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13' Fishing Motor Board SUP

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13' Saturn Extra-Wide Inflatable Fishing Motor Board FSUP380.

Uniquely shaped inflatable extra wide paddle board with outline of inflatable motor boat. 

New FSUP380 motor board features total of 4 splash guards with grommets holes on both sides. There are extra wide rub strakes between splash guards for storage and extra protection. FSUP motor board creates unique and versatile watercraft that can be rigged and used in a multitude of ways - for stand up paddling, or for using with optional beach chairs, or even zero gravity lounger. 

Most basic use of FSUP380 paddle board is while stand up paddling with SUP paddle. It wide enough to walk on it, and to accommodate up to 2-3 persons. Most comfortable use is with 1-2 beach or lawn chairs chairs, secured between splash guards with optional lashing tie downs. Will need 4 lashing tie downs per chair. Even zero gravity lounge can be secured between grommets in splash guards. 

Watch YouTube video of new Saturn Extra Wide motor boat with 2 people on board.

FSUP board comes with kayak gear tracks for optional rod holders, cup holders and other accessories that can be secured to regular type of kayaks. In addition, there are 2 mount base patches that can work with both Scotty or Railblaza accessories.

Motor mount can be secured between seat of 4 D-ring in a rear of this board, using set of 2 lashing tie downs. Electric trolling motor or small gas outboard up to 3HP can be used with this board. Set of 6 D-rings in front can be used for optional DIY install of leaning post or stand up frame.

Best use of FSUP380 motor board is when it paired with our optional Electric Fin, starting at $299. It is ideal combination, offering speeds around 4 mph and hours of fun. SUP paddle can act as a rudder, to easily steer into direction you need to go. Go for miles and reach best fishing spots with ease.

Saturn FSUP380 Fishing Inflatable Motor Boards Specifications

FSUP380 is also easier to carry from car to the water, by simply attaching optional kayak cart to front of board, and using rear end tubes handles to comfortably pull loaded board behind a person. FSUP380 board features 2 valves for faster deflation.

Inflatable Fishing Paddle Board FSUP380:

  • Extra wide and stable - 13'long x44" wide. Only 47lbs.
  • Inflatable motor boat shape for best performance with small motor.
  • Easily reach your favorite fishing spot on a lake, ocean, river or bay.
  • Set of grommet splash guard along SUP sides for various gear attachment.
  • 13' FSUP380 can be used as a sit-on-top kayak for 1-3 person.
  • Pointed bow helps to cut through ocean waves and gives streamlined appearance.
  • Constructed of 140mm (6") heavy-duty PVC drop-stitch fabric.
  • Can be inflated between 10 and 15 psi of air pressure, but even 5-8psi will work just fine for seating.
  • Two air valves for faster inflation and deflation.
  • High-pressure SUP hand pump, carry bag and repair kit are included!
  • FREE BONUS - removable motor mount for electric trolling or gas motor up to 2.5HP!
  • FREE BONUS - aluminum SUP paddle to use as a rudder!

Video of shorter, 12' prototype FSUP365 boat with electric fin.

Video of shorter, 12' prototype MSUP365 boat set up with trolling motor.

Quick Tip: Use kayak cart to move FSUP board around. Place kayak cart under bow area of FSUP, and secure with bungee cords to D-rings on top of board. Use rear handles to pull FSUP behind or push forward. Cut out in rear of FSUP board is perfect for this purpose.


Question: Does trolling motor shaft should touch edge of board when installed on motor mount?

Answer: Yes, that is design feature, to allow additional support for heavier motors when attached to the motor mount. Motor shaft should freely rest against edge of surface of the FSUP board. Working prop that moves board forward creates lever, pulling heavily on a motor mount secured to D-rings. Without additional support excessive force could damage D-rings fittings. Rotating motor shaft resting against surface of board will not damage it, as most of the movements are minimal and it is heavy-duty fabric. However, if shaft rotates hundred times per seconds, then additional PVC patch can be glued to that edge for extra protection. For easiest set up, we recommend to tighten shaft lock in forward position, and use paddle to steer board when moving, instead of steering with a motor tiller. While you can choose to steer with motor tiller handle, we believe the best way is to steer with paddle that act as a rudder.

without electric fin
Overall Length:
Overall Width:
Overall Thickness:
Person Capacity:
Max Capacity:
600 lbs
Suggested Capacity:
300 lbs
Folded Size:
Tube Weight:
47 lbs
Shipping Size:
Shipping Weight:
72 lbs

I've owned the 13' Fishing Motor Board SUP for 3 years, and it's been a reliable performer. Easy to transport and store, but a seat would be a nice addition. Great customer support too!

I purchased the FSUP380 and paired it with beach chairs for fishing on the water. The wide rub strakes between the splash guards securely held the chairs, offering a comfortable and stable seating area. It's a perfect setup for leisurely cruising, fishing and enjoying the views. If they would have even longer version, I would get it too. The only issue is that box arrived damaged, but content was intact.

Pairing the FSUP380 motor board with the optional Electric Fin is an absolute must. This combination offers a perfect balance of speed and enjoyment. With speeds reaching around 4 mph, I can cover longer distances and explore new areas with ease. The SUP paddle acts as a rudder, allowing for effortless steering and maneuverability. It's a fantastic way to combine the thrill of stand-up paddling with the convenience of an electric motor. The FSUP380, equipped with the Electric Fin, truly takes my water adventures to a whole new level.

I'm delighted with the 13' Fishing Motor Board SUP. It's convenient to carry and store, which fits my lifestyle perfectly. The overall quality has been satisfactory, and I'm glad I made this purchase.

The FSUP380 fishing motor board by Saturn is a standout product. Its unique, wide design provides stability and allows for easy movement. The inflatable motor boat shape significantly improves performance when using a motor, which can be incredibly useful.

One of the best aspects of this product is its versatility. I appreciate that I can use it as a traditional SUP, attach a beach chair for a more relaxed experience, or even add a motor. The gear tracks and mount base patches are perfect for adding accessories. The FSUP380 offers a unique, user-friendly experience that I'd recommend to any water enthusiast.

The 13' Fishing Motor Board SUP has proven to be a wise investment. Its portability and storage convenience have been a game-changer. The overall quality is good, and I'm pleased with its performance.

Although the FSUP380 can be inflated between 10 and 15 psi of air pressure, it can still function perfectly well at lower pressures, such as 5-8 psi, when used primarily for seating. This flexibility allows for a more comfortable and relaxed experience. It's worth noting that higher air pressures may provide a slightly firmer board for stand-up paddling, but even at lower pressures, the board remains stable and performs admirably.

The Saturn FSUP380 is a fantastic blend of a paddle board and a motor boat. The extra-wide, inflatable design gives the stability I need when fishing or cruising around, and the boat-like outline enhances the performance when using a small motor.

The ability to attach my own chairs is a major bonus, offering greater comfort during long outings. Plus, the mount base patches and kayak gear tracks allow for easy customization. The inclusion of a removable motor mount and aluminum SUP paddle just sweetens the deal. This board offers great value for its price and has enhanced my water adventures.

The Saturn FSUP380 motor board is an excellent product. The unique shape, which mimics that of an inflatable motor boat, adds to its functionality and performance. The extra-wide design provides the stability I need, especially when fishing.

I love the option to add my own beach chair or lounger, offering a level of comfort that is typically missing on traditional paddle boards. The gear tracks and mount base patches are perfect for my fishing accessories. The high-quality PVC fabric and the inclusion of an optional motor mount only add to the board's value. This board is definitely a game-changer.

I've been using the 13' Fishing Motor Board SUP for a while now, and it continues to impress me. It's compact, making it convenient to carry and store. I'm happy with its overall quality and performance.
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