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Customer's DIY Car Top Load Rack and Trailer Modifications.

Posted by   Brittany
Inflatable Boat loaded on top of car

I finished the car-top rack with roller rack made from electrical EMT, plumbing PVC, and a remote controlled 12vdc winch. It worked great. But it would not take the boat-with-motor. And installing/removing the rack assembly for each outing was difficult and very time consuming. I decided to give it up and build a trailer.

I was able to salvage the roller rack assembly. I made a trailer based on a basic trailer from Northern Tool, added a long tongue (a10 foot 3x3 inch aluminum fence post from Lowes), a winch, and a 10” swivel wheel on the tongue so I could roll the trailer on the grass.

I added a hydrofoil to the 6hp motor. With one person, the boat planes, and stays on plane at about half throttle. I am expecting it to plane with two people, the forward person aiding in getting up on plane.

With the Mars inflatable boat, I beach the boat, back the trailer to the bow, connect the winch and pull the boat against the trailer, back into the water and finish winching boat onto the roller bunk with winch still on shore. Incidentally, I use a rope loop hooked to each "D" ring to pull the boat onto the trailer.

Mars Inflatable Boat being loaded on top of small car

Mars inflatable boat PSM365 on DIY modified small trailer

Mars boat loaded on top of my small car

Custom modified Northern Tools small flat trailer

Mars Inflatable Dinghy Boat on a customized trailer

Mars inflatable boat on a trailer


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