful with all of the questions they answered. The website was really easy to use and they were up front with everything so I think they are a good company and I will be buying more from them in the future.

Genius idea, iveseen diy projects that aim to do what this product does by its design. What en elegant creation, i got mines a 3 months ago and i have been using it every couple of days, because quarantine this is the best way for me to social distance. The beach by my house is mostly empty, its good fun way to stay active and stay away from other people.

the build quality is very nice and the fabric feels hard, i could not believe how it is just from air inside.

only thing i wish i could buy all of the parts together in one package and not have to go to other websites but its small price to pay for unique product.

more colour options would be good too.

The way they designed this kayak is so much fun. I absolutely love using it, my friends and I really enjoy going to the beach and either using SUP or inflatable kayaks. This has become my favorite, it's so relaxing and easy to use. A friend of mines was using it and they recommended me this website, I did not know that I could get it for this cheap.

Anyways I can totally recommend this.

When i bought this Board i had no idea how much fun it would be to go fishing... I attached my beach chair to it.. and with the motor it felt like an electric bike, its so maneuverable I love it, I highly recommend this!...
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