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Saturn Inflatable Boats: the Swiss Army Knives of watercraft.

Posted by   Brittany

This past week we have spent a lot of time on the water at Saturn. Here in Florida we have a lot, sorry, A LOT of water. Between the ocean, canals, the intracoastal, and lakes, we could pick a new body of water every day of the week and not dock our inflatable boat at the same place twice.

Having all these options really highlights two of the key aspects of Saturn Inflatable boats: versatility and portability. We can take the same boat from the trailer to the ocean for a snorkel session, then zip over to the intracoastal for some quick fishing. These boats are perfect for fishing, actually. Stable and roomy, yet operable in shallow water to allow access to any spot. Designed with enough seating to bring some friends, these inflatable boats still have room for all the tackle, coolers, bait, and other gear needed for a long day on the water.

Another thing that makes these boats so versatile is all the options for powering. Whenever we test out a new product, or use one of our tried and true boats, we always pack the car full to try out all the toys. The last time we headed out we used a 15 hp 2-stroke engine, a 5 hp engine, a high end Torqeedo electric motor, and of course the included oars. Whether you are eco-conscious, looking to troll, or really want to move, you have all of the possibilities in one boat, and none of the hassles of larger craft. Even our vacations are more valuable, now that we can leave the big motor at home and head up-state or to the Keys with only the oars or trolling motor in the trunk, boat deflated, no trailer to worry about in the hotel parking lot. For anyone who likes to travel, or go fishing one week and take the kids out snorkeling the next, Saturn inflatable boats is the one answer for all the on-water situations you can dream of.