9.6' Inflatable Boxy Boats BB290

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New, uniquely shaped square bow, inflatable boats from Saturn.

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Inflatable boat with square bow provides more useful space inside than regular pointed bow inflatable boat. More space in a boat is always better! Place beach chair, large cooler, gas tank, gear, anything... the choice is yours! To make interior even more spacious for inflatable of such small size, we moved transom further toward end tubes. For similarly sized inflatable boats, Saturn BB290 has largest interior space on the market!

Saturn Boxy Boats Big Inside, Small Outside

Adjustable position aluminum bench can slide on special rails anywhere inside this boat, from front to rear, for best suitable position. Choose from 6 different colors. Made of same heavy duty PVC fabric as any other Saturn boat. Same 2 years warranty, at much more affordable price!

Saturn Boxy Inflatable Boats Specifications

Not only this inflatable boat looks cool, but it also drives nice and easy. With 10HP outboard this boat will fly like a jet ski. Saturn boxy inflatable boat great for fun day on a water, weekend explorations of waterways, and as a dinghy or tender for yacht or sail boat.


  • Separate internal air chambers for safety on a water.
  • One-way drain valve with plug in transom.
  • All around, durable rubber strike to prevent punctures.
  • Reliable flat air valves with pushpin design.
  • Front bow D-ring with integral lifting handle.
  • Square bow design with safety rope on top of tubes.
  • High pressure drop stitch air deck floor is included.
  • Holds up to 4 persons maximum or 2-3 comfortably.
  • Deep inflatable V-keel with a rub strake protector.
  • Extremely rigid, lightweight hull for excellent performance.
  • Lightweight and strong adjustable aluminum seat bench.
  • Equipment: air deck floor, aluminum oars, repair kit, seat bench and carry bag.
  • Free, complimentary generic high-volume hand pump is included.
  • Free spare valve is included
  • Free seat plastic hooks for DIY bench also included.
  • For the list of optional available Accessories please click here.
Unboxing and inflation of Saturn BB290 inflatable boat

BB290 Boxy Inflatable Boat with Gas Outboard Motor

BB290 Boxy Inflatable Boat with 55 Lbs Electric Trolling Motor

BB290 Boxy Inflatable Boat with small 2-stroke 3HP Gas Outboard Motor

Customer's video of Aqua color BB290 Boxy Inflatable Boat with 6HP motor.

Quick Tips:

  • You can protect air floor against accidental punctures by placing vinyl flooring, or yoga mat or marine carpet over top of air floor.
  • Make sure that aluminum seat is installed on rails before boat fully inflated. Use cooler to provide additional support for seat for heavier riders.
  • When riding boat alone, move more forward to achieve better speed and faster planning.


Question - How many benches are included with this boat?

Answer - Only 1 aluminum bench is included. No extra benches available at this moment. Usually, motor operator should be sitting on a tube. Beach chair or fishing chair from our Accessories section can be used as and additional seating option. But, we do provide FREE BONUS - pair of hooks identical to those already installed on an included bench. That is in case if you decide to make your own DIY seat option from plywood, or make some kind of DIY contraption for fishing and/or seating.

Question - When giving a full gas with a maximum recommended10HP outboard motor, bow goes up too high, why?

Answer - Because BB290 inflatable boat has shorter rear support tubes, in order to increase valuable inside space, and therefore it is important to shift weight forward, so that to put boat faster on a plane. Due to the fact that weight of heavy motor and operator concentrated in rear, is advised to spread weight toward front, and exercise an additional caution when applying full throttle suddenly, or when riding against strong wind. Optional hydrofoil will help to put boat on place faster. Also tilt of outboard motor can be adjusted as per motor manual. or when riding against strong wind.

Saturn Inflatable Boats Specifications:

Overall Length:
Inside Length:
Overall Width:
Inside Width:
Tube Diameter:
Person Capacity:
Loading Capacity:
1000 lbs
Max Motor Power:
10 HP (15" shaft / 100 lbs)
Tube Weight:
70 lbs
Shipping Size:
45 x 22 x 13"
Shipping Weight:
90 lbs
Floor Type:
Drop-stitch Air Deck Floor
1100 Denier Reinforced PVC
Quadruple Overlap
Air Valves:
Recessed One-Way
Speed (approx.):
17 mph (10HP w/2 adults)
Inflation & Assembly:
10 min.

Note: Specifications and accessories are subject to change without notice. Max O/B Motor means: maximum power of outboard motor that can be safely used to plane the boat loaded to the maximum capacity at normal water surface conditions. Please exercise common sense and caution when using maximum motor capacity. Do not jump from wave to wave as new 4-stroke motors are much heavier then 2-stroke and provide extra strain on the transom. Under normal circumstances, with half the maximum persons/load capacity, 50% of maximum O/B power rating may be necessary to put boat on plane.

This boxy boat much better than what I was expecting. I knew it can’t be top of the line at this low price, but actually I was impressed. It is super heavy-duty materials, very tough and thick fabric. Quality is also quite impressive. I think this a lot of boat for this money I paid. I really like idea of air floor, so that it is easy to inflate at boat ramp. I had hard floor before, and it is pain to assemble. The only issue is that with sliding seats. You need to install them before boat fully inflated. Otherwise, it become difficult later on to slide seats on its rails, and if push too much on one side, seat can pop out. This boat actually has huge keel, larger than on other boat that I had before. That keel does raise front in a water. But if you move more forward it will make boat go faster. Overall, I highly recommend this boat, because of price and great quality. Would buy again…thank you boatstogo!
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