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SUP Catamaran Platform V4


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Manufacturer sample of NEW product - SUP Cat Platform.

Get ready to revolutionize your aquatic adventures with the SUP Cat Platform - where innovation meets exploration in perfect harmony.

Introducing the cutting-edge SUP Cat Platform, a marvel of aquatic engineering that pushes the boundaries of water recreation. This sleek prototype boasts a 150mm drop stitch platform with an innovative folding motor mount, engineered to seamlessly merge two paddle boards into a high-performance motorized catamaran, all thanks to our advanced lashing tie downs. But versatility is at the core of our design philosophy - the platform isn't just for propulsion; it's a standalone oasis for dual relaxation.

But wait, there's more. Our latest iteration, the V4, introduces two removable back supports, meticulously crafted for effortless attachment via Velcro. This not only offers the flexibility of adding regular beach chairs for an enhanced experience but also streamlines the platform's carry weight. Choose between your preferred beach chairs or our provided backrests, secured seamlessly to the grommets with lashing tie downs, and you're ready to embark on a journey limited only by your imagination.

Crafted for both leisure and adventure, the SUP Cat Platform is the ultimate companion for weekend pleasure cruising or as a steadfast fishing outpost. While optimized for two occupants, its robust design can accommodate up to four individuals, owing to the combined buoyancy of two inflatable paddle boards and the platform itself, ensuring unparalleled stability even in the face of challenging conditions.

And let's talk tech. With compatibility for an electric trolling motor of up to 1HP, the possibilities for exploration are boundless. Need to keep your refreshments chilled? Secure a cooler or basket between the grommeted lines with our reliable lashing tie downs or rubber bungee cords. Worried about stability? Our innovative design allows for heavy battery placement in the basket, ensuring a grounded experience. And for those sunny days, a simple plumbing pipe attachment enables the seamless installation of an umbrella, providing shade when you need it most.

But we didn't stop there. Multiple carrying handles ensure effortless transport, while dual valves facilitate rapid inflation and deflation. Plus, with the addition of a Scotty mounting pad, accessorizing with optional rod holders or cup holders has never been easier. And let's not forget style - our new version features vibrant colors and a sporty design that's sure to make a splash wherever you go.


  • 1100 denier, UV and abrasion resistant 9mm PVC Material.
  • 150mm drop stitch, same as stand up inflatable SUPs.
  • Motor mount for trolling motor.
  • Removable back supports for comfortable sitting.


  • Length: 69"
  • Width: 60"
  • Thickness: 6"
  • Chair width: 18"
  • WEIGHT: approx 30 lbs
  • MATERIAL: 1100 denier UV resistant PVC
  • MAXIMUM CAPACITY: 2 - 4 passengers.
  • INCLUDED: hand pump.
  • Motor, battery, paddle, carry bag - not included.

Video of Older SUP Catamaran Platform V1.

Assembly Steps: Inflate both SUPs and a platform. Place platform over paddle boards, and center it. Run 4 straps under SUP hulls, and secure to 4 lashing tie down locks. Pull hard on a straps to secure platform to top of paddle boards. Make sure locks are fully engaged. Unfold motor mount, and adjust lashing tie down so that it in vertical position. Make sure shaft of trolling motor rest on outer edge of platform. Make sure motor prop does not touch surfaces of inflatable SUPs. Always wear PFDs.

Quick Tips: 

  • For best rigidity, install platform on top of inflatable SUPs while both are slightly under inflated. Then fully inflate both SUPs. They will expand further, creating absolutely rigid structure. Or, install under inflated platform on fully inflated SUPs, secure straps, and then add more air to platform, to let it expand even more, for perfect rigidity.
  • To increase chair back support recline, release some air out of it.
  • To attach optional beach chairs, use 4 short lashing tie downs for each. Lashing tie downs available on Amazon at low prices.

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