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14' Fishing Inflatable Kayaks FK430

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14' Pro-Angler Fishing Inflatable Kayaks FK430.

FK430 Fishing Series kayak is longer than our popular 13' FK396 mode, therefore have more space inside and take more cargo. FK430 inflatable kayak comes with 2 removable aluminum benches that can be used for mounting various hardware, such as rod holders, fish finder, GPS units, video cameras, dive flags, anchor mounts, etc. 

Longer kayak means more space on a water. More gear and better suited for longer fishing adventures. More comfortable for 2 persons.

  • Heavy duty 0.9mm PVC fabric that is thick, puncture proof and abrasion resistant.
  • Two Velcro straps on both tubes to secure oars when not in use.
  • Removable high-pressure air deck floor.
  • Two removable aluminum platforms for gear and oar holders.
  • Double layer of PVC fabric on top of tubes in a cockpit area.
  • One large removable fin at the bottom for directional stability.
  • Storage space in front and bow under splash guards.
  • 8 heavy-duty D-rings for optional kayak seats.
  • Hugging rope with handles in front and back.
  • Industry standard Halkey-Roberts flat valves design.
  • Included: kayak paddle, repair kit and carry bag.
  • Complimentary Hand Pump and Spare Air Valve included.
  • Kayaks seats NOT included. Available on Amazon or Ebay at affordable prices.

Slightly shorter 13' Pro Angler Fishing Kayak FK396

Dark Gray
Overall Length:
Tube Diameter:
Person Capacity:
Shipping Size:
Shipping Weight:
66 lbs
Floor Type:
High-Pressure Air Deck
Overall Width:
Interior Width:
49 lbs
Weight Capacity:
900 lbs

While the Saturn FK430 Pro-Angler Fishing Kayak is packed with features, I found the weight to be a bit challenging to handle. However, once on the water, its stability and maneuverability surpassed my expectations. The durable PVC fabric and removable aluminum benches are commendable, and the kayak's storage space is ample. Overall, with a little extra effort in handling, the FK430 is a reliable fishing kayak that delivers a great experience.

I've had the pleasure of using the Saturn FK430 Pro-Angler Fishing Kayak on several fishing trips, and it has become my go-to kayak. The attention to detail in its construction is remarkable, from the heavy-duty PVC fabric to the removable aluminum benches. The kayak's spacious interior allows me to bring along all my fishing gear and still have room to spare. The high-pressure air deck floor adds rigidity and stability, giving me the confidence to stand and cast without any worries. The large removable fin ensures excellent directional stability, even in strong currents. Recommended!

I recently purchased the Saturn FK430 Pro-Angler Fishing Kayak, and it has exceeded all my expectations. The heavy-duty PVC fabric gives me peace of mind, knowing that it can handle any fishing adventure without worrying about punctures or abrasions. The two removable aluminum benches are a fantastic feature, allowing me to customize the kayak with all the necessary gear and accessories. The high-pressure air deck floor adds stability and comfort, making long fishing trips a breeze. I love the storage space in the front and bow, which helps keep my belongings secure and easily accessible. The eight heavy-duty D-rings provide options for attaching kayak seats, further enhancing the comfort factor. The kayak's red color is not only visually appealing but also adds visibility on the water. Overall, the FK430 is a top-notch fishing kayak that has elevated my fishing experience to a whole new level.

I encountered a minor issue with the Saturn FK430 Pro-Angler Fishing Kayak's valve, which required some troubleshooting. However, once resolved, the kayak proved to be a reliable companion on my fishing trips. The heavy-duty PVC fabric and removable aluminum platforms are impressive, and the kayak's stability and storage space are noteworthy. Despite the initial hiccup, the FK430 offers a positive fishing experience.

I recently took the Saturn FK430 Pro-Angler Fishing Kayak on a weekend fishing trip, and it surpassed my expectations. The heavy-duty PVC fabric held up exceptionally well, even in rocky areas, and I felt confident navigating through various water conditions. The two removable aluminum platforms were a game-changer, allowing me to mount my fishing accessories securely.

The Saturn FK430 Pro-Angler Fishing Kayak is a trustworthy companion. Its durable PVC fabric and removable aluminum benches make it a versatile fishing platform. The kayak's stability, reinforced cockpit area, and optional kayak seats ensure comfort and convenience. With its excellent paddle and ample storage space, the FK430 is a great investment for any angler.

I've been using the Saturn FK430 Pro-Angler Fishing Kayak for a few months now, and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. The thick PVC fabric is incredibly durable, and I feel confident taking it into any fishing environment. The removable aluminum platforms are a game-changer, allowing me to easily mount and access my fishing accessories. The double layer of PVC fabric in the cockpit area adds an extra layer of protection and reinforces the kayak's durability. The kayak's design provides ample storage space, keeping my gear organized and secure.

The included kayak paddle is of excellent quality and makes paddling a breeze. The overall stability and maneuverability of the kayak are outstanding, and I feel comfortable even in rougher waters. I highly recommend the FK430 to any fishing enthusiast looking for a reliable and versatile fishing kayak.

Excellent boat, it is fairly priced and well put together. It arrived on time and in good condition. So far no complaints about my experience with the company.

14' Self Bailing Premium Ocean River Inflatable Kayak from BoatsToGo exceeded expectations! I bought this a while back and have been thoroughly impressed. Versatile, portable, and high-quality. So far so good, I like it.
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