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Inflatable air deck floor vs. solid floor.

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hard floor vs air deck floor

Fisherman today want ease and reliability in their water conveyance. They don’t mind breaking down or setting up an inflatable motor boat as long as it always works and is easy to handle. Saturn builds the boat for the on-the-go fisherman. Lightweight and tough Saturn inflatable water craft appeal to almost everyone.

A short history and explanation is you have a choice of what material your inflatable boat is made out of, PVC or Hypalon (CSM) fabric. PVC is lightweight and easy to set up, Hypalon lasts longer and is more durable. The issue is really simple, if you need your inflatable to last ten years with minimal care and you have thousands of dollars, you buy a Hypalon boat. If you want an affordable inflatable raft, that with proper care can last a long time, you buy PVC.

Most fisherman today choose inflatable boats, for river rafting and lake trolling and motoring around the inlets and coves, PVC really stands out as the more functional and affordable choice. Great strides have been made to the PVC of today. It is durable and flexible and lends itself to sealing together with great strength. The drawback for PVC is direct sunlight. If the inflatable boat is left out in the direct sun for a long period of time it will deteriorate substantially ruining the boat. Proper care and maintenance will keep these boats useable for a long time. The results of this exposure is gradual and will affect the boat over a long period of time.

When choosing an inflatable boat, thought must naturally turn to the floor. So much happens on the floor of a fishing boat. There are sharp objects to consider, heavy objects, delicate lures, all manner of outdoor clothing. Most fisherman, or boaters in general wish to stand and sit in their inflatable boats. Choosing a floor type is an important decision.

There are two main types of floors – each coming with a different boat – hard material and inflatable material. For the inflatable floor material there is the air deck, which is a rigid PVC and very sturdy. This type floor is easier to assemble and maintain than a hard floor. It is good for the fisherman who needs a lighter weight inflatable raft. If utilizing a lighter outboard motor, the air deck floor is recommended. The solid material floor, usually marine grade plywood or marine grade aluminum, can increase stability on the water. The solid floor comes in sections and usually takes some time to assemble. It does add measure of durability to the inflatable raft. If plywood is utilized than some fisherman and boaters like to cover the wood with linoleum. The wood would still need periodic drying time, to help it last longer.

Whatever type of floor you chose it is a sure bet that an inflatable raft, boat or kayak will be easier to set up and breakdown. And always easier on the wallet.


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