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The Versatile KaBoat SK470XL is Best of Inflatable Boats World!

Posted by   Brittany
KaBoat Inflatable Boat

What is KaBoat?

KaBoat is an amazing vessel that is a cross between a kayak and a boat. Introduced through Saturn Inflatable Boats, the KaBoat SK470XL is the 15 foot version of this crossover inflatable boat. A heavy-duty craft that combines all the best aspects of both boats and kayaks, the SK470XL has the strength and versatility to please the most discerning kayaker and the most exacting fisherman. When strength and durability are a must, combined with ease of use and maneuverability – and you just have to squeeze into those tight spaces – this is the folding boat of choice.

This inflatable boat is fitted for fun and safety, with oversized 16 inch diameter tubes and an expansive interior, the SK470XL is ready for that remote expedition, hunting foray, or the fisherman’s gear. The same Denier PVC as the Saturn boats and rafts, is used in this inflatable craft. There is an additional second layer of PVC overlapping the bottom of the tubes up to the rub strake for an extra level of durability. This dingy can be deflated easily through the Naru air valve. This foldable boat can be deflated and rolled up small enough to fit in the smallest of car trunks.

Outfitted with three aluminum benches, and two sets of oars, this is an inflatable craft that is made for multiple rowers. Due to the rugged construction, the overall weight is increased somewhat but that sturdiness appeals to the serious sportsman. The 1.5 mm thick floor is stronger and more resistant to puncture, than the standard 0.9 mm of similar floors. The rub strake is wide, heavy-duty and made to withstand constant friction. The transom is built of marine grade plywood and a one way drain with a motor in mind, for those long rides when rowing would just take too long.

The realistic view of the SK470XL would be the inflatable boat for the real sportsman. For those times when a slimmer, more maneuverable vessel is called for. This inflatable has four directional skegs, making it easy to turn as well as stay stable at higher speeds. There is a full length safety grab line and grommet strip, for those times when a dip in the water might be relaxing or fun.

The innovative design and full length, heavy duty construction, of this folding Kaboat can perform with the best of the hard material boats out there. There is even room for storing gear in the bow. With the four air chamber design, this inflatable raft is safe and secure. Improved buoyancy with the oversized tubes, as well as a heavier layer of PVC on the bottom of the tubes up to the rub strake.

It is truly a wonder and you might be thinking this is costing the big bucks. This beauty is under $1000.00 and with a long list of accessories, you can just about forget any other method of water transport. Anyone can save time and energy with a KaBoat, while the heavy-duty SK470XL will stand up to any inflatable boat on the water, and perfectly suited to function as a Kayak, also. The best of both worlds, is right where you need it, in the water.


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