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Overview of current wholesale program for inflatable boats dealers.


Minimum order to qualify for discounted wholesale prices is 20 boats. Please email for current pricing.

Whitewater inflatable rafts and river kayaks for US market are only available from our US exclusive dealer Saturn Rafts. Please email to for details.

Our current wholesale program can offer around 30% profit margins on some models compare to our current retails web site prices.

QUESTION: I reviewed the wholesale prices and they are not much lower than what you are selling them for on your website. If you are looking for more dealers are you going to raise your website rates to MSRP? If not, I would have to always be competing with your pricing.

ANSWER: Our goal is to offer affordable products to our retail customers. We are unable to raise our retail prices just to create a sizable profit margin for potential dealers. That would be unfair to regular retail customers who are looking for affordable boating, and therefore will not go in line with our current sales model. It should be noted however, that our web site retail prices are Internet only prices. Any local sales from our dealers do not have to follow our Internet pricing strategy simply because Internet prices are always lower then local store retail prices. However, additional freight charges and consecutive delays in delivery due to shipping should also be taken into consideration. When looking at our Internet retail prices, shipping charges should always be added to establish the correct MSRP. It is our opinion, that in most cases, local customers would rather buy from a local dealer then ordering over the Internet and waiting for item to arrive, if the local sale price is equal to or even slightly higher then our current web site sale price with shipping charges added.

Furthermore, we suggest the following strategy to significantly increase profit margins. Because, not all customers are Internet savvy enough to immediately jump on-line and start looking for comparable sales, it is suggested to add additional profit margins, well above our current Internet prices. Then make available a competitive pricing match policy with a 14 day timeframe. If, in the unlikely event that a customer finds a lower Internet price, the final sale price can be adjusted or credited for a reasonable amount to match our Internet pricing including shipping charges. That is a standard retail practice successfully employed by many companies across all business spectrums.