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12' Extra Heavy-Duty Fishing FIK365



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12' Saturn Extra Heavy-Duty Fishing Kayak FIK365.

Double layers all over! That is most heavy duty you can get!

1.8mm PVC over tubes and bottom, and 2.1mm PVC on top of floor. 

Dive into unparalleled fishing adventures with the Saturn Extra Heavy-Duty Fishing Kayak FIK365! When it comes to rugged reliability, accept no substitutes. The FIK365 is engineered with double layers of top-of-the-line German Heytex 0.9mm 1100 Denier PVC, providing unmatched durability and puncture resistance. With two layers of PVC over the tubes and reinforced flooring, totaling 1.8mm on the tubes and bottom, and a robust 2.1mm on the floor, this kayak is built to withstand whatever the water throws your way.

Say goodbye to compromise and hello to confidence on the water. Whether you're angling solo or with a partner, the FIK365 offers the versatility you need for any fishing excursion. Plus, with layers of extra-wide rub strake protectors along the bottom of the tubes, you can navigate rocky shores and rough waters with ease, knowing your kayak is protected against abrasions and impacts.

Saturn Extra Heavy-Duty Fishing Inflatable Kayak FIK365 Tech Specs.

The Saturn FIK365 boasts an impressive build, albeit with a substantial weight of approximately 50lbs, owing to its robust construction featuring multiple layers for enhanced durability. While its weight may deter some, for those seeking a truly rugged fishing kayak, there's simply no competitor on the market that can match the FIK365's resilience.

If you've ever hesitated to invest in a fishing kayak due to concerns about punctures or durability, the new Saturn FIK365 is the answer to your prayers. With its unparalleled strength and puncture-resistant design, it's the ultimate solution for anglers who demand nothing but the best. Don't let worries about wear and tear hold you back – the FIK365 is here to revolutionize your fishing experience.

Comfort meets convenience with the FIK365's versatile deck design. Equipped with eight D-rings, including four double D-rings with straps, you have the freedom to customize your setup to suit your preferences. From traditional kayak seats to specialized fishing chairs or even beach loungers, securing your seating arrangement is a breeze. And with the option to install up to two beach chairs, you can fish in style and comfort all day long.

But the innovation doesn't stop there. With optional kayak motor mount compatibility, you can transform your FIK365 into a powerhouse of propulsion, effortlessly gliding across the water with the help of an electric fin or traditional motor. And with two gear tracks accepting all standard kayak accessories, from rod holders to fish finders and beyond, you can personalize your kayak to meet your every need.

Don't let anything hold you back from the ultimate fishing experience. Elevate your adventures with the Saturn Extra Heavy-Duty Fishing Kayak FIK365 – where rugged reliability meets unbeatable performance. Cast off into a world of endless possibilities today!

Inflatable Kayak FIK365 Specifications:

  • Double Layers of 1,100 Dtex High Strength German Heytex 0.9mm PVC fabric.
  • Extra wide rub strake protector along bottom of tubes.
  • Double D-rings with straps for optional kayak seat or beach chair attachment in a middle.
  • Total of 8 D-rings for optional 2 seats attachments in front and rear.
  • Removable fins in front and rear for directional stability.
  • 4x D-rings on top of tubes for optional motor mount attachment.
  • Gear tracks for fishing rod holders, cup holders and more.
  • Additional mounts for optional fishing rod holders.
  • Bungee cords holders for gear or cooler.
  • 2 soft handles in front and rear.
  • Oar holders on one side. 
  • Reliable flat air valves with push pin design.
  • Included: hand pump, paddle, rod holders, repair kit, carry bag, 2 fins.
  • Kayaks seat is optional, and available in our accessories section.
  • Low profile fishing kayak beach chair available.

Unboxing and inflation of Saturn FIK365 Fishing Kayak.

Water test of Saturn FIK365 Fishing Kayak.

Quick Tip: Kayak is heavy, and kayak cart is highly recommended to move kayak around when inflated. Foldable hand cart is also suggested to move kayak when deflated and folded.

Please note, because of stiffness, that is result of double layers of fabric, some fold creases are normal after inflation. That will not affect kayak functionality or performance, and will decrease with time, once kayak inflated to full pressure.

Dark Gray
Overall Length:
Overall Width:
Inside Width:
Tube Diameter:
Person Capacity:
Loading Capacity:
500 lbs
Suggested Capacity:
400 lbs
50 lbs

I'm thrilled with the 12' Extra Heavy-Duty Fishing FIK365's durability. It has withstood rough waters and still maintains its integrity. Overall good quality.

I am thrilled with my purchase of the Saturn FIK365 inflatable fishing kayak. The double layers of PVC make it extremely rugged and puncture-resistant, giving me peace of mind during my fishing expeditions. The kayak's stability and tracking are outstanding, and the removable fins provide excellent control. The D-rings and gear tracks allow for easy customization, and the included rod holders are a great convenience. The kayak is easy to inflate and deflate, making it highly portable and convenient for storage. I couldn't be happier with my FIK365 and would recommend it to any angler.

I'm impressed with the 12' Extra Heavy-Duty Fishing FIK365's performance. It glides smoothly on the water, making my fishing trips enjoyable. Not bad at all.

The FIK365 inflatable fishing kayak has completely exceeded my expectations. Its thoughtful design, including the double D-rings with straps, allows for easy attachment of kayak seats or beach chairs, providing optimal fishing comfort. The kayak's removable fins contribute to excellent directional stability, ensuring smooth maneuvering on the water. The inclusion of gear tracks and additional mounts for fishing rod holders adds another level of convenience and customization. With the FIK365, every fishing trip becomes an adventure filled with comfort, reliability, and the joy of reeling in the big catch!

The FIK365 inflatable fishing kayak is a game-changer for anglers seeking ruggedness and reliability. Its double-layer construction, reinforced with extra-wide rub strake protectors along the bottom of the tubes, ensures superior durability and protection against abrasions. The kayak's versatility is also worth noting, as it can be used as a single or tandem kayak, accommodating your fishing adventures with friends or family. With the included gear tracks, you can customize the kayak with accessories such as fishing rod holders, cup holders, and more. Get ready to experience fishing like never before with the FIK365!

I am blown away by the quality and craftsmanship of the FIK365 inflatable fishing kayak. The attention to detail, such as the reliable flat air valves and the inclusion of essential accessories like a hand pump, paddle, and repair kit, showcases Saturn's commitment to customer satisfaction. The kayak's double-layer construction and reinforced floor provide a solid foundation for a safe and enjoyable fishing experience. From the moment I received this kayak, I knew I had made an excellent choice. I highly recommend the FIK365 to all fishing enthusiasts who demand the very best in performance and durability.

The FIK365 inflatable fishing kayak has transformed my fishing adventures into unforgettable experiences. Its robust construction, coupled with the multiple layers of PVC, instills confidence in every paddle stroke. The inclusion of bungee cord holders and soft handles enhances convenience and ease of use, allowing me to focus on enjoying my time on the water. The versatility to attach optional seats or beach chairs provides unmatched comfort during long fishing trips. If you're searching for a kayak that combines strength, durability, and comfort, look no further than the FIK365.

Good quality and durability are evident in the 12' Extra Heavy-Duty Fishing FIK365. It has held up well so far, and I'm pleased with it.

I can't say enough good things about the Saturn FIK365 inflatable fishing kayak. The double layers of PVC make it incredibly tough and durable, giving me peace of mind when navigating through challenging waters. The kayak's stability is excellent, and the removable fins provide great directional control. I love the versatility of the kayak, as I can easily attach kayak seats or beach chairs using the D-rings. The gear tracks are a game-changer, allowing me to customize the kayak with fishing rod holders and other accessories. The included accessories like the hand pump, paddle, and rod holders are a nice bonus. Overall, the FIK365 is a reliable and feature-packed fishing kayak that I highly recommend!

It's important to note that the FIK365 inflatable fishing kayak, due to its heavy-duty construction, is on the heavier side, weighing around 50lbs. However, this extra weight is a testament to the kayak's durability and ability to withstand rough conditions. While it may require some effort to transport and handle, the advantages in terms of stability and puncture resistance make it well worth it. If you prioritize durability and reliability over lightweight design, the FIK365 is an excellent choice.
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