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​​The Saturn SD360 budget inflatable raft I bought​

Posted by   Brittany
Saturn SD360 Inflatable Boat Raft

I bought a Saturn SD360 11.9’ inflatable raft and it has gone just about everywhere with me. I keep it stowed in my SUV, and go on expeditions just about all the time. I live in a mild climate, but like to travel. One of my most recent fishing and boating trips was to the foothills of the mountains in the north.

My budget inflatable boat is able to go with me and is a breeze to set up and maintain. We hit the river in the late morning the day we arrived. There were two of us and we pumped up the inflatable river raft in 20 minutes and were fishing 10 minutes later. The valves on the Saturn inflatable raft are easy to use and very ruggedly built. The river is not very deep but the keel does not draft low in the water, but with the tubes fully inflated to full capacity the inflatable river boat rides high in the stream.

One of the aspects of this inflatable river boat is that it is easy to get in and out of. If you are in the water it is not difficult to climb in or dive out. On that trip we went to deeper lakes and rivers and went swimming and diving. The inflatable raft remained sturdy and stable while I climbed in and out, without slipping away and I have no trouble gaining purchase on the top of the tubes, with the safety line readily accessible from in the boat or out.

Our gear was stowed easily in the roomy interior. One of the things that stands out about this budget inflatable river boat is that the budget line of boats all have the same width – different lengths but same width. This is not nearly a problem in the water and actually helped when we are launching off the beach, pier or rocks. The boat did not take on while we were in the deep water and our clothes and gear remained dry, even in the rougher water.

The heavy-duty aluminum floor is no trouble, even if it takes a little extra time to assemble. It is solid and stable and we can move freely when standing, without fear of falling overboard or capsizing. The inflatable boat comes with aluminum oars as standard equipment, which was a real handy perk of online purchase. We also purchased the trolling electric outboard motor for the times when we didn’t feel like rowing. The outboard motor drives clean and easy and lets us relax, even when we just trolling the smaller rivers and lakes.

I am a real big fan of budget inflatable boats now, and thoroughly enjoy my Saturn SD360 budget inflatable boat. I use it on the rivers, lakes, bays and canals. I think I will take it to the beach, because it is so light and functional we can go right out in the waves and surf-cast for the big fish. That trip to the mountains really showed me the versatility of the affordable inflatable boat, because we went on so many different expeditions in so many bodies of water, and had so many different water based activities, the Saturn SD360 budget inflatable boat is etched into my mind.


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