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Sport Boating with the Saturn Inflatable Boat SD460

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Saturn SD460 Inflatable Boats on Sale
Fifteen feet of sporting toughness, the Saturn SD460 inflatable boat is a solid choice for fun and recreation.
Did you ever think you could have 15 foot of sturdy boat underneath you for under $1100.00? If you’re an avid fisherman or just a person who loves to be on the water, and you just can’t afford a solid hull boat, then check out the Saturn SD460 a budget inflatable boat from

Simple to operate, a breeze to setup, and it all rolls up and stores neatly away in your truck bed or the trunk of your car. This beauty can take on the sport fisherman, or an afternoon on the water soaking in the sun. The rigid aluminum flooring is included and stands up to just about anything the boater can dish out. It is perfect for standing up and casting or reaching over the side for clamming. If you want to sit down, there are solid aluminum benches included, with a third bench free with an online order. And for all the sportsmen out there, a full line of accessories are available. Gear up and head out with the accessory of your choice.

The swimmers aren’t left out, the sides are sturdy enough for a swimmer to pull themselves up and the separate internal air chambers make her sturdy, stable, and safe. If you need to get there fast, the rigid and lightweight hull allows the boater to ride the waves at peak performance. If you are throwing a party on that secret little island or secluded beach, the SD460 inflatable motor boat can get your group there, with speed and safety. With a maximum of 8 persons, the Saturn can hold 6 comfortably.

As a viable alternative to a solid material hull, the Saturn SD460 ranks among the top contenders of inflatable river boats, on the water today. Sleek and efficient, this boat’s value can be realized almost immediately upon first coming out of the box. Safe and secure this inflatable raft has 4 separate air chambers and one way drain in the transom. There is a great deal of reliability, especially with the flat air valves with the pushpin design. This inflatable water craft is puncture resistant with all around durable rubber strike. Taking the waves is easy with the streamlined pointed bow with splash guards for that extra layer of protection.

There is a little extra time to be put in when assembling the solid aluminum floor, but there are benefits over an inflatable floor. The solid floor is sturdier, corrosion resistant and won’t get punctured or cut. The solid floor is more stable when standing to fish or climbing in or out of the boat, as well as diving, working, or just cruising the waterways. There is no way you can beat the convenience of an inflatable boat. The entire boat deflates to the size of a piece of luggage and stows just about anywhere. And it is simplicity itself to bring it to any body of water, using the included carrying bag.

As with all the budget inflatable boats by Saturn, you get varying lengths but always the same width. That helps when choosing an inflatable boat on a tight budget, because you’re really getting your money’s worth. While it is a true that it does take a bit longer to assemble than an heavy-duty inflatable raft with an inflatable floor, the extra time translates into dollars saved. And the durability and stability of that type of inflatable boat far outweigh the disadvantages of a conventional solid hull boat.

Reports are coming in all the time. The Saturn SD460 15 foot inflatable boat, is one of the best inflatable boats in it class. Fishermen love its maneuverability and the extra length and width, along with the stability of the solid sectional floor. Stowing gear is a breeze on that solid aluminum floor, and it is an extremely rugged construction. If you need to get around in a short time, there is a solid transom, all set for an outboard motor. With the list of options you can really see the potential in this quality inflatable boat, for fishing or sport, the possibilities and nearly endless. This incredible offering is truly priced to sell at under $1100.00, Beat the traditional hassles and cost of a solid hull boat, by getting your feet on the floor of a Saturn SD460. Great price, durability and the highest insurance rating out there with the CE certification, issued by Lloyds of London. This inflatable water craft has everything, and then some.

Saturn Inflatable Boat SD460


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