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SUP Catamaran Platform V4


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Manufacturer sample of new product - SUP Cat Platform.

Prototype of new product, 80mm drop stitch platform with built in seats and motor mount. Designed to easily join 2 paddle boards SUPs to create motorized catamaran. Platform has 2 reclining built in chair back supports, wooden folding motor mount and 4 lines of splash guards with grommets. 

Ideal for 2 people, but even 4 people can be transported given overall buoyancy of 2 inflatable paddle boards and a platform. Almost impossible to flip over. Very rigid once fully assembled.

Electric trolling motor up to 1HP can be installed on motor mount. Cooler or basket can be secured between 2 grommeted lines in a middle with lashing tie downs or rubber bungee cords. Heavy battery can also be placed in a basket to keep it down.

PLEASE NOTE: Pictures of all gray platform is older version V3. That version was longer than what is on sale now. New version is gray with blue and bright seating area. That is shorter version, which V4. It is shorter, because there is no need for platform to be that long. Shorter version offers reduced weight and easier to carry around.


  • 1100 denier, UV and abrasion resistant 9mm PVC Material.
  • 80mm drop stitch, same as air floors in inflatable dinghy boats.
  • Motor mount for trolling motor.
  • Built in back supports for comfortable sitting.
  • Scotty mount for rod holder or other accessories installation.
  • Multiple handles for easy carry.
  • 2 valves for faster deflation. 


  • Approx Length: 40"
  • Approx Width: 60"
  • Thickness: 4"
  • Chair width: 18"
  • WEIGHT: approx 25 lbs
  • MATERIAL: 1100 denier UV resistant PVC
  • MAXIMUM CAPACITY: 2 - 4 passengers.
  • INCLUDED: hand pump and all straps to install over 2 SUPs.
  • Motor, battery, paddle, carry bag - not included.

Video of SUP Catamaran Platform using similar 140mm drop stitch.

Video above shows similar 140mm drop stitch. This sample is 80mm drop stitch. Thickness was reduced, so that to reduce overall weight of platform, and make inflation faster. That does not affect overall rigidity of catamaran assembly. 

Length also reduced, so that to reduce carry weight. There is no need for platform being too long. Feet can comfortably rest on SUP surface instead of platform. 

Assembly Steps: Inflate both SUPs and a platform. Place platform over paddle boards, and center it. Run 4 straps under SUP hulls, and secure to 4 lashing tie down locks. Pull hard on a straps to secure platform to top of paddle boards. Make sure locks are fully engaged. Unfold motor mount, and adjust lashing tie down so that it in vertical position. Make sure shaft of trolling motor rest on outer edge of platform. Make sure motor prop does not touch surfaces of inflatable SUPs. Always wear PFDs. Recline angle of back rest can be increased by releasing some air from back rest. It doesn't have to be as hard as rock, and can be softer than platform itself.

Quick Tip: For best rigidity, install platform on top of inflatable SUPs while both are slightly under inflated. Then fully inflate both SUPs. They will expand further, creating absolutely rigid structure. Or, install under inflated platform on fully inflated SUPs, secure straps, and then add more air to platform, to let it expand even more, for perfect rigidity.

IMPORTANT: Please email with questions before ordering, is something is unclear.

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