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11.5' Frameless Cataraft CR350

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11.5' Frameless Inflatable River Cataraft Catamaran.

Presenting the 11.5' Frameless Inflatable River Cataraft Catamaran, a dynamic watercraft engineered for navigating white water rivers up to Class IV with ease and confidence.

This innovative cataraft features a frameless design, comprising two inflatable pontoons separated by two perpendicular thwarts. With a ground-to-thwart distance of slightly over 2 feet, ample space is provided for thrilling excursions on most Class IV rivers. A heavy-duty, wide rub strake safeguards the bottom of the tubes from potential damage caused by sharp rocks, ensuring durability and longevity.

Equipped with D-rings along the sides of the tubes, this cataraft offers versatility, allowing for the attachment of a rowing frame to enhance control and maneuverability. For added convenience, self-bailing openings in the bottom of the craft facilitate rapid water drainage, minimizing the risk of flooding during turbulent conditions.

Included with the cataraft is an optional 80mm drop-stitch floor, providing additional stability and rigidity. The bottom is constructed from extra heavy-duty 1.5mm PVC, offering superior durability and puncture resistance. For enhanced customization, additional holes can be cut in the bottom as needed, accommodating various configurations and preferences.

Whether utilized with or without the drop-stitch floor, the 11.5' Frameless Inflatable River Cataraft Catamaran delivers unparalleled performance, versatility, and reliability for adventurous river expeditions.

Saturn River Cataraft Catamaran CR350

  • Rafts tubes are made of heavy-duty 1,100 Dtex High Strength PVC fabric coated on both side with 1100 g/m2, 0.9 mm.
  • PVC fabric is thick, puncture proof and abrasion resistant.
  • Industry standard Halkey-Roberts flat valves design with pushpins.
  • 80 mm removable drop-stitch high-pressure air deck floor.
  • Soft lifting handles in front and rear.
  • Rubbing strakes along bottom of tubes.
  • 4 D-rings for optional rowing frame attachment.
  • Self bailing holes along bottom sides.
  • Accessories: repair kit, carry bag and hand pump.

Video of Cataraft CR350 with Sail Kit from

Customer's videos of Saturn Cataraft CR350.

Customer's videos of slightly longer River Cataraft CR385.

Overall Length:
Inside Length:
Overall Width:
Inside Width:
Tube Diameter:
Thwart Diameter:
Distance Between Thwarts:
Person Capacity:
2 + 1
Loading Capacity:
900 lbs
Shipping Size:
Shipping Weight:
64 lbs
Floor Type:
80mm air deck

Note: Specifications and accessories are subject to change without notice.

The 11.5' Frameless Inflatable River Cataraft CR350 opened up a whole new world of adventure for me. Its unique design, consisting of inflatable pontoons and built-in thwarts, delivered remarkable stability and maneuverability on white water rivers up to Class IV. The rugged PVC fabric and rub strake protectors gave me the confidence to navigate through rocky sections without any concerns. Whether I wanted to tackle challenging rapids or enjoy a peaceful float, this cataraft proved to be my ultimate companion.""

The CR350 frameless cataraft, although highly durable and efficient, requires some care and maintenance due to its nature. Regular inspection and patching of any additional holes, if needed, will ensure optimal performance and longevity. However, the included repair kit provides all the necessary tools to address any unforeseen situations. Embrace the adventure and take pride in being a responsible cataraft owner with the CR350!

The CR350 Cataraft is impressively versatile and robust. It navigates beautifully through Class IV white water rivers, and the self-bailing openings efficiently prevent flooding. The wide rub strake protects the bottom of the tubes, and the thick PVC fabric ensures the raft's durability.

One feature I appreciate is the removable 80 mm drop-stitch high-pressure air deck floor. The option to use the raft with or without the floor gives great flexibility, depending on the conditions. The raft also comes with a repair kit, carry bag, and hand pump, adding further value to the product. I've used the raft several times now, and it has performed wonderfully every time.

This 11.5' Frameless Cataraft CR350 has been a reliable companion for 2 years. Thrilled with its performance!

Loving this cataraft !!!! Lots of great things to say such as ease of handling when R2’d ...only drawback I see is more D rings and weight capacity doesn’t seem to be 900lbs...otherwise it’s a great raft and I see why it’s out of stock now... have floated class 3 in it so far...glad I ordered when I did !!!

The craft is well made and it held up pretty well on its first run, I will keep an eye put and report back if I have any issues, so far so good. Good service by the Boatstogo team when I reached out for questions.
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