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What is Inflatable Boat?

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what is inflatable boat

Inflatable boats are usually seen as tenders or dingys for large ships that can't anchor too close to the beach, or need a liferaft for emergengy situations. This is not quite the case anymore. Sure, yacht and sailboat owners still use them as tenders, but inflatable boats have taken on a whole new purpose in the boating world. Many boaters who are sick of throwing money away in maintainance and fuel costs, are opting to take out their inflatable boats whenever they can. Many of the big name brand companies, such as Zodiac, Achillies, etc were making it quite hard for the average consumer to afford inflatables. New comapnies such as Saturn Inflatable Boats, Mercury, etc, are producing good quality affordable inflatables for anyone on a budget.

The Max persons capacity displays how many people the boat can transport safely. In general, when calculating maximum comfort level on an inflatable boat, you will need to deduct 1-2 persons from the max boat capacity. For instance, the SD260 will comfortably seat 1-2 people, SD290/330's 2-3 people, SD365/385 3-4 people; SD430's will accommodate 4-5 people comfortably.

In general, if you are planning to inflate/deflate your boat often, then select a boat with a high pressure air floor. It is a great deal easier to inflate and deflate boats with high-pressure air deck floors than boats with plywood floors or hard floors. It takes more time and skill to assemble a plywood floor. If you keep the boat fully inflated for at least 1-3 weeks then choose a boat with a plywood or hard floor. If you keep the boat in your car's trunk and inflate it for only a day of fishing, then you will find it easier to deal with an air deck floor. A hard floor will not be a problem for you, if you keep the boat on a trailer or in a dock.

You can often repair minor damage right there using normal emergency repair kits that come on most boats. Small leaks may be caused by pinched fabric, punctures, and cuts that occur while the boat is being put out or is in use. You will likely make the repair right there on the spot, or somewhere else where conditions are a bit rough.

Most experts say emergency repairs made with the repair kit are short term and should be replaced properly as soon as it makes sense to do so. My old Saturn had a number of "temporary" repairs that lasted longer than three years and are still working today. If a repair is holding air and it's edges aren't curling, I would just leave it alone. No reason to reinvent the wheel if it aint broken!

What is KaBoat?

The innovative crossover between an inflatable boat and kayak by Saturn has shown some impressive functionality against traditional boats and Kayaks. Simply put the Kaboat creates the best of both worlds from Kayaking and Boating and delivers them in a sexy new design.

This slim design is what lets the Kaboat rip through water at speeds much faster than traditional inflatable boats abundant throughout the industry. Yet there is still space for an outboard motor and supplies. So you get all the normal boat functionality at much faster speeds and more efficient water resistance.

The inflatable tube chambers is the beginning of what makes this different from a Kayak. In fact, these boats barely resemble a Kayak at all, except when it comes to water resistance and potential speed. The inflatable chambers provide a comfortable and safe experience that you would expect from a full size inflatable. The rigid material has been remarked upon across the internet as being highly durable in some of the worst conditions.

At the end of the day, the Kaboat posts some impressive speeds and attributes due to it's unique design. Only Saturn's Kaboat provides you with the sleek speed potential of a kayak with all the safety and security of a normal boat. There's nothing like being able to securely take out all your tackle while having the versatility to rip through the water at faster speeds and to fit into tighter spaces.

The Saturn Kaboat is truly a unique invention that should be owned by every fisherman and water sports enthusiast alike. Check out the Youtube video below for a demo, or go to Saturn Kaboats for more details.


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