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Fishing Chair Pedestal


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Fishing Chair aluminum frame pedestal for Kayak, KaBoat, Boat or SUP.

Nice upgrade from a hard bench to the comfort of soft fishing chair with a back support. This sturdy aluminum frame pedestal along with fishing or boat seat mounted on top, takes riding comfort to the next level! Why seat with a bent back on a hard bench, while bumping on a waves, when you can comfortably lean against back of fishing chair. And you can even swivel around with optional swivel platform. Or, quickly remove chair for storage with optional quick disconnect.

This frame was initially designed to fit into narrow KaBoats. But, it also stable and sturdy enough to be used on any type of inflatable boats with air or hard floor. It not easy to overturn. Can be used in kayaks to! If you need to bolt frame pedestal to hard floor, you can simply drill 2 - 4 holes in a frame lower section. In fact, that frame was so sturdy, that it was also used in design of new hoverboard sitting attachment HoverSeat Deluxe!

  • Shipping size: 20x19x9"
  • Shipping weight: 4lbs
  • Item weight: 3lbs

Holes in the aluminum frames top are designed to match most boat seats, swivel mounts or quick disconnects.



PLEASE NOTE: Boat chair, swivel platform, and bolts are not included, but can be purchased separately at many retail stores, such as Walmart for example or Amazon.

Example of pedestal use on SUP paddle board.

Benches always make my back hurt, I dont like having to support myself for however many hours I am out there. This was a god send, its so comfortable and it makes our outing so much more comfortable. The chair feels very strong although I wish I could choose a different color to go with my Red Boat.
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