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Saturn Budget Boats

Saturn offers new line of budget priced, affordable inflatable boats.

Can’t afford a big boat? Don’t wanna deal with hassle of marina or boat trailer? Then Saturn line of budget inflatable boats is for you!

While maintaining high standards for quality products, we managed to reduce pricing by replacing higher priced air floors with aluminum floor and removing double layers of PVC fabric on a tube bottoms.

Question: What makes Saturn budget line different than other Saturn boats?

Answer: Saturn budget boats varies in length, but not width. They all same width. Regular Saturn boats comes in different length and width. Also, we replaced expensive high pressure air deck floors with sectional aluminum floors. Aluminum floors cost less money to produce than air floor, and therefore price is lower of budget line of boats. There are cons and pros in using aluminum floors vs. air floors. While aluminum floor is heavy-duty, rigid platform that is impossible to puncture, it does take time and efforts to assemble boat with an aluminum floor vs. air deck floor boat that can be simply unrolled and inflated in a matter of minutes. Saturn regular boats does have 2nd layer of PVC that is glued on a bottom of tubes, while budget line of inflatable boats does not have this feature. Additional layer might be useful in a cases when boat is dragged over sharp rocks. Otherwise, single layer should be good enough for regular boat operations.

PVC fabric used in budget line of inflatable boats comes from our Chinese supplier vs. South Korean PVC used in manufacturing of our non-budget line of inflatable boats. While Chinese PVC does cost significantly less than Korean PVC, it is quite difficult to tell difference between those two fabrics. Chinese PVC we use in budget line of boats are premium quality 1100 Denier, and in our opinion does not reduce in any way inflatable boat performance, durability or functionality. Currently, there are 3 major suppliers of PVC fabric in a World - German, Korean and Chinese. We use Korean for regular boats and Chinese for budget line of Saturn boats.

Video of Saturn affordable SD360 inflatable boat.