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​How to Keep Saturn Inflatable Boats in Top Shape.

Posted by   Brittany

Saturn is one of the best inflatable boat brands available on the market today. They are made of thick PVC that can really take a pounding out there on the water without letting you down. In fact, every Saturn inflatable boat comes with 2 year limited warranty, showing you that they stand behind their product. Having the warranty is great, but if you keep your inflatable boat in top shape, you could expect it to last up to 10 years. Here are some easy maintenance tips that will help you do just that.

Clean your inflatable boat after each use. Just like with anything else, these rubber inflatable boats need cleaning. But unlike with a hard hull boat, cleaning them is extremely simple. Just rinse them down before you deflate them, making sure you get rid of all the sand and grime. You can apply either a special Inflatable Boat Cleaner, or even a MILD detergent. Just don’t use stronger products like Clorox, Windex, or other household cleaners, which could negatively affect your inflatable boat over time.

Do not store inflatable boats in direct sunlight. The easiest way to store your high quality inflatable boat is to take the air out of it and bring it inside. But if you can’t do that, you really need to avoid leaving it out in direct sunlight. Simply put, nothing shortens the life expectancy of your rubber inflatable boat more than direct exposure to UV-rays. Sunlight will also cause the color of your inflatable boat to fade, sapping it of its beauty. So if you need to store your boat outside for some reason, at least cover it with a boat cover or tarp.

Store it in a cool, ventilated area. Significant heat can mess with the glue that holds your Saturn inflatable boat together. That’s why you need to try and store it in a place that has good ventilation if you want it to last a long time. Do not, under any circumstances, store them in air-tight containers out in your yard or in your garage. It will become humid in the container, warping the glue. The solution to this is easy. Just deflate your boat, toss it in its handy carrying case, and store it in your closet. It barely takes up any room, and will help ensure that you get extra years out of your boat.

Fully inflate your boat when you’re out on the water. Not putting enough air in inflatable boats is one of the worst things you can do for them. They are designed to be rigid when they’re gliding over the water. But if they are softer than they’re supposed to be, more stress will be put on the seams, which are some of the weakest areas of any boat. Just pump them all the way up, and you can easily avoid this problem.

Just follow these simple maintenance tips, and you’ll be able to enjoy your high quality Saturn inflatable boat for many years.