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Free instructions for Do-It-Yourself Seat Cushion

As an added bonus for our customers, we are providing this free instruction outlining how to make yourself soft cushion that will go over hard seat bench for inflatable boats.

This instruction is a free and complimentary bonus, and therefore will not be able provide any more information then was already outlined on page below. Instruction is very simple and strait-forward. All you need is piece of plywood, vinyl fabric and foam. All that you can find in a local Wall-Mart.

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This custom-made seat cushion will make the boat ride much more enjoyable when the boat bounces on waves. Instead of bumping on a hard plywood bench, you will have extra comfort seating on this soft and wide surface.

"I found it took a lot of effort to keep from sliding off the back of the smoothly painted wood seats. I resorted to sitting on a spare life jacket to relieve the numbness. But now I have this wonderful cushion to relieve my rear. Thank you so much for this cushion, it is real butt-saver!" Brian Clastroms, Naples FL

Seat cushion is very easy to remove and install. Just snap in, and you done!

Custom-made, extra wide and soft cushions are not only comfortable for seating, but also can be used for laying down and enjoying sun and waves. Try to lay down on regular wooden bench...