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12' Diving Rowing Boat DK396

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Saturn Inflatable Rowing Boat for Diving And Snorkeling

Based on popular KaBoat SK396 desing, this boat model is very much similar, except it does not have transom. Because, this boat was strictly designed to be rowed to destination near shore, and then used as a diving or snorkeling platform. You can row it from a beach to reefs, not far away, for scuba diving, or spear gun fishing. Divers or swimmers can exit or enter from rear of the boat, using conveniently installed handles. Also, great for swimmers, exercise and fun on a water.

DK396 boat can be conveniently rowed while seating on a bench, or bench can be removed and rower can seat directly on a floor. Diving flag can be installed into holes cut in a front section of bow. This boat is best to be used in warm waters by 1-2 persons.

Included: rowing boat, 2 rowing oars, carry bag, hand pump and 1 bench.

Video Of Older Model of Diving Boat DK396

TIP: Worrying about puncturing floor with sharp gear or objects? Just cover floor with piece of vinyl flooring, yoga type mats, or marine grade carpet. You can place on top of air floor, or wrap around it. Air floor is removable.

Shipping Size:
45 x 24 x 13"
Shipping Weight:
50 lbs
Overall Length:
Exterior Width:
Interior Width:
Tube Diameter:
Air Chambers:
2 + 1
Floor Type:
Air Deck Floor
Kayak Packing Size:
34 x 21 x 10"
Person Capacity:
2 + 1
KaBoat Weight:
40 lbs
Weight Capacity:
400 lbs

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